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  1. It could well be that the autopilot of the real 737-300 has some additional gain parameters that limit certain pitch rates in certain speed regimes or something like that. I just want to be honest with you to let you know that we are probably not going to spend considerable time implementing and testing such further parameters to a custom autopilot that already works much better than the default X-Plane autopilot (in my opinion) - especially given the fairly small discrepancy from real behavior which also can be mitigated with an easy selection of alternate modes or reverting to a continuous speed (vs Mach) descent, if so desired.
  2. Thanks for the report and the flight plan - we are very aware of VNAV not being all that it could be, especially for the descent path calculation. We are trying to be as open about this fact as possible and it is mentioned in detail and clarity in the "things that will not be in version 1.5.2" forum thread. I would however like to know your weight and CG when you got the "unable crz altitude" message and what charts you used to calculate that indeed you should be able to reach that cruising altitude? This is not on my list of issues, so I am wary of there being another bug. Thanks again, Jan
  3. Glad to get this sorted and very much appreciate the kind words, it means a lot to me coming from someone who got his hands dirty on the real aircraft!
  4. Happy to get it sorted - weird, though. The only "other" way to trigger the fluorescent light is to turn on the emergency panel lighting by disconnecting all AC sources during flight (standby power takes over). This will trigger the tube to turn on...but I see that the instruments are powered in a normal way in your first screenshot, so that can´t be it.
  5. Yeah, you might try that, although you will find that any questions about the IXEG are frowned upon on the .org - as it is a product from a competing store. So don´t be surprised to get some hostility or your post deleted. I have no idea what could be causing your problem, the product should work fine on Mac... and I would really like to see a video of the problem. I am uncertain of how well you know the correct procedures for the 737 and there could be half a dozen (user error) reasons why the engines won´t light up.
  6. Hi, very strange, have not heard of this problem before. I looked at your log.txt and could not spot anything unusual, the one advice I would give to try and isolate this problem would be to remove (temporarily) this plugin: Loaded: /Users/chrisn/Desktop/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/AFC_Bridge/mac_x64/AFC_Bridge.xpl (aerosoft.bridge). [XPPython3] Starting... Logging to XPPython3Log.txt 0:00:00.000 [XPPython3 Updater] +++++ XPPython3 Updater v3.1.4 - for Python 3.10 +++++ 0:00:00.000 [XPPython3 Updater] Python version is 3.10.7 / OpenSSL is OpenSSL 1.1.1q 5 Jul 2022 [XP3: XPPython3.I_PI_Updater] >>>>> A new version is available: v.3.1.4 - for Python 3.10 -> v.4.4.1. [XP3: XPPython3.I_PI_Updater] >>>>> To upgrade: See documentation Loaded: /Users/chrisn/Desktop/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/XPPython3/mac_x64/XPPython3.xpl (xppython3.main). and also Marginal´s ground traffic plugin - I think this is outdated by now and not even sure it is compatible with X-Plane 12 anymore. Let me know how that goes?
  7. What I believe happens is that people engage the LVL change while in MACH mode. This will make the speed control chase the set Mach number, and since the indicated speed rises rapidly for the same mach number in a descent (as temperature gets warmer and the speed of sound increases as a consequence), the plane will pitch down rapidly to achieve the necessary acceleration. If you disregard the automatic reversion to indicated speed (by setting the MACH mode again after it reverts to SPEED in the descent, for example), you can actually overspeed the aircraft easily, as at some point the set Mach number will exceed the VMO of the aircraft. Descent speeds in excess of 5000 feet per minute in LVL CHG while in Mach mode is something I have observed regularly in the real aircraft, especially when paired with a decrease in headwind in the descent. PS: Many pilots did not use FL CHG for the initial part of the descent for this very reason, rather using V/S to initiate a shallow(er) descent until the speed reference could be switched over to IAS and the FL CHG would work more stable.
  8. I will let you know when I get home on Monday, I am still on the road. I just reread your initial post and it seems odd that those commands are now missing when we had them before, that does not sound right. Hang tight!
  9. You can use the default X-Plane commands for that.
  10. It is a contemporary misconception that a product is more valuable if it gets "frequent updates". The best product is the one that does not need updates - updating something means that it was in need of an update - hence not as good as one that is not in need of an update. The mode control panel works perfectly and if you are having problems with it (at least I can find nothing wrong with it and I flew the real aircraft for 10 years), I will go out on a limb here and say that you are not using it correctly. The same goes for the FMC, except for the clearly outlined areas where we consider it not fully functional yet as detailed in this post: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/8526-things-that-are-not-going-to-be-in-v15/ If you find anything not working in EXCESS to what is outlined in that post, please let us know. Best regards, Jan
  11. I understand this - and I also like to have "development updates" on the games I play, stuff that the devs work on, plans for the future, just some chatter to read and follow along with. But we at IXEG are now just a small 2 person team with "real" jobs and families and shifting life priorities. We already talked a bit about what we could envision in the future... right now there is nothing to talk about. Tom is working slowly on converting the sounds to FMOD (which will not make them sound different at all) and we are still planning to fix some stuff like the VNAV and HOLDs, but a timeline can not be given and doing so would just not be reputable. For me the IXEG 737 project at this point is purely a labor of love. The income I get is negligible and my motivation is purely from my love for the aircraft and the good vibes and emotions I get when interacting with the users. If you want to see the 737 get developed further in the future, don´t take that motivation away. Posts like yours are a good way to kill that motivation. So as harsh as that may sound: There is nothing to talk about right now and we are also not some YouTube or Instagram channel who needs to post new content every day to keep his followers engaged.
  12. The forums are quiet I think because everyone is just flying the plane. It works well, except for the VNAV, which we readily admit. Your other problems are most likely a matter of preference, and - sorry to be so frank - your inability to fly a 737-300 correctly. It is NOT doing "what it wants" and it is also not hard to control the speed - you are likely just a bad pilot . I have flown the real 737-300 for 10 years and this one flies exactly like the real one does. Yes, you need to plan ahead, just like when flying any high performance aircraft. We haven´t updated the plane in the last 9 months because it works fine and if you think a product is better because it gets more updates...well, maybe it just NEEDS more updates? How many factory recalls does a well-made car have per year?
  13. I just doublechecked in XP12.1.0 Beta 6 and the engine generators worked fine for me. You need about 50% N2 for them to be able to provide the right frequency, the engines idle at ca. 60% N2 normally.
  14. I just flew a pattern around EDDF in 12.1.0 beta-4 and could not perceive any stutter (framerate low 30s). On the framerate graph you can see the framerate drop slightly every few seconds, this is likely due to additional CPU time required to poll the terrain database like Ben said.
  15. While your post is hard to understand - I guess English is not your first, second or third language - I believe you want to know how to arm your LNAV mode on the ground so that it automatically engages when you lift off? The answer is that this was not possible on the 737 "classics", it is a feature that only newer Boeing aircraft have.
  16. Remove XPUIPC or update it to a version that works with the IXEG.
  17. You are probably using XPUIPC - there is only one version that works, the software is not updated and supported anymore.
  18. I checked, and for me they are all working on my end - there is only one test position that will test the fire warning, it is next to the fire warning handles, labeled "TEST" and you have to move it to the right (position OVHT/FIRE). Then the bell will sound and all firewarning lights will illuminate. This works fine for me.
  19. I will double check...thanks!
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