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  1. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes (using Avitab) 4. Yes (on CPTs side, only) 5. Yes 6. No 7. For normal operation and normal failures only (not maintenance procedures)
  2. Unfortunately I don´t. I don´t even understand what the problem is - if your whole system freezes up there is possibly some hardware or operating system problem on your side. There is also the possibility that you don´t understand how the autothrottle works - and we never had a "click spot" for the FMC, either. So I am confused.
  3. Entering winds has no effect yet. It should take both 360/36 and 000/36 and this will be fixed when the cruise wind entry becomes relevant for the FMS.
  4. It looks like the cockpit door is open in your picture? If it isn´t, then the camera position should govern it - we have to "fake" the cockpit door blocking the light because the lighting engine in X-plane does not allow solid structures blocking any light besides the sun (and even that not always). So we "fake" the door blocking the light by checking wether the camera is in the cockpit AND the cockpit door is closed. If this is TRUE, we turn off the galley light (even though the switch is actually ON). But if you move the camera out of the cockpit (like in your screenshot), the light goes back on and will illuminate the cockpit a little bit.
  5. Wow, I don´t know anything about those validate files, but I am happy that you managed to figure it out and can now enjoy the 737!!
  6. It was removed on purpose to not clash with the XP12 ground truck GPU that you can "summon" by calling ground services. Also a lot (most) airports will provide GPU power via a simple cable from the jetway or some ground socket, so the old model was not appropriate most of the time.
  7. Ok, guys, thank you for the additional information - I will try to recreate the problem on my side so we can fix it. For now - after you finished one flight - maybe hit the "reboot Gizmo" option (right side pop-out menu) before you start the second flight. That should help with avoid the crash. Thanks again, Jan
  8. Thanks for the report - I am still trying to replicate it. The gizmo problem said: Number expected, boolean received or something to that effect. Do you remember what you entered for cruise flight level? Did you enter FL240 or was there maybe a character still in the scratchpad (maybe a "space" that was not visible)?
  9. This is a known bug with Laminar Research and fixed internally already (XPD-14746)
  10. It looks like you maybe installed something wrong: 0:00:00.201 G64: warn: prefs.load(): No prefs file found! Gizmo could not find a preferences file.
  11. Yep, tried on the latest beta 1...or maybe it was actually beta 2 when I tried today. And yes, it completely set all icing to zero and prevented any further buildup. I used the DATA OUT values that you can find with "ice" in the search box and also the "weights" field (it shows how much ice weight the plane has).
  12. The logo lights are not required navigational lighting - they are purely for marketing purposes. Whenever I forgot to turn them on I justified that afterwards by "trying to hide who is waking people up at night with jet noise" .
  13. You are confusing the 737-300 again with newer 737s (or A320s) :-) The bulbs for the logo illumination are in the wingtips of the main wings.
  14. I just tried and adding a hold-over time totally and completely stops (and removes existing) all ice accumulation on my aircraft.
  15. Yes, the replay functionality in XP12 is still a bit "under construction" - and it has problems storing many datarefs that are needed to show the full functionality of add-ons. We are waiting for it to stabilize a bit more and then will see if there is something we need to fix to make our plane work better with it. There are some functions (like the FMS) that will never work fully with replay, but the lights should.
  16. I will try the function myself - it is possible that Laminar changed something in a recent update...
  17. You are confusing that with other 737s. We never had the altitude ladder, neither in the real 737s I flew. The logo light INOP appears when you choose the option "Winglet", as it covers up the logo light bulbs.
  18. Yes, but it should normally be off, unless someone actively turns it on or if the plane looses main generator power while on the ground.
  19. An interesting question. The ZFW displayed shows the "REAL" weight of the aircraft, a luxury that real pilot do not have. I do not know if X-Plane provides a dataref to show the "pilots think this is right" ZFW... one way to prevent this is to use the default X-Plane "anti icing" function to keep the plane free of snow and ice until you take off (this should be done both in the real world but also in the simulator).
  20. You can use the default X-Plane option to "spray" ant-ice fluid onto your aircraft to protect it from icing while on the ground.
  21. The view selection window was removed as it is redundant. You can set up and save views very conveniently with the X-Plane view menu.
  22. I personally would not mix SAM and X-Plane 12 anymore than I would mix matter and anti-matter, but everyone can do what they like within the confines of their own dwelling, I guess
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