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  1. Thank you for your reply! I have never used synthetic vision, however. I only use have the FPV enabled thusfar. I am currently doing another flight with all plugins disabled except the essential ones. Will report back...
  2. Thanks for the response, it just happened again during descent into ELLX. I have narrowed down the following: Scenery area makes no difference Online/offline with or without xPilot makes no difference Only happens when loading my state from last time Only happens when using the CL60 In other words, if I delete Output\CL650 folder and start a flight in career mode, the first flight never has any issues. Only if I then close the sim, and then load my previous state after shutting down (also flightpath + trajectory) I will get the crash once I get flying, during or just before descent. When I say crash, the sim just sort of hangs there. In the background, the logs keep running. In this example the freeze happened at 14:51 system time (13:51 see UTC clock in screenshot) but as you can see the logs keep running. X-Plane becomes white with 'not responding' and won't crash on its own. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  3. I have the same issue some others have reported. Literally almost every single flight it crashes, sometimes just before TOD, sometimes 25 miles before TOD. The last case was at 2,500ft on the localizer, but it had drawn a TOD just ahead ofLog.txt my aircraft symbol on the ND for some reason. Logs attached.CL650_Log.txt I forgot to add: X-Plane just sort of freezes btw so not a true CTD. Additionally, xPilot says connection to X-Plane is lost.
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