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  1. Thank you very much Ilias for the analytical reply, explaining the left roll effect. I was aware of the phenomenon but didn't know it can be so evident. I'm not sure if I have felt it that much in another airplane so maybe that's why I thought good to report it. I will try to use your RPM and airspeed recommendations and the use of autopilot will take care of it for long flights. Regarding the visual stuff, thank you very much for taking these into account and thinking to revisit the visuals in a later upgrade. I'll be looking forward to this, the plane certainly deserves all the treatment it can get : ) Thank you again and keep up the excellent job!
  2. Thanks for the reply, Regarding the ground friction, I just solved it ! It seems it was a toe brakes calibration issue. However I still have this roll to the left tendency all the time. This is regardless of wind or weight distribution. I tried to add a second passenger in the front right seat but the same happens. Everyone else can takeoff, trim the plane and the plane will not roll to the left?
  3. Hi, I have recently bought the C23 v2. Thank you for making this! I have some issues: 1) On the ground, the friction on the ground is too high. I used it on some ORBX sceneries, and I could hardly accelerate on the ground. For example at KVUO. On landing, the deceleration was too fast also. In order to taxi I need to put the throttle too high. 2) When airborne, the airplane has a tendency to roll to the left. Like it needs an aileron trim. I have the experimental model enabled. 3) Visually, the windscreen is not curved but has angles. I can clearly see two angles instead of a curve. This is very obvious when looking the plane in external view and somehow kills the realism. 4) Visually, I would appreciate if you could add some more realistic texturing on the skin of the fuselage and wings. Right now it looks kind of uniform and not so metallic as is in reality. 5) Visually, I would also appreciate if the rivets was also more realistic. I think the wing rivets are too large. The instrument panel on the other hand is excellent both in modeling and texturing and I appreciate this very much. I hope you can look at these points and see if you can improve them.
  4. Thank you very much for the quick reply. I now found the related threads in the X-plane.org forums where he said that there will be an official announcement. Didn't know that 1.1.1 was a re-labeled version of the same release in X-aviation. That is good to know, thank you!
  5. How we can contact the developer? I see he has pushed an update on the xplane.org store. It is not fair that we-his customers don't have access to it.
  6. Thank you very much for listening to the feedback ! I really appreciate it : )
  7. Hi and thank you very much for developing the Pocket Rocket. Its a very high quality job for sure, I enjoy it and I'm sure all bugs will be ironed out soon. I have two 3D model suggestions to make. It is two intersection points that seems to not match with the high level of modeling in the rest of the plane. I have highlighted them below. If these areas could be made more realistically I think it would be a great thing, matching better with the high quality modeling in the rest of the plane.
  8. Don't know if should start a new thread or if its related to this one. I am using the VirtualFLy TQ6 Plus that has controls the beta range through the dedicated Virtual Fly app. However on the PR when I initiate beta range on the throttle, the lever moves extremely fast in and out of beta range. Seems like a conflict. Anyone knows why this is?
  9. Thank you very much again Goran. This would make sense, so I will not worry for now and wait for my GPU to arrive.
  10. Hello Goran, Thank you very much for the quick reply. I loaded another paint but still same problem. The only thing that I noticed was that choosing another paint I was able to see the exterior paint, but with white artifacts on the vertical stabilizer. However, the cockpit was still the same: When I load after the default paint again, I see the same behavior as before. White external model and the cockpit still unusable. Could it be a memory problem due to the fact that I currently don't have a GPU installed? In that case maybe its better to wait to receive my GPU and try again. Its only makes me worry because I don't see that with other add-ons, but maybe its something specific that the TBM requires? Didn't happen though with the previous versions.
  11. Hi all, After the latest update the plane does not load correctly. I should mention that I don't have a graphics card installed currently so I use the integrated Intel GPU. I use it to update and install add-ons but I'm not flying currently. However so far I have been updating the TBM normally. This time I see a pure white model in the outside view and in the inside I think that textures are missing, besides I cannot operate any switch or manipulator. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version 1.1.6 but no luck. All my other add-on planes load normally. Any ideas what could be the reason?
  12. Probably many already know this. There is now a TBM900 profile on SimBrief ! Derek Mayer is an amazing developer, worth supporting
  13. I know, not related with PFPX but there is now a TBM900 profile on SimBrief !
  14. Thanks again! This team's professionalism has left me speechless
  15. Thank you very much @skiselkov . That makes it much easier. Thank you so much for your outstanding product and support !
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