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  1. So, this means that SMP 5 is faster one CPU side than SMP 4? This is good new as I need a faster GPU anyway but sadly neither AMD nor NVidia can deliver their products. Do you think a GTX 1070 is good enough to maintain 60 FPS at 1080p? Currently I'm limited by my pretty fast CPU when using SMP
  2. I understand. Thanks for clarification. I have just checked with current SMP 4.9.6 and non glossy waves and it looked better than what I remebered, maybe an XP 11.50 effect or something like that so it's not that much of an issue for me now. Would be cool to see this in a later update but even better would be if the clouds get somewhat darker when seen from below and brighter wenn getting above them. And then add an option to adjust both brightness values (above and below) in the menu and it should be perfect - for everyone. Will the original clouds look like they
  3. So it's also impossible to inject some kind of generic fake reflection bitmap onto the water (derived from the actual SMP cloud coverage but simplified) or into the PBR engine? And, I forgot to mention: Is it possible to add a clouds brightness control to the menu? I think the clouds in your preview screenshots are a bit too bright when seen from below but as this is a matter of taste maybe this should be adjustable. In the previous SMP releases there also where darker clouds depending on weather, I hope those are still avalable in the v5 release.
  4. One more thing: Are you bringing back the water reflections when using Vulkan rendering? Not having water reflections is currently leading me to not use SMP 4.x because when flying Helicopter mostly nose down I see more water than clouds and XP water sadly looks very bad without reflections (this is an XP issue of course).
  5. Voxel based clouds but faster than ever - here we can see real professionals at work. Awesome news. :-)
  6. I second this, engine sound is much to weak in cruise flight now, it may be more realistic then before but not enjoyable to me, no matter what I do to the noise cancelling it's getting on my nerves pretty soon while I really enjoyed the older engine sounds. I see there are some subtle improvements in the sound overall, the second fuel pump for example is now audible and when taxiing it seems more polished now but engine sound in cruise is a step backwards I think. Further, there was a pretty cool engine crackling sound after shutting down the warm engines, this is barely noticable now. An
  7. The 1.1.1 version also has a new soundset it seems but the new one does not sound good to me, the engine pitch is much higher now and overall the older soundset from the 1.1.0 version was much better regarding engine sounds.
  8. As I did not find anything regarding experimental flight model in the manual I have one question: Is the BN-2 supposed to be used with experimetal or with standard flight model? :-) Agi
  9. Thanks fpr the painter friendly texture mapping, it's really a joy to paint on your BN-2. :-)
  10. For me some items are not restored too. These are: Fuel tank switches (both are opened at every flight start) Headphone plug (but volume is restored) Mixture Throttle Prop pitch Red electrics bar Edit: I found one more item: Fuel quantity
  11. I finally increased the cloud coverage radius (about 30.000) but this ended up in frequent and regular microstuttering while my general FPS where still the same as before (60 FPS with Vsync). Those stutters immediately vanished after I moved the slider back to 10.000 and averything was smooth again.
  12. That's funny... for me the default clouds are much faster with vulkan, the high gpu load issues I always had with these clouds when close to a cloud layer is gone almost completely. Also I had no performance issues with SMP 4.9.3 so far, aside from a micro stutter issue when increasing cloud coverage radius.
  13. Thanks... will try to do that... maybe it get's even better. :-)
  14. Awesome shots... do you think it's save to increase cloud coverage distance now? I still have it on 10.000... BTW: May I share those screens in some german forums?
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