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  1. Somehow it saved the blank images for moon and sun that are normally used in wilkie to the default skycolors folder, that fixed it
  2. I ran repair and I made sure the sun + moon files were as expected and it replaces them like with the Wilkie Preset still.
  3. Hey, I have selected a non Hosek Preset restarted it and theres still no visible sun, assuming you mean the should be one after restart?
  4. Hello, Ive been recently playing around with the presets and ive noticed all except SkyMaxx Hosek-Wilkie Sky Model have no sun or moon, is this a bug or intentional?
  5. Hello, I'm pretty new to V4 and excited to see this new version coming out soon, just curious about the sky colors though, I was using "SkyMaxx Hosek-Wilkie Sky Model" and it seemed that altitude played minimal to no role in sky colors, I fly alot of U-2s and Concorde so I end up going to those higher altitude often and sky colors at 10,000ft seemed the same as up at 50,000-70,000ft with a nice light blue tone, is there any chance we could expect some changes to it for more realistic darker tone at those altitudes, good example of colors I found this timestamp and before is about FL440 and af
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