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  1. I have not discussed it with them. The Autopilot engage button is the only one that does not work. In fact, I have been able to program my Goflight MCPPro and EFIS to a greater extent in HS650 using dropdown boxes in PolyPot's GoFlight modules than I have any other airplane. The only button that doesn't work is the autopilot engage, and per Toto, it's the time delay that you mention. Is that delay covered in the X-Plane SDK?
  2. That's per Toto over on the HS650 Discord channel. He said that he was considering making an option to bypass that one-frame delay to permit hardware binding. That was a couple weeks ago. Rich
  3. Going into Preferences and unclicking the use KG solved the problem. I didn't even think about looking there! <sigh> Sorry for the fire drill! Thanks again! Rich
  4. argh.... I did not even think to check KG v. LBS. I did not check that. I'll check it after dinner and see if that fixes the problem. 93.3 KG might be a bit high...ya think! Thanks! Rich Boll
  5. Greetings all, I updated to Ver 1.5.1 yesterday. First flight, found that I was unable to enter either the ZFW or the GW on the PREF INIT page in the FMC. When I entered the ZFW or the GW, the INVALID ENTRY appeared in the scratch pad. See attached screen shot: I thought it might be a corrupt installation, so I uninstalled the program and also deleted the IEXG 737 Classic Folder and its contents that remained after the uninstall. After the clean re-install, loaded a new flight with a new airplane livery just to make sure. Same issue. Without being able to load the ZFW or GW, I'm not really able to fly the airplane. We'll could, but it wouldn't be any fun. This was not an issue with 1.5.0. It came up after the update to 1.5.1. I can revert back if needed. Any thoughts on why this is occurring and/or how to fix? Thanks! Rich Boll
  6. I just did a V1 cut and a continued takeoff, litmus test for me with a new aircraft model. I only have one word to say... PERFECT! Well done, IXEG! Well done! Rich Boll
  7. Thanks Pils All of the above changes worked! Rich
  8. Hi IEXG team! First, great to have this airplane back in the XP hangar. I've been flying it around Kansas &Colorado and having a blast! I'm mostly shaking things out, getting joystick bindings set, etc. Which brings me to some questions: 1. Where should I set Navigraph to update the IXEG's Navdata? Which folders? Navigraph is not finding the correct folders in "auto" mode. 2. Do not see a CONTROLS setting in IXEG for binding the TOGA thrust level switch to a joystick button. What should I use? 3. The default binding in CONTROLS for "Parking brake on/off" does not work in IXEG. What binding should I use? 4. Possible Bug: The Windshield Wiper switch does not move when you either rotate the mouse wheel, click on either side, or "drag" the switch to change settings. No way to turn on the wipers, which is essential if XP12 is raining! This one might be confirmed, but I'll include here as well. 5. Question....possible bug(?) The airplane appears to lack elevator authority in the landing flare. Crossing the threshold right at VREF speed, reducing thrust at about 30' with it closed at touchdown. All landings are very firm, and some are three-point with the nosewheel touching at the same time as the mains regardless of how much elevator up I am adding. Is anyone else seeing the same thing? I have 15% set on the Pitch and Roll sensitivity just to take some of the "bounciness" out of the control wheel inputs. Any t houghts? Time to do some chores around the house before I get in trouble with the wife. I'll be back later! Thanks again! Great airplane! Rich Boll
  9. Ok... we need correct something here. We do not turn off the flight directors when established on an ILS approach, even in the Boeing aircraft. In fact, without a flight director, in part 121 or part 135 operations, your approach landing minimums increase automatically to 4000 RVR or 3/4 SM regardless of what is on the instrument approach by OpSpec. OpSpec requires use of the flight director or autopilot to use the published landing minimums for these operators. In addition, the use of flight director, autopilot, or HUD is required in certain circumstances to fly an approach to 1800 RVR instead of the published 2400 RVR as noted on the approach. Speaking to Collins about the Proline 21 flight director's behavior on an ILS approach, the flight director command bars do follow with an initial pitch change that you may make manually. Not with the roll, but with pitch only. Until it sees a deviation from the glideslope, the command bars will not display a correction command. For this reason, it appears that the command bars initially follow any pitch change initiated by the pilot, intentional or otherwise. I have tested this both in the simulator and the actual aircraft. It is a behavior that we see in other autoflight systems as well, for example, the Garmin system in the Lear 75. For the most, this behavior is accurately depicted in HS650. The flight director is a required component for ILS approaches in a turbojet. It should not be disregarded when flying an ILS approach. Rich Boll
