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  1. Am I correct in that the the 'ski' rain effect in the Zibo 738 doesn't work with Skymaxx Pro v5 or am I missing something?
  2. I only downloaded the installer this morning after receiving an email from X-Aviation re 4.9.4, so thought I had the latest version. When was it updated? I've just downloaded it again and will try it again later.
  3. I had the same issue when trying to install version 4.9.4. How did you solve the issue?
  4. Thanks, guess that solves it then. FSGRW only provides the metar information to the sim, interpreted by RWC. XVisibility.lua provides varying visibility as one increases altitude, but also takes account of metar visibility at the airport.
  5. Does SMP4.7, RWC & FSWG effect visibility or if not will that combination work with the xvisibility.lua plugin.
  6. Thanks for that, helps enormously.
  7. Many thanks for the excellent explanation. BTW, do you know if it's possible to assign a key or button to adjust this VS ring?
  8. Can someone advise me how to set, adjust and use desired VS in the Saab340A for an RNAV LOC approach without a glideslope? I can't find how to set a desired vertical speed in this aircraft.
  9. Solved: Just found that my Weight and Fuel settings were set massively overweight! No wonder the aircraft couldn't gather speed and lift off. Must have been carrying an elephant!
  10. Thanks for your advice, but the condition levers were on the Max line as per your first picture. I need to check the sensitivity curves in XP11 as I did make some changes and it could be that they are set too shallow.
  11. Need help. Tried 2 takeoffs in the Saab this afternoon and both times I was unable to gain any height and both times crashed. I had followed the checklist, so can't determine what the issue is. CTOT was set Props max Throttle max Speed at rotate around 120 knts Flaps 5 Deg. Rotated slowly to 10 Deg, or at least tried to! Any ideas as to what could cause this inability to gain altitude. Ailerons appeared to be working? Could have missed something but didn't think so. Hydraulics? Trim? On the latter not sure how to set takeoff trim in this aircraft?
  12. Michael, many thanks for your sound advice. I'll give your procedures a try next time I tackle 'the beast'!
  13. I'm using v1.51 with XP11.32r1 with the 'Experimental flight model' in XP unchecked. I have made several flights in the aircraft, and although it flies great, I find that it becomes very unstable at lower speeds on approach and finals. On finals I maintain around 120 knots with flaps 15 - full but the aircraft is very difficult to control once the autopilot is disengaged. I'm sure the real aircraft could not be so difficult. After 2 heavy landings I then found both times that the left engine had shut down and I was unable to taxi. Also I find the ailerons far too sensitive too. Not sure if I'm missing something or whether this unstable behaviour is typical? If anyone has any advice as to how one can tweak this aircraft to improve it's stability it would be most welcome, otherwise I shall have to park the aircraft in the hanger until updates improve it's flight model'.
  14. Thanks Sundog, Just happens that these are the two settings that I've been using to avoid FPS drops. I'll try one of the other settings.
  15. I think I was on solid stratiform. I also may have the NoWhiteOut.lua script active, but don't really know what this does. I suppose my question really is - When viewing the aircraft externally when in clouds should one see the cloud passing across the aircraft and slightly obscuring it or is the plane always fully visible? mine is the latter. Stuart
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