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  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one using dual cue flight directors.... Rich Boll
  2. As a follow-on and to eliminate potential hardware controller issue, removed my rudder pedals from X-Plane and assigned a key command for left and right rudder. I did another set of V1 cuts using the keyboard to input full rudder. Same issue, not enough rudder to keep the nose from yawing into the failed engine, to keep the nose straight, and keep the skid/slip indicate (i.e., the doghouse) centered. I looked at the X Plane settings to see if rudder authority could be increase. Nothing found. Is rudder authority, force, etc., something that can be corrected in an upcoming update? Thanks! Rich Boll
  3. These references might also help: FAA Flight Planning Information | Federal Aviation Administration Rich Boll ICAO_Flight_Plan_Filing.pdf Flight_Plan_Codes_vs_Opnl_Auth_v8_Final_June_2020.pdf
  4. Hi Pils, I worked with the joystick curves tonight. Control Sensitivity and Stability Augmentation were all set at zero: My PFC Jetliner Yoke has a decent fore/aft range on it in elevator control, so I did not put that much of a response curve into the Pitch Axis Response Curve: The control wheel; however, has a much smaller range compared to the airplane/simulator. I followed Austin's example and used the in-sim control wheel displacement against my Yoke displacement as I moved the ailerons left and right. The ratio is 70:40 for roll axis and 60:40 for pitch axis. For the yaw axis, I was trying to replicate the maximum input I can get from my FlightLink rudder pedals: Full right rudder gives only a 70:100 ratio. Left rudder was a little better at 92:100 ratio. In neither case can get a 1:1 ratio. I have calibrated and re-calibrated my rudders. Any suggestions? As result, I set the Yaw Response Curve to a 70:100 ratio just to make sure that I'm getting full airplane/sim rudder with full rudder on my joystick. Alas, it did not fix my V1 cut issue. With full rudder, climbing out at V2 speed, the slip indicator in the Doghouse is still 3/4 to 1 full displacement when it should be centered. I'm going to have throw that one back you folks because I can't figure out how to fix it. With these response curves in roll and pitch, the airplane does fly better. I would like to try this configuration out in some windy days, and I bet KICT will oblige me soon enough. Thanks for your comments and help! Rich
  5. Here's Austin's recent video on the subject:
  6. Thanks PIls! I appreciate the heads up on the stability augmentation X-Plane doesn't provide a lot explanation about what these do. I'm trying to come to sense with X-Plane in this regard for all airplane models, not just HS CL650. I flew the FlyJ B737 the other day and on final approach it was atrocious. FWIW, I have the same issues in MSFS 2020. I like to think I have good set up. I have PFC Jetliner yoke, FlightLInk rudders, a B737 Jetmax throttle quadrant, and various Go-Flight modules (MCP Pro, EFIS, and LGT-II, and NAV-COM radio stack). if my wife knew what I spend, I would be shot! The Yoke and rudders are getting a bit long in the tooth, and I am eyeing a Brunner force feedback rudder. By in larger, though, I think I have pretty good equipment. I have tried to set the response curves, flattening them as you describe. The problem is that I always get some undesirable effects as you use more control force deflection. It's probably something I need to play with more as I am a X-Plane newbie, or at least so in terms of how much I have played with FSX and P3D in the past. I have to wonder if some of my issues with V1 cuts in HS CL650 are the result of the fact that I cannot get full rudder deflection in the X-Plane calibration. Moving the rudder full left and right, the calibration never goes all the way up to the upper right hand corner. I'm always somewhere down in the upper right third of the screen. however, using the control page on HS CL650, it does appear that I'm getting full rudder deflection. Same when I open the Developer's flight control screen. I'm hoping that XP12 will address some of these issues. Auston alluded to this in some of his videos. Thanks again, Pils! Happy flying! Rich Boll
  7. Working on it. Like you, I find the aircraft overly sensitive with small control movements. I am not certain if it's a HS CL650 issue or an X-Plane issue. I have tried several different curves and stability augmentation settings. I have watched the X-Plane video by Austin. I'm playing a bunch of different configurations. Still playing... I have always found any X-Plane aircraft to be somewhat oversensitive. FlightDeck2Sim's commented on this as well and had noted that some aircraft have a significant, noticeable delay between elevator control movement and actual elevator movement. He commented on this in the FlyJ B737-200 on a recent live stream flight in Saudi Arabia,and made the comment that he has noticed it in other X-Plane aircraft as well. I do not know whether this applies to HS CL650. I raise it here because he's a pretty well respected source for real world flying and simulator flying and his reflections on X-Plane aircraft resonates with my experience. I may have 12,000 hours and 9000 hours in turbojets, but no one knows me from Adam. Not taking anything away from HS CL650. It's the best flight simulator aircraft for any platform (XPlane, MSFS 2020, FSX, P3D)...period! Rich Boll
  8. I have to laugh at this. I have worked on various industry & FAA working groups for last 18 years. We see these discrepancies flying, and now they're following me into the flight sim world! Gotta love it! Thanks for hunting this down! Again, kudos for HS CL650! Rich Boll
  9. Case in point for PBF VORTAC: The Facility (i.e., VORTAC) MagVar was last updated in 1980! Rich
  10. Part of the problem is that the world is tipping on its side, and it's happening faster each year. Doesn't bode well for those southern vacation spots in a hundred years or so! ;-) The reality is that in the US we're not updating the VOR MagVars that often, part it is due to the ongoing decommissioning process in the US called the VOR Minimum Operational Network. Adjusting for MagVar requires changes to the actual VOR and the FAA is just behind the problem as they work through the VOR MON program. Here's an FAA Aeronautical Charting Meeting agenda item discussing the MagVar discrepancies that can happen between conventional procedures and the MagVar in the FMS: Hist_11-01-296 (faa.gov). Here's one on use of MagVar on DMEs: 14-02-284-ACF_DME_Facilities.pdf (faa.gov) This InFO explains the differences between conventional procedures and FMS tracks: InFO 12009, Magnetic Variation Differences Between Ground-Based Navigational Aid (NAVAID) (faa.gov) Much of the issues are involved outdated MagVar tables in the IRU, collected by the field and used in procedure development and documentation along with the procedure not being updated. There's been much talk in in various industry groups, including the Aeronautical Charting Meeting, which is going on as I type, about moving towards using the Airport Reference Point as the source MagVar for all instrument procedures tied to that airport. All of these issues go away if move to True. Magnetic track, course, and heading is presented solely for pilot convenience. The FMs and IRU computes everything in True, then converts it to Magnetic so it agrees with the magnetic compass. Going to True would mean no more runway repainting due to runway number changes resulting from MagVar changes. It would mean no more mis-match between procedure tracks as MagVar changes. Rich
  11. "To summarize: doesn't look like a bug to me. Seems more like either the navaid is misaligned IRL, or the navigational database needs to be updated." No bug...you are just simulating the real world, real well! Rich
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