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  1. I don't know. We certainly don't interact with the Zibo in any way. If you think there might be a conflict between their rain effects and ours, you can always disable SkyMaxx Pro's precipitation effects via its precipitation menu. But we don't do anything that should interfere with any other plugin.
  2. For what it's worth, I looked into this more deeply. I think what changed is that X-Plane no longer has a valid OpenGL context active at the point where our plugin is re-enabled in this case. So when we try to recreate our sky, clouds, etc. it crashes because OpenGL / Vulkan isn't in a state where you can operate on it yet. It's more of a technical answer than you probably want, but the bottom line is: yes, it seems to be a new problem and it has nothing to do with your specific system. For now, if you want to temporarily disable SkyMaxx Pro, I'd do so by using a plugin manager that
  3. I don't know what you've selected for cumulus cloud type or what your cloud draw area settings are in SkyMaxx Pro, but experimenting with those settings is probably the key. If you are CPU bound (which I suspect,) you may find that volumetric clouds perform better on your system, or if you want to stick with the other cumulus cloud types, reducing the cloud draw area will also lower CPU usage.
  4. You might try experimenting with different setting in SkyMaxx Pro for its overcast cloud representation. Solid stratiform might do what you want.
  5. One other possibility is some sort of licensing issue with SkyMaxx Pro on your system. If it can't confirm your license for whatever reason, it won't display any clouds. If that's the case, you should be seeing some sort of message to that effect in your log.txt file.
  6. Also, make sure ASXP is configured correctly. From the RWC manual: When using Active Sky XP, be sure to configure X-Plane as described in the ASXP documentation. In the ASXP application, under Options / Simulator Depiction options, you should find a “Use SkyMaxx Pro depiction mode” option in recent versions of ASXP. Be sure this is enabled. Weather in X-Plane should be set to “from custom METAR (rwx) file” pointing to the METAR.rwx file, not “match real world conditions,” when using ASXP. You should not use ASXP’s “global static” mode with SkyMaxx Pro.
  7. What happens if you select "Force Weather Reload" from the Plugins / SkyMaxx Pro menu? If that causes the weather to be picked up, I think the culprit is likely having "never change visible weather" checked in the RWC settings. If ASXP doesn't write its own weather to metar.rwx before your flight starts, RWC might pick up an empty metar.rwx and present you with clear skies. And if you have "never change visible weather" on, then it won't change to display the new weather data when it is published by ASXP (unless you were to fly out of the area and return to it)
  8. Your settings for SkyMaxx Pro are not very aggressive at all. But, I see you have a LOT of other add-ons installed. My guess is that you are running out of RAM or CPU power from all of these other add-ons, and SkyMaxx Pro is just the thing that pushed your system over the edge. If you temporarily disable your other add-ons and leave only SkyMaxx Pro and Gizmo, how is your performance then?
  9. When you reload SMP, the video drivers purges all of the fragmented memory associated with its clouds and reloads it all in a less fragmented state. Tight VRAM leads to fragmentation. Really it's an NVidia driver issue; their memory management leaves a lot to be desired. A colleague of mine working in the military visual simulation industry has a bug open with NVidia about it.
  10. The problem is that X-Plane does not give us any information on which monitor is currently being drawn, and so we have no way of maintaining separate shadow maps for each monitor. We tried a workaround where we would identify different monitors based on their different settings for their field of view offsets, but this caused problems in cases where there are multiple views with the same field of view. As Cameron said, our hands our tied on this one. If it's an issue in your setup, disabling cloud shadows in the SkyMaxx Pro configuration screen is your best bet.
  11. 88.5% VRAM usage is actually really tight, as the memory is likely fragmented to some degree and it becomes hard to allocate large blocks of memory at that point. I would still recommend backing off on settings that affect VRAM usage (ie, anti-aliasing, the cloud draw distance, terrain detail, use of photoscenery) until you find the right balance for your system.
  12. Hm, things must be in a worse state than I thought. Try this: - Set SkyMaxx Pro to "default" and quit X-Plane. - Remove everything in the Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors/Default Sky Colors folder (if anything) - Run the X-Plane installer to repair the installation again. That *should* get everything back to normal, unless there is some weird disk permission or disk corruption issue going on with your system.
  13. At its highest setting, SkyMaxx Pro will draw clouds out to 350 km. I think what you're seeing is a false horizon caused by the blending of X-Plane's sky with our Hosek-Wilkie sky model near the horizon. If you set it to default sky, it might look more like what you expect.
  14. Yes, after restarting the sun should come back. if it didn't it means something went wrong while moving the sun and moon textures around. You may need to re-run the X-Plane installer to repair the missing files in this case.
  15. I don't think that's us... generally speaking, we don't mess with visibility at all in X-Plane. We just draw clouds (and optionally precipitation and the sky itself) The exception would be if you are entering the bottom of an overcast cloud layer there. Visibility would start to drop as you go into it. It's dark so I can't really tell from the video if that's the case.
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