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  1. Thanks, I will look forward to your input, I’m sure it’s fine, but just wanted to check. Fabio
  2. I am so not trying to be difficult. My present weather add-on combination, specifically SMP with RWC and FSGRW, is by far my favourite. Instead, please see this as a genuine enquiry as I am concerned that my SMP is not behaving or displaying correctly. I'm just looking for reassurance that it is working and rendering as expected. The written word can be a poor conveyer of thoughts and feelings, and probably my posts have not been read as intended. Thank you, Fabio
  3. OK, I appreciate the reply. it looked like a half moon, but fine, the point I get. Just to see first hand the effect that these factors have on cloud brightness and contrast, may I ask where and when I might find SMP/RWC at its darkest?
  4. Let me rephrase. I'm not trying to pin anyone down to a hard and fast answer or explanation, I'm literally just looking for an opinion. I've not been in an airliner at nightime when the clouds looked quite so bright or defined. It's a half-moon sort of night. :-)
  5. I get that it is a multifactorial issue. So you believe that the cloud brightness look as expected for a SMP/RWC & XP11 installation as detailed?
  6. OK, good point. The flight is set January 7th 2018 using historic weather, and we are over the Canary Islands. Would you say that the screen shot looks as expected, or are the clouds too bright? I'd be happy if you said that this these settings produced this look, I just wanted to know as I don't recall SMP clouds being quite so light in colouration/tone. Thanks, Fabio
  7. Hi, May I please ask whether the following screenshot is representative of how SMP/RWC and XP11.41 should appear at nightime? I don't recall seeing my SMP clouds as being quite so bright or even visible during the hours of darkness (soft cumulus, soft HD overcast, cirrus set to ridges). I have an enhanced lighting package but removing this makes no difference. Thanks, Fabio
  8. Hi, Thank you, I will make the changes in the settings, appreciate the feedback. Fabio
  9. Hi, I am returning to SMP/RWC with ASXP or FSGRW (older x64 bit version) for my WX solution. These provide the most convincing representation of weather within XP, IMO. I’m experimenting with settings as I’m still finding my personal ideal. I am looking for correct cloud placement as well as the best possible cloud cover in terms of cloud density and overcast. Should I use ASXP’s “Global” mode when RWC is enabled? What would I expect me to see with Global enabled or disabled and RWC omitted? With the older version of FSGRW (XP10 x64 bit) operating, will SMP 4.7.3 show
  10. That’s so weird, I was certain that it had the facility to show the route on the ND with EFIS zoom in/out. At least I’m not dreaming that it is and always has been a superb machine! Thanks, Fabio
  11. Hi, Such an impressive machine, and a joy to fly. I had a straightforward FP set in the GPS that the aircraft was following dutifully. The route was shown clearly on the GPS map. The ND was changed from compass rose to a low zoom level map display to show course, but the display was empty and without route. Has something changed, or have I forgotten some SAAB essentials as it has been a while since my last flight? XP 11.20 and SAAB V1.5. Thankd as always, Fabio
  12. Hi, My V1.7.2 CRJ manages to climb at 3,000+ ft/min even when above FL250 using IAS270 or 0.72M even well below MAUW (XP11.05). I’m sure Bombardier would be interested in such phenomenal performance, but I’m not, as I’d prefer a saner and more realistic ROC. It is my understanding that the diminutive CRJ200 is known to have fairly aemaemic climb rates, all the more so at higher FL’s. Unless the temperature gradient has become inverted (!), I would love to be able to correct these climb rates. I am using xEnviro or NOAA for weather, but I don’t think that these climb rates
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