  10. You could do that, but it might be just easier to change the DEST in the FLT PLN page once you're heading towards your alternate airport. The go back into the LEGS page and build the route to the alternate. First, get the airplane going to the first fix on the route. Let's say that Wichita KS (KICT) is your destination and Hutchison KS (KHUT) is your alternate. You're tired of shooting and missing the ILS 01L approach at KICT due to fog, etc., whatever. Time to go to KHUT. Wichita gives you the following clearance to KHUT: "N1234 is now to cleared to the Hutchison airport via direct Wichita VORTAC, Victor 73, Hutchison VORTAC, then direct, climb and maintain 6000". By the way, this was a common clearance we gave in the sim when I was an instructor in the Learjets while at FlightSafey. Step 1: On the LEGS page, type in ICT to go direct, then EXEC Step 2: On the FLT PLN page, change DEST to KHUT Step 3: On the FLT PLN page, delete any remaining approach going into KICT Step 4: on the FLT PLN page, type in: V73 HUT DIRECT KHUT (this is optional) Step 5: On the DEP/ARR page, select KHUT and enter the expected approach, e.g., ILS 13 Your performance data should remain, i.e., PAX and CARGO, ZFW entry, etc. With ALT LEGS page, you can set some of this up ahead of time. However, as practical matter, I have never used the ALT LEGS page to preload my flight the alternate. Most of the time if you are diverting to your alternate, ATC will clear you direct. In mountainous areas, that might different. ALT LEGS page is mostly used for programming your engine failure departure procedure, so that it is ready to use if the engine fails on takeoff after V1, assuming that it is not a straight-out departure. Rich
  11. You will have to do that to get the approaches for the alternate. The ALT LEGS page allows you to pre-program your route to your alternate before you begin the approach to the destination. In the meantime, using the ALT LEGS page allows you to monitor fuel required to the alternate and reserves to post the CHECK FUEL AT ALTERNATE message. Rich
  12. There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish flying another approach or diverting to an alternate. During simulator training, we have transition from one approach another quite often. The first option is to re-load the same approach or a different approach (e.g. due to a runway change) by just going to the DEP/ARR page. Flying many different FMSs over he years (Collins, Universal, Garmin) there is one thing that I have learned. If you are flying the missed approach and plan to enter the missed approach hold, don't touch a damn thing until you're in the hold. Now, in the Collins FMS, re-loading the same approach or a new approach from the DEP/ARR page will not hurt you since if you load another approach into the FMS for the same destination, it's "smart enough" to load that approach AFTER the current missed approach procedure and missed hold. I don't know if this is simulated in HS650 this way off the top of my head (I believe so), but by reputation of its designer, I would not bet against it! If you select and load another approach in the Universal or Garmin FMS BEFORE you are established in the missed hold, you will wipe out the previous missed approach and missed approach hold if you try to load another approach before you are established in the hold. If ATC needs you to hold, or the instructor needs to see you enter the hold for grading purposes, your co-pilot is now a$$s and elbows re-loading the missed approach hold, and you are buying the beers at dinner that evening! Lesson: Wait until you are either in the missed approach or wait until ATC starts vectoring you for the next approach. Then load the next approach. You should be able to do that without any issues since the the DEST on FLT PLN page has not changed. On the DEP/ARR page, just select the desired approach. If you are diverting, there are two options. The first one is not simulated in HS650 and that is to use the ALT LEGS page. If you have an ALT entered on the FLT PLN