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  1. Correction: the Visual Effects. Sorry.
  2. Hi Jakob, thanks for your reply and your help. True, unfortunately crashed her sort of often as long as I was learning. Pretty complex plane. I have only one Lua script which limitates the frames. But I think I solved the problem this morning. Reduced the Virtual Effects to Middle in the Graka settings and the colour has not appeared yet. Regards, Rolf
  3. Good evening all, does anyone know this problem? Flying the TBM 900 brings purple colour on the inside views. Outside it is normal. Starts after some time like heavy noise in photografy. Can't be a hardware problem says my PC dealer, maybe a conflict with the grafic cards settings. Will add the log txt file and a pic. Thanks in advance for your help. Best wishes, Rolf Log.txt
  4. Rolf Bauer

    TBM 900

    Hi Cameron, saw a Video from Totoritko himself the other day. Much to my surprise he set the TBM 900 on a 10 NM Approach and thus left me confused. Regards, Rolf
  5. Hello everybody, in order to bring the plane to a complete standstill after landing I set one button of my Thrustmaster 16000 to Toggle Reverse #1. One time it worked and I could slow down the plane. 30 minutes ago no reaction. The plane kept on rolling, crashed into some building and cought fire. Tried to look under the power lever inside the cockpit if the little hook goes down which releases the lever to taxi and reverse mode. Saw it in a video from Totoritko. Also here no reaction. Anybody out there who can help please? I hope I am in the right forum. Nice weekend, Rolf
  6. Hi Goran, thanks a lot for your answer. Meanwhile I solved the problem myself. The update of the graphic cards driver did the job. Started the plane like always and flew from Miami to Bimini. Glad, it works again, wonderful plane. Best wishes, Rolf
  7. With the help of the Device Manager I could get an update for my Graphics Card. Will check tomorrow if it was any good.
  8. Hello all, under the above written title in the forum I want to inform you about the trouble I have with the TBM 900. Hopefully the shortcut works. Also wrote a PM to Goran. Greetings, Rolf Log.txt
  9. Hi Goran,

    unfortunately I have serious problems to get the TBM 900 loaded. Described it in the forum under:

    TBM 900 loaded under the bridg


    Can you please help?




  10. Tried to start from another airport, unfortunately the same issue. Installed the plane one more time, no change. Wanted to download new driver and update for my nvidia 1060. Did not work cause they were asking for DHC, whatever that is. Dont know what to do to get the plane running. Where is the support???
  11. Hmmm.., really no one? Xplane is working, btw. Flew theCessna 172and the Quest Kodiak. Maybe I should reinstall the TBM? Regards, Rolf
  12. Hello everybody, was doing some training flights today and wanted to watch the tuts because of reverse thrust. While watching the plane started burning and ended up under a bridge.Loaded Xplane 11 three times, always the same results. Creating a new airframe wasnt succesful. Anyone any idea what that could be? Regards, Rolf Log.txt
  13. Rolf Bauer

    TBM 900

    Thank you very much. I'm glad I could solve the problem myself. Only had to create a new airframe and after that could start her like in the tutorial which I have seen so often that I could do it by heart. This was good fun. Have to get used to the plane now cause everything happens pretty fast. Really enjoyed the flying.
  14. Rolf Bauer

    TBM 900

  15. Rolf Bauer

    TBM 900

    Hello all, received and installed the TBM 900 yesterday and wanted to fly today. First attemt was approach 10 nm from runway. Result: Plane acted like a glider without engine running. Was turning very slow. Result: crash 2 attemt: wanted to star from runway with engine running Plane broke down and started burning. What is wrong with that? I am very disappointed Bye, Rolf
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