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  1. It may just be an isolated incident where something was missing or wrong with the METAR data downloaded by X-Plane, then. If it looks like this every time you fly though, there's something more we'll have to figure out. Also, if you have stopped using FSGRW, it's a good idea to manually delete the fsgrwsmp.rwx file it may have left behind in your X-Plane folder. Its presence can cause problems when FSGRW is not in use in some situations.
  2. You need to make sure the SkyMaxx Pro and Real Weather Connector settings are identical on each channel, and that you are running the same versions on each channel. They do not sync up their settings automatically. As for the hard edges, increasing the setting for cloud/terrain blending should help.
  3. I assume you have RWC set to FSGRW mode... Looks like there isn't any weather data being provided to us beyond the coastline for some reason. If there's an unnatural hard cutoff in clouds presented us, that's what we represent. Might be more of an FSGRW issue, assuming everything is configured properly. When things look weird, it's often a good idea to select the "force weather update" option in the SMP menu. It's possible things are just out of sync in an odd way. Might help.
  4. It looks like (and this is an educated guess, as the log doesn't include the info we need) you probably ran out of memory while SkyMaxx Pro was recreating the clouds as you passed over a tile boundary. I'm sure this is frustrating after such a long flight, but the only real solution is to reduce your memory usage somehow. You have a fair amount of custom and seasonal scenery installed (including ours,) but you might try flying without it as a test. You could also reduce SkyMaxx Pro's "cloud draw area" setting in order to reduce its memory footprint. We do have some improvements to S
  5. You are most likely running out of video memory; volumetric clouds use a lot of it. Try reducing the "cloud draw area" setting in SkyMaxx Pro and turning off anti-aliasing, and see if that helps. If so, you can start turning settings back up until you find a good balance between visual quality and memory usage.
  6. I vaguely remember fixing a bug for the 5.0 release that would result in the solid & broken stratiform options not working. Upgrading to SMP 5 may clear this up.
  7. Those cloud options do not make use of textures, and so there are none present there. It's as expected.
  8. Assuming you were using the new volumetric clouds, try lowering your anti-aliasing settings. Maybe that will free up enough performance overhead to help.
  9. I can't think of anything that happens every minute. But, in general performance with volumetric clouds will improve if you lower your anti-aliasing setting.
  10. What procedure did you use to uninstall Maxx-FX? It sounds like the Gizmo plugin still thinks it is there.
  11. Sounds like you uncovered the logic of how latitude and the month plays a role in addition to temperature. If your latitude and month maps to winter, then the decision between "mild" and "deep" winter is a simple comparison; if the current temperature (C) is greater than the cutoff temperature, we choose mild winter (assuming you are set to "auto" mode.) We obtain the current temperature via the dataref sim/weather/temperature_sealevel_c - so one possibility is that this is not in sync with your METAR data for some reason. It's possible some other addon is modifying it, or even that X-Pla
  12. That's bizarre. Maybe your settings are somehow corrupt; try deleting the settings.dat file in Resources/plugins/TerraMaxx and see if that helps. If not, it may be time to re-install.
  13. Weird. All I can do is guess as I haven't heard of that happening before... make sure your video drivers are up to date, and you might want to experiment with your HDR and anti-aliasing settings. Some drivers have trouble with certain combinations of HDR and AA. Of course a plugin conflict is always a possibility as well.
  14. Could be cloud shadows affecting the cockpit... have you tried setting cloud shadows to zero?
  15. We are working on it... so far we haven't found any explanation for crashes other than running out of memory, but we do have several bug fixes and performance improvements that may help. Right now we're testing them with our corporate clients before unleashing them on the much larger X-Plane community.
  16. On a Mac, it's usually not RAM that is the issue but video memory. I don't see any indication of you flying through storms in the log, so I think you're just exhausting video memory. That's very common on Macs as they typically don't have much of it. And when X-Plane crashes due to running out of video memory, it typically does so in this fashion where it just stops without writing any diagnostic information into the log first. If you're flying through custom scenery, that's likely consuming quite a bit of it. Disabling HDR can also help. Or, you can lower SkyMaxx Pro's cloud draw area sett
  17. Hmm... it's possible that the issue is related to storm clouds being removed from the scene - that would also explain some of the odd rendering artifacts being reported in stormy conditions. We're looking into it - thanks for the info.
  18. That's potentially useful... we're still looking into it, but if true that narrows it down considerably.
  19. This log doesn't actually say that SkyMaxx Pro caused the crash, but it was the last thing to write a log entry before it did. It's possible you ran out of memory. Or, there is a hard-to-reproduce bug we're trying to figure out associated with cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds. If you were flying into stormy weather it might have to do with that.
  20. The log file doesn't implicate any add-on at all. The ATC system seems very unhappy though. Maybe associated with custom scenery? Hard to say.
  21. There was a known issue associated with lightning (which I see in your screenshot) that I thought we had fixed in 5.0.6. We'll take a closer look here.
  22. Keep in mind SkyMaxx disables X-Plane's built in clouds, so you have to subtract the time it took for X-Plane to draw clouds from what it being reported for SkyMaxx Pro for a fair comparison. That said 30 FPS seems high, especially if you're not using volumetric clouds in VR. Turning down the cloud draw area setting is probably the best thing you can do to boost performance for now. We *do* have a rather substantial performance improvement for the non-volumetric clouds in the works, though. It's about 20% faster in our tests so far.
  23. The volumetric clouds will consume less memory if you lower SMP's cloud draw area setting. Or, you can select something other than volumetric for the cumulus and/or overcast representation; the non-volumetric clouds use less memory.
  24. It's not RAM that's the issue, it's VRAM - the memory available for textures on your video card. Things like lowering your anti-aliasing setting, lowering the cloud draw area setting, removing custom scenery, or switching off HDR can help free it up.
  25. Have you updated to SkyMaxx Pro 5.0.6 yet? I think that fixes this.
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