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  1. Hi Torbinator, in general the first thing we do when we get these report is check the underlying nav data that is being used. We would need to know the provider (Aerosoft or Navigraph) and the navdata cycle. Quite often the data is not correct in the dataset - or the user is looking at outdated charts, or updated charts with outdated navdata ;-) You can often see this yourself if you look for the corresponding .xml file in the navdataset and then do a textsearch for SITEE4. You can probably read the xml and see if the altitude of 230 or above is encoded there. This is what it lo
  2. Hello nicotum, very sorry that you encountered this problem! We will try to recreate it and hopefully fix it soon. Thanks for your report! I will get back to you if we need additional info! Cheers, Jan
  3. Thanks for getting back to me on this - normally we are careful to "limit" the values that you can put into fields, but there is always the chance that we missed something. We are always thankful for hints and feedback on how to improve our plane, so if you gain any additional insight in this (or any other) matter, please let me know! Cheers, Jan
  4. Well, you are the Captain. Just tell them to get the *** out of your airplane! ;-) Increasing the numbers is - as unfortunately we now experience at my airline - not quite so easy. Cheers, Jan
  5. Hi, yes, this sounds familiar - it is quite the logical challenge to determine what part of a procedure a waypoint belongs to when one procedure joins the other one. In this case the problem is that we do not allow (yet) assigning a restriction to the enroute part. So if you enter the enroute first, RIPAM is considered part of it and the FMC will attach the rest of the STAR after RIPAM. And you can´t enter the restriction now, because RIPAM is part of the enroute section, not the STAR. This whole thing is very complex from a procedural point of view - I never thought about it wh
  6. Hi netwalker, hmm - it looks like you tried to enter the runway/intersection into the LSK 5L? I have to try this myself, maybe there is a bug lurking. For what it is worth, we never entered that value on the real 737 because performance was calculated with an external method (first runway-weight-charts, later with the EFB), so it may have slipped our quality control. More so there is no functionality attached to that field in our 737, so entering anything there will likely have no effect. Another thing I noticed is the incredibly high takeoff speeds the FMS calculates for y
  7. You could even try to increase the value for the center tank in planemaker...but I would need to check if we don´t limit the maximum fuel you can take to 16.100kgs in our custom scripts. Let me know how it goes! Cheers, Jan
  8. Well - I would never say never - it may be as easy as changing some numbers (if there is no additional instrumentation/switches installed). However, looking at the specs for the NG, it only extends range by 45 minutes flying time. Whoop de doop. At the cost of 700kgs payload. I am not sure that is a great deal... The 737-300 normally cruises at 420 knots and uses roughly 2400 kgs/hour. It can carry (standard config) about 16.000kgs of fuel, so with an hour of reserve and about 1600kgs to get you to altitude this will take you about 2300 NMs (6 hour flight). Another 2400kgs (as p
  9. I certainly think so! As a matter of fact I am already running an advanced Gizmo version that cures it. We just need to test it some more...
  10. Well, here is the walkthrough: Open Planemaker Load the B733.acf Go to the tab "Standard" - pick option "Viewpoint" Stay in the tab "General", look at the "Cockpit" section (top right) Locate the fields that say long, lat, vert arm pilots viewpoint. Change the numbers in those fields to shift the viewpoint long(itudinally), lat(erally) and vert(ically). Click on the little "x" in the bar above when done. Choose "File", then "Save" then "Exit". Now reload the 737 in X-Plane from the developers menu, otherwise you won´t see the change. Cheers, Ja
  11. Thanks for letting us know, ktomais. From my point of view there is nothing that would speak against replacing sounds in the IXEG sound folder, they are just .mp3 sounds. Of course you would do this at your own risk, but technically I couldn´t think of anything that could go wrong with it ;-) Cheers, Jan
  12. Thanks for letting us know - happy you got it fixed!
  13. I have no idea - if you delete your aircraft and reinstall it that should fix it. Unless you have copied the files into X-Plane itself, then you would need to run the X-Plane installer and let that find your altered sounds and overwrite them. Normally you can not hear your APU in the cockpit at all. You may be hearing the airconditioning flow, you can make that sound more quiet in the preferences menu (pop out). Cheers, Jan
  14. There is no sound pack for the IXEG 737 to my knowledge. So this is probably where things got messed up on your end. Cheers, Jan
  15. Hi Aaron, I have not been able to reproduce this behaviour - it is perfectly normal for the aircraft to dive quite steeply in FL CHG when goverened by Mach speed in the descent, the real plane does it, too - thats why many like to enter the descent more gradually with V/S. The reason is that to fly constant Mach you need to fly with increasing IAS when descending, so the plane needs to accelerate while going down - often leading to descent rates in excess of 5000 feet per minute. You will notice though that the plane is trying to fly a constant Mach (as indicated on the MCP) and
  16. Great to hear that and thanks for letting us know! Happy flights, Jan
  17. Hi, make sure that you have enough fuel - the fuel state is saved between sessions, so if you run out of fuel and then load the 737 again it will flame out the engines immediately. Cheers, Jan
  18. Hi, this is a known bug with a "timer" in Gizmo, it should get fixed with the next Gizmo version (I am already running a test version that fixes it). Indeed you can not power the left GEN BUS with the GPU anymore after it has been powered by the APU or engine generators. The current workaround is to either accept that (no electrical users that you need during turnaround are on the left GEN BUS), or reboot gizmo once you are parked. The view (W) was intentionally moved over so you can see more of the important stuff (like the landing gear lights)...you can freely adjust it in pla
  19. It is turned on by default if you use the "ready to fly" scenario. I would not assume that plugins aren´t a problem - if would still suggest moving them out of your plugin folder just as a test.
  20. I am not sure if the manipulator framework logic for X-Plane supports this functionality - but I have added this as a feature request and we will see what we can do. Here is a post from another user that might help you (from the VR feedback thread): Cheers, Jan
  21. The switch for the WXR SYSTEM is located between the two CDUs (where you enter info for the FMS). It powers the weather radar and the EGPWS system which is responsible for drawing the terrain on the EHSI. Picture:
  22. Hi, the thrustreversers are pretty much straight X-Plane logic. You need to have the forward thrust at zero to engage reverse thrust, just like in the real aircraft. You can bind keys (like toggle reverse, full reverse) to the reverse thrust function or assign a joystick axis, it should all work. You can not "click and drag" the reverse thrust with the mouse or a VR wand...but you can assign a button or key to "toggle reverse" and then push the forward thrust lever forward with the mouse and it will actually pull open the reverse thrust lever. Cheers, Jan
  23. There could be a few reasons for this, we are running some advanced code to operate the systems of this aircraft that can be causing this. Try to switch OFF the WXR SYS switch and see if that helps? Some third-party scenery has a very detailed terrain mesh that causes these lags when the terrain gets polled. Another option is to try the new Gizmo Beta version (run the Gizmo installer to get it), this also helps with framerate fluctuation. Also try if this happens at other places (try airport TXKF, Bermuda Islands) to narrow down the cause. Finally it could be an interaction
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