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  1. Oh hang on, I know what this is. The problem is that you're using both FSGRW and ASXP. If SkyMaxx Pro sees data from FSGRW it will use it first, but of course ASXP is not updating the FSGRW data that was last written. If FSGRW left a fsgrwsmp.rwx file in your X-Plane folder, you'll need to manually delete it before switching to ASXP.
  2. Do you have "never change visible weather" selected in the RWC settings? That might be preventing new weather from being displayed if so. You can also try using the "force weather reload" option in the SkyMaxx Pro menu to see if that picks up the new weather.
  3. As we've said above, you'll probably want to try again when our next update goes out. The fixes I'm talking about haven't been released yet.
  4. OK, those are the same settings I was testing with. Thanks.
  5. FWIW I spent a fair amount of time yesterday flying through clouds in my Vive Pro using our latest internal beta release, and did not see this effect although I was looking closely for it. Cautiously optimistic we've finally found a way to eliminate this. So I can be sure, can you let me know what graphics settings you are using (AA setting, HDR on or off, Vulkan on or off?) These sorts of issues are related to the depth buffer, and X-Plane handles the depth buffer differently in each of those cases.
  6. I'm admittedly at a loss; I just now tested TerraMaxx under OpenGL and it did save and restore its settings successfully here.
  7. We do have some VR fixes slated for our next release, so stay tuned. I'm hopeful it will help, but for some reason I've never had clouds in the cockpit in VR with my own setup, so I'm not 100% sure this particular issue has been fixed.
  8. I really can't think of how Vulkan vs. OpenGL would affect TerraMaxx's ability to write its preferences file. It works exactly the same way in both cases. We haven't heard of this happening from anyone else, so at this point I suspect an issue with your file system. It might be time to re-install X-Plane, and the add-ons you care about, into a new, fresh directory - preferably on a different hard drive if possible.
  9. Getting our own fog effects to work in VR is one of the things I've recently fixed here. Not sure if it's the same issue you're describing, though - you are touching on the larger problem of not having API access to influence X-Plane's fog effects. Instead we must disable them entirely and attempt to recreate them with cloud layers and our own fog post-processing effect.
  10. Really weird; I don't see any clues in your log files. Do you have any anti-virus products installed that might be sporadically interfering with our ability to write our settings file? Or maybe some sort of automatic backup software?
  11. Hm, I just tried it here under X-Plane 11.50 (the released version) and it saved and restored my TerraMaxx setting successfully. If it's not some sort of filesystem issue I'm not sure what it might be. If you could attach your log.txt there's a slim chance it might tell us something. @Cameronhave you ever encountered this with any other customers?
  12. My guess would be that your Resources/plugins/TerraMaxx/settings.dat file has somehow become corrupt, or cannot be written for some reason. Try deleting that file and allow TerraMaxx to recreate it when it starts, and see if that helps.
  13. Thanks for sharing that, @rawdmon. I have been spending the past couple of days addressing various VR issues including a few that you've flagged here, with some success. Stay tuned...
  14. We do have a potential solution to that "flickering" issue in VR, but don't want to make any promises until I've had a chance to really test it. Laminar has actually been really good to work with. Yes, the API sometimes limits us, but it's usually for very good reasons that are often beyond their control.
  15. Yes, that's a fair point - external views in VR aren't commonly used. The technical reason is because in VR the shadows will affect the cockpit when they shouldn't. We do need to test VR again for an upcoming release, so I'll take some time to see if anything within X-Plane has changed that would allow this case to work now.
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