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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying. My bad, all of it. Having previously temporarily rolled back to SMP V4, with hindsight, I will agree with your statement that there is no difference between versions (2D; like for like). Perception and memory coupled to heightened anticipation are strong and influential players. From a subjective standpoint, the loss of some primary 2D features under volumetric settings significantly reduces the appeal of this latest version despite its impressive capability. I will close by saying that my stalwart use of SMP products recently brought
  2. Hi, It may be a genuinely mistaken perception of mine that I often feel SMP V5 has brought me full circle back to those first iterations of SMP when clouds were presented in a most distinctive circle around the users aeroplane. RWC was, I believe, meant to place clouds in a their rightful place within weather systems and fronts, and yet I am not feeling this these days. I feel that my settings are modest, insofar as I'd like to crank them right up, especially the cloud cover, but then my FPS will be adversely affected. I don't even use volumetric as then I lose other facets of S
  3. Thank you, I appreciate your help. BTW, please don’t think that because I’m looking at non volumetric features, it means that I don’t like what I see; far from it, SMP is still my go-to cloud product.
  4. Thank you, I appreciate your help. I have installed SMP V5.0.5 but I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but I remembered to disable “Never change visible weather” in RWC. Am I correct in my understanding that for users to revert exactly back to standard SMP V4, all users must do is switch off volumetric? I’d miss landing lights during night ops, so to me it’s an important feature of SMP. Thanks, Fabio
  5. Thank you, seeing weather layers change like that makes sense as I have “Never change visible weather” enabled at the moment. Please forgive my well intended questions; I mean these to be respectful, objective, and ultimately constructive. Equally, my understanding of the technical aspects of volumetric clouds is less than basic and somewhat confused, so I’m really seeking clarity. When you responded to FlyAgi’s post, I believe that you hinted about the possibility of removing the 500m lower AGL cloud limit, which is something I’d look forward to. I get the technical necessity f
  6. Hi, First of all, thank you for your continued efforts in stabilising SMP V5 for us. Perhaps I have misunderstood, but my understanding of SMP V5 is that all of the basic features of SMP V4 remain present within V5. When my SMP V5.0.4 FPS lowered unacceptably just now on ascent out of a cloudy NZWN, I switched from volumetric to standard, but immediately I lost one (or more) layers of cloud. When I tried switching overcast to non-volumetric, XP11.51 crashed. I read in one of Sundog’s posts that volumetric clouds cannot easily blend with terrain, and so an automatic lower c
  7. Whilst I’ve yet to test V5.0.1, I would like to express my gratitude to Cameron and Sundog for going above and beyond. The easy approach would have been to wait for XPR to issue a fix, instead, recognising the excitement and expectations set by a new ground breaking product, you opted for an interim SMP V5 patch to get your customers going. Respect. Great customer service will always be rewarded by loyal customers.
  8. Oh, thanks, I will double check and report back, but it's one of my favourite things. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. For the moment, I have reverted to SMP V4 as we are flying online, but I will test a default aircraft and report back. Fabio
  10. Same for me, external frames 60-70, but within the VC they fall rapidly to 6-7, XP may then crashes. Without ASXP or FSGRW running, and few clouds, with either volumetric ON or OFF, the same applies, in VC FPS drop to under 10. Log.txt
  11. Wow, thank you, I am poised credit card in hand for release day, bring it on! Fabio
  12. Thank you, I appreciate your reply. I have a GTX 1080, so hopefully it will be able to render these wonderful new clouds. SMP/RWC has always been my personal benchmark and go-to cloud package. Presumably, it will still dovetail nicely into FSGRW? Anyway, this is all superb news and a great tonic for a dim time, and it has already brightened up 2021 - it is, after all, a Happy New Year!
  13. Excellent news, thank you for the update. I too had a feeling that something was brewing in the good old Maxx laboratory - atmospheric alchemy! I have been looking at the previews with eager anticipation, and they seem to be very impressive, especially the improved draw distance. Will different cloud types be included in the initial release, for instance cirrus, tcb’s (anvil types), and stratiform types? Is there any news on the anticipated technical specifications regarding GPU requirements? Santa might have been generous in many ways, but sadly not in the GPU department!
  14. Thanks, I will look forward to your input, I’m sure it’s fine, but just wanted to check. Fabio
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