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  1. Today I finally got another CTD when trying to start a quick turnaround checklist, for some reason I can't start it, instead, it always does the compartment checklist, I tried to restart the checklist, previous, next everything I remember, every key bind, and then I got CTD. (Hard to explain more in English) Log_ctd_cl60_14_quick2.txt
  2. I was practicing landing from saved state appr 1000ft above ground from my last flight at ENBR. First CTD happened after I loaded from the saved state with ILS active, I tried to switch to LPV during appr I thought it did succeed but soon got CTD Second CTD happened a bit later after a few practices with LPV from the saved state, after my last try I decided to try ILS and this time I did go around, after I set up the plane for ILS (maybe I first set up again for LPV first) and was on downwind leg for ILS appr I got CTD. Log_ctd_cl60_17_ils_lpv.txt Log_ctd_cl60_17_ils_lpv2.txt
  3. Is not working as it was before not sure how long ago or which version but when I select that checklist the key bind (next item) doesn't start it, instead it goes back to first checklist, resetting whole checklist also doesn't help
  4. Sorry, but I can't really tell you more, after the flight I wanted to start a quick turnaround checklist which for some reason is not working with button and with windows voice I am sure it worked some time ago but now not even after multiple tries to get it working (including reset checklist) all action I tried was from the plane I did not use menus. I also tried to get to this CTD today but it didn't, just that checklist is still not working
  5. After a flight, I tried to do another flight with a quick turnaround checklist, which for some reason I couldn't get it started, and after multiple tries I got CTD. Log_ctd_cl60_14_quick.txt
  6. When I did appr at LOWW I got CTD, at first I thought it was just another Vulkan crash but after reloading x-plane and first mistakenly loaded non-persistent airframe, and after that, I loaded my airframe with savepoint load at appr 1000ft I got instantly CTD. The second time I reloaded the x-plane I managed to land without CTD but when I wanted to try appr again I got the same CTD as previous. Not sure if it has an effect but due to a lot of CTD because of Vulkan error I was trying performance hack (--num_workers=12) to see if it helps and after I reduced workers to 12 from 16 (ryzen 2700 8 cores 16 threads) I didn't have CTD until now for around two days or three flights. There are also two other things I would like to check; the first is that after I loaded the plane from savepoint at 1000ft it didn't have saved the correct ILS freq which made landing much harder. Second I would like to check if a first officer works okay at go around? For me, it repeats go around checklist twice, and at the first time it doesn't do anything, only at the second time does it set trust and speed (not sure about nav) Log_ctd_cl60_12.txt Log_ctd_cl60_13_appr.txt Log_ctd_cl60_13_appr2.txt
  7. Tried again on the ground with the same flp: LZTT/27 UMARY1F UMARY P27 ZLA DCT MAKAL DCT OKG DCT AMOSA N869 NATOR N850 TRA UZ670 DITON DCT WIL DCT 461856N0065632E 462236N0065740E DCT 462758N0070705E DCT LSGK/08 Coordinated wp are the ones I removed and tried to recreate with custom wp The last screen shoot was after I inserted custom wp into disco, it takes a second to CTD Log_ctd_cl60_10_fms_disco_2.txt
  8. I tried to make custom wp (WIL 218/65.8/x01) based on previous wp (last one before disco) I got two CTD before I realized I shouldn't put in on disco but on wp after disco. Log_ctd_cl60_10_fms_disco.txt
  9. They advise that every bug/CTD should have its own report just in case is not exactly the same and probably for easier tracking. Also, I didn't have any issue after xplane reload.
  10. After I finished the flight I did the last checks lists and when I turn APU off I got CTD. Log_ctd_cl60_9_at_shut.txt
  11. Under the right flap and areleon* is maybe some unpainted area.
  12. No idea what happened, when I was descending and setting up cl650 for appr xp 11 just suddenly freeze and later CTD, when it froze last line in log file was about cl650. Log_ctd_cl60_8_freeze.txt
  13. I wanted to clear both NAV frq on right fms (second one) tune page to change back to auto and I got CTD. Log_ctd_cl60_7_tune_page.txt
  14. I just confirmed hold exit and tried to clear disc in FLP after hold and second later I got CTD. Log_ctd_cl60_6_hold_ext.txt
    Rivets on the wing edge do not line up with reflection or normal map.
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