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  1. I've tried with 'never change visible weather' on and off, but no difference, same as when I 'Force Weather Reload' on multiple occasions. Yes, I have double checked this. Clearly something my end is preventing it reading the file correctly. I'll keep looking and trying. Thanks for the help and suggestions
  2. I re-installed ASXP just incase (manually deleted all remaining folders/files) but no change. In the screenshot I should have broken clouds at 3300ft, but it's clear sky. If I deactivate SMP5+RWC, then ASXP injects correctly into XP11. Not sure what's going on
  3. I thought that it created a modified METAR.rwx file?
  4. This is at EGCC today. I have attached the METAR.rwx file as requested. The first two screenshots show RWC+SMP5, along with ASXP and RWC settings. The METAR is not displayed correctly. In the 3rd screenshot I disabled RWC+SMP5 and allowed ASXP to inject weather directly into XP11, with the correct results. METAR.rwx
  5. Hi, I’ve scanned my XP11 folder for that file and it found nothing. As a quick test I reloaded at an airport close by which has similar weather. I had ASXP + RWC + SM5 active. It generated the correct weather on the ground, but as soon as I was airborne, the weather cleared, I could see the ground and only had some scattered cloud. I switched to ASXP only and I had the correct weather on the ground and once airborne. I’ve attached a couple of pics showing the difference. The METAR was 36004KT 4000 BR SCT001 OVC011 04/04 Q1007
  6. Hi, I have an issue where the weather is not always depicted correctly. This was an issue I had with the previous version of RWC and SkyMaxx4. All of my settings are correct, and I have gone through the process of uninstalling, reinstalling, checking, crosschecking, double checking, etc If I disable RWC and SM5 and let ASXP inject directly into XP11, then I get the correct weather. If I let ASXP inject via RWC and SM5, then I don’t always get the correct weather. Even if I reload the weather several times, nothing changes. I have attached a pic showing the difference I had today after I landed in what was supposed to be a fog layer.
  7. Will there be an improvement from what the metar says to what is displayed? I use RWC and SMP4 with ASXP, but I sometimes have issues where the weather shown by ASXP is not translated by RWC and SMP4. If I go in the plug-ins menu and deactivate RWC and SMP4 and regenerate the weather, I then get the correct metar. Quite often it’ll show broken or overcast, but RWC and SMP4 will display few or clear and I can only get the correct weather by switching them off. Other times it all works perfectly and looks amazing. Either way I’ll be upgrading to v5
  8. Ben, thank you so much. I do have BitDefender and after a bit of messing around everything is now working perfectly!
  9. For some reason whenever I load XP11 (11.26) I keep getting the X-Aviation register box appear. I have three products, Real Weather connector, SkyMaxx and TerraMaxx. When I enter my details it starts authenticating and then the console box appears and nothing happens. I have uninstalled everything, re-downloaded all the products and reinstalled, but the same issue. Any idea what is causing this?
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