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  1. @LKN, have you tried using the "force weather reload" menu item in SMP to sync up with ASXP's weather? If you have "never change visible weather" enabled in RWC, that might be necessary to pick up new conditions being published by ASXP.
  2. We read the METAR provided by ASXP directly, and the METAR in this case is only saying there are broken clouds. No indication of storms there. If that's not matching what you see out the window, then it's an issue with ASXP or the data it is receiving.
  3. I think you either have some sort of disk failure going on, or you have multiple copies of X-Plane installed and you are manipulating the wrong one.
  4. Can't say I've tried that headset. It sounds like a color bit depth issue or some sort of compression going on within the headset or its drivers.
  5. It depends on how you define "realism". With "never change visible weather" on, you'll never see the clouds around you suddenly change in response to new weather data. It's not realistic for the clouds to all change at once like that, but it also means you're not necessarily seeing the most recent weather data as it comes in. You have to choose between having timely weather data (setting it to off) or a more natural experience (setting it to on) because weather data is not published continuously.
  6. Answered that in your other thread...
  7. It is expected behavior in VR for the rendering technique used for overcast clouds in SkyMaxx Pro. Not exactly a bug, but we recognize it's not ideal and are investigating different ways to render these clouds that are more VR-friendly.
  8. When ASXP first starts, it writes an empty metar.rwx file which is why you initially see no clouds. If ASXP doesn't update this file before SkyMaxx Pro starts, then we end up reading clear skies everywhere. This should clear itself up after a couple of minutes once ASXP updates its data. Do you have "never change visible weather" enabled in the Real Weather Connector settings? If so, that would explain why it stays clear until you force a reload.
  9. sundog

    TerraMaxx & Vulkan.

    It definitely looks like a bug in X-Plane 11.50b13, possibly related to the Vulkan memory manager. I filed the details with Laminar.
  10. There weren't any changes in the 4.9.5 update that would affect performance. But, I am seeing a lot of chatter on Facebook groups about stutters even from people not using SkyMaxx Pro. There is some speculation that a recent Windows update or NVidia driver update may be the culprit.
  11. sundog

    TerraMaxx & Vulkan.

    When you load scenery for the first time under Vulkan, X-Plane undertakes a lengthy process to compile shaders for it. You end up taking that hit when you switch seasons, at least for the first time. 15 minutes sounds excessive however, and this sounds like it may be a bug in the X-Plane Vulkan beta. We are using X-Plane's API's for reloading scenery (XPLMReloadScenery) and my guess is that it doesn't work as expected under Vulkan. I'll file a bug report with Laminar about it. For now, you should stick with OpenGL with TerraMaxx or use the workaround you identified.
  12. That tells me ASXP may be misconfigured. You're probably only seeing weather because you asked RWC to get it from a different source. There's something in the ASXP debug menu that allows you to force it to publish new weather data to X-Plane that you may want to try. And be sure to read the instructions; you need to have X-Plane's weather set to a custom RWX file pointing your your metar.rwx, and select the new SkyMaxx Pro mode in the latest ASXP beta. Or is could be that ASXP did not install properly.
  13. You might just have to be patient; if you are loading scenery for the first time under Vulkan it can take several minutes.
  14. From what I understand, that install error is safe to ignore. It's actually coming from a Microsoft system file installer. In my own tests with ASXP I'd start up ASXP first and then X-Plane; that seemed to work well. If you start ASXP after X-Plane is running, RWC only checks for new weather every couple of minutes. You can use the "Force Weather Reload" option in the Plugins/SkyMaxx Pro menu to make that happen immediately; it should be easier than toggling the RWC setting.
  15. No, I don't look at reviews. I'm aware that there are situations where things don't look perfect in VR. I've been working to improve it all along and continue to do so.
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