page, then if you cycle through all of the LEGS pages to the very end and after you pass the last LEG associated with the destination airport/approach, you will go to the ALT LEGS page. This is where we will load the OEI escape procedure for takeoff, but it can also be used to load the waypoints for the flight to the alternate, which is usually "DIRECT", or something simple like that. If your CFP has a route to the alternate, you can load it on these pages. This will get you pointed towards the alternate airport until you can update the FLT PLN page and change the DEST entry on the FLT PLN page to the alternate so that you can bring up the approaches on the DEP/APP page. I do not use the SEC FLT PLN page for diverting because it will drop all the performance information, including my ZFW (PAX and CARGO load information if you use that) on the PERF page, and now I have to re-load all that to get my landing weights and VSPEED data accurate on the APPROACH REF pages. I just made more work for myself or my co-pilot. Same thing happens if I use the SEC FLT PLN for my OEI escape procedure. All my PERF data including my V-Speeds (e.g., VT) drop and must re-entered. That's a pain when climbing out at V2 speed and your V-speeds suddenly go away. Again, more work for you when already have enough work to do. More beers at bar that night for my long suffering sim co-pilot, too! Been flying the Collins FMS for nearly 20 years now. That's how I do it. I hope this helps! Rich Boll
  13. I've spoken with CAE and FSI regarding how many operators have it, and the consistent answer is "not many". CAE is the only one that actually has this option in the CL300 or CL350 simulator, and i believe that it is installed in only one of the simulators.
  14. It's an option to the Proline 21. Our CL350 has it. We use if we're reviewing a climb via or descend via clearance, and sometimes while monitoring the vertical flight track while climbing or descending. It's similar to Boeing's vertical situation display, but it does not have terrain information. Rich Boll
  15. Ah....the secret project is out! Kewl that you're working with Sporty's on the MU2! Rich Boll
  16. Gotcha! :-) It's a nice addition! Rich
  17. SBAS or GPS is not affected by the 5G Radio Altimeter interference issue. The 5G C-Band is far enough away from the GPS signal to not interfere with it. Rich Boll
  18. Hi PIls, Catching up on posts.... Was that FAA-induced SBAS outage a real-world outage simulated concurrently in HS CL650, or was that something random that the sim placed? In all my years of actual flying in the CL300/350 or the Lear 45/75, I have never seen a LPV degrade down to LNAV/VNAV or LNAV level of service. I was actually flying the HS CL650 the same day, and got the same SBAS NOT IN USE message. I had to go to the ARR DATA page and switch the approach vertical mode from LPV to Baro. Last time I did that was in the Level D simulator. And oh by the way, the instructor could not simulate that degradation. He had lean over the shoulder and tell us that LPV as not available. Kudos to HotStart for going beyond what a Level D simulator could do, or at the very least the Challenger 300/350 sim. Rich Boll
  19. No, I have not. I'm not very Ebay savy.
  20. Thanks Pils! I was not planning on a CPU/MB upgrade anytime soon. It's going to take some serious degradation of performance before I will make that leap. Is there a way to tell in XP which is more limited, or how you are being limited by any particular graphics settings or combination thereof? Thanks, Rich
  21. Hi Pils, Does it sound like the RTX 3070 would be a better card than either of the 3060 cards? Thanks!!!! Rich
  22. 2560 x 1440 I sharpened my pencils a bit, and I might be able to do a RTX 3070: GIGABYTE Gaming OC GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 ATX Video Card GV-N3070GAMING OC-8GD (rev. 2.0) (LHR) - Newegg.com That card is at the very upper end of what I can afford, but there is some "future proofing" in getting this card. I'm still concerned that 8GB of VRAM might not be enough. Thanks Rich
  23. Thanks FYG001! That’s good information! I’m getting about 20 FPS with the settings above, but backed down to the first notch from the right. I am concerned that the 3060Ti’s 8 GB of VRAM will leave me still with blurry textures, especially if I reinstall HS CL650 with the 8GB VRAM option, which I would really like to do. Newegg does not have 3070, 3070Ti, or 3080 cards with more than 8GB of VRAM. The rest of the cards at too expensive. Is 8GB of VRAM enough for XP12? Thanks! Rich
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