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  1. It behaves good with it. Some observations' More power during slow flight with flaps and gear deployed needed. Guess overall drag is higher. Handling in crosswinds and gusts is a bit different. Ground handling is neutral, compared to the default flight model
  2. I do not own photoshop or similar app. Is someone willing to share the modified file to adjust the tint of the windows... it's a bit to bright in low sun conditions
  3. @Coop Is aware of it. Will be resolved with the next update I guess. You may join the AFM discord for direct support https://discord.gg/MgKEXy
  4. 1. Read the manual and setup your key-bindings to manage the "h" shaped throttle 2. Follow the inbuilt tutorial (Plugins- TBM 900) 3. Watch some first class Youtube videos on things like start-up, taxing, take-off and landing technique 4. Follow the checklists (the most are accessible via the G1000 MFD), otherwise use the real TBM 900 manual. Link within the aircraft manual 5. Learn, fly, enjoy. This aircraft is a bit more complex and things may brake, if you do not care about correct handling. You can prevent 90% of the errors by reading, informing yourself in advanc
  5. It happens actually Everytime you have something set other than "off".
  6. I wouldn't release an update until 11.40 is final. Otherwise Goran and Toto are forced to review it again...
  7. Yeah I am also struggling with this issue and Terramaxx remains a great add-on unusable for me.
  8. @Roger Sacchelli what's your set visibility, clouds etc? Is that Broken at 200ft and 800m or about half a mile visibility on the picture?
  9. As the data output on the upper left looks crystal clear and not effected at all, I assume it's some filter/shader stuff. Do you apply some stuff like: - FlyWithLua scripts modifying art controls - XVision or Reshade or BlueFx How does it behave in other apps or on a clean X-Plane demo installation? I also see from your log that the TBM suffered a lot of failures/damages die to bad handling of the engine and a structural crash. Maybe that effect is connected to some of the custom failure simulation of the TBM? But I am not sure, as I haven't seen such till now.
  10. Apply the new skycolor with the SkymaxxPro settings, than in the X-Plane menu open the Developer menu, select show sky color and hit the reload or apply button. That should reload the skycolors instantly.
  11. I would like to punch in here quickly @sundog. I am comparing all combinations and find SMP+RWC+FSGRW by far the most convincing, but it looks that choosing different cloud types for cumulus or overcast has no effect for me, on that particular combo. When FSGRW loads the weather, I am always experiencing a drop in frames for a few seconds and the new weather conditions are being rendered quite abrupt, despite RWC being set to never change the visual weather. SMP+RWC+ASXP is also fine, but the clouds base height is very far off in altitude. Sometimes a few thousand feet, regardl
  12. Well I usually climb out 140-160 to 10000ft, thereafter 170 and than finally change to Match 0.4 at around 24000ft to final altitude. In most cases I cruise between FL250 and FL310, depending on upper wind, temperature and route length. Initial climb speed depends on weight, possible icing conditions, inertial seperator conditions and finally ATC demands. I don't like flying out at 124kts, unless terrain requires to reach obstacle clearance fairly quick.
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