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  1. Frank, I did not paid 60 USD to use the 2D clouds. I paid 60 USD for your new a volumetric voxel GPU traced clouds that as I mentioned above you advertised as faster than v4 with increased performance and optimized.
  2. I already have reduced my AA setting from 4x SGSS to 2x SGSS and already hating the shimmering and displays resolution and now you ask me on top of that to reduce my 3440x1440 resolution to 1080 ?? No, I am not going to fly on 1080. I bought my screen to enjoy good resolution and its not even 4K. With all respect @sundog but I with this purchase I feel I literary lost 60 USD. I hope you can see why. Cameron informed me that X-Aviation does not give refunds so I am feeling disappointed and deceived by your product page promises for "increased performance" and "optimized for balanced CPU/GPU lo
  3. @sundog I don't get exactly your reply. As you can see I am not inside a cloud, but on the ground at the apron. As you can see I have reduced the cloud draw area, it is not maxed out, its less than 50%. Also, I don't find it convenient to go and adjust it all the time during a flight as I risk a CTD and lose my flight. Also, what do you mean framerates are less important inside a cloud?? If I get 10-15 fps the whole plane stutters, the roll/pitch/yaw, the displays, the mouse, the view panning..its a mess. Even if I am in a cloud I still need to fly the plane at good fps. And again the is
  4. I experience very low FPS most of the times with SMP v5. Let me first say that I have re-installed X-Plane 11 with the latest beta update to an empty Samsung 1TB 970 Pru Plus nvme drive. My GPU is a 2080 TI and my CPU an overclocked at 5GHz i9 10900K. I also have 32 DDR4 RAM. So, I guess my system should be able to run this scenario good enough. Scenario: Gaya Kos airport HotStart TBM900 on the ramp ASXP and RWC SMP and XP settings in the screenshots. When I pan my view looking down in the cockpit, I get stable 60 FPS. As soon as I move the viewpoint to the sky and cl
  5. Okay, I went out and bought it. It works fine!
  6. Hi all, I am considering the latest vulcan version of Xvision. Has anyone tried to see if its compatible? Or maybe the devs? I'd be glad to know before I buy Xvision.
  7. Thanks for the reply @Cameron I tried also other sky settings but it appears to all of them unfortunately... I'll wait for @sundog to comment on this.
  8. Hello, Doing my first morning flight, and I notice that there is a kind of rough color all over the horizon. If I move forward time during the day it blends with the sky more naturally, but during dawn this doesn't look good. Any ideas?
  9. Congratulations for the release today. I am not a previous SkyMaxx Pro 4 user and I am considering v5. However, looking at the screenshots I must admit that I see one cloud type displayed in various layers. Are there other cloud types and formations modelled that someone can identify when flying?
  10. Hi Dan, I am amazed this is a feature and it is implemented! Well done! This is an amazing creation. The level of depth and modeling fidelity you have put into it is so enjoyable. Thank you!
  11. Hi, While all instrument needles move smoothly, the RPM needle is stuttering. Is there a reason why this happens?
  12. Ok, problem solved. As mentioned in another thread, the Avitab plugin was needed to be installed.
  13. Hi! Thank you for making this! Unfortunately I have no instrument textures. Any idea what's wrong?
  14. Thank you very much Ilias for the analytical reply, explaining the left roll effect. I was aware of the phenomenon but didn't know it can be so evident. I'm not sure if I have felt it that much in another airplane so maybe that's why I thought good to report it. I will try to use your RPM and airspeed recommendations and the use of autopilot will take care of it for long flights. Regarding the visual stuff, thank you very much for taking these into account and thinking to revisit the visuals in a later upgrade. I'll be looking forward to this, the plane certainly deserves all the treatmen
  15. Thanks for the reply, Regarding the ground friction, I just solved it ! It seems it was a toe brakes calibration issue. However I still have this roll to the left tendency all the time. This is regardless of wind or weight distribution. I tried to add a second passenger in the front right seat but the same happens. Everyone else can takeoff, trim the plane and the plane will not roll to the left?
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