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  1. Hi - we were hoping to have Patch 1.32 (with the new beta included) out by now - but it will take a few more days. You can get a newer beta here to carry you over: Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi Ian, I have not seen this type of behaviour - there is a bug with the animation of the FLT ALT window when using the mouse-wheel, but not on the MCP SPD selector. I sometimes have a "reversal" problem, where I drag to the right to increase, then drag back left to decrease a bit - but the value keeps increasing. Annyoing, but most likely an X-Plane bug (we use 100% default X-Plane manipulators). Also make sure you can rule out "command speed limiting" - which interferes with your selection to avoid moving the speed cursor into over- or underspeed situations. Often the minimum speed is limiting and may change due to current angle of attack, flap setting, etc. Cheers, Jan
  3. Hi airfrance... we know. Here is all about it: Patch should be ready in a few days. "Unflyable" is not the correct term - just don´t use manual entry of waypoints starting with N or S or ends with W or E. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Jan
  4. I have attached the latest beta to this post: ...so you can get it from there. Cheers, Jan
  5. We will make the next beta available in time...the original plan was to supply it with the next patch, but the QA process on that one is possibly dragging out beyond those 6 remaining days. Stay tuned! Cheers, Jan
  6. Well, in theory the glideslope transmitter is creating a glideslope that looks like a very wide, flat (3 deg) funnel. It stretches out in all directions, even though the promulgation characteristic is strongest towards the approach side. So it is not impossible to receive the glideslope in any direction of the antenna. The Below Glideslope deviation alert (Mode 5) is armed when a valid signal is received and the radio altitude is less than 1000 feet. The warning should be inhibited if the course selected on the MCP is differing from the IRS heading by more than 90 degrees. Cheers, Jan
  7. Hi, it looks like you have some button or axis assigned to your pitch trim. We are using the default X-Plane trim commands, so you should be able to see/cure this by using the controller setup interface in X-Plane. Another possibility is that you have fly-with-lua or XPUIPC installed and have mapped some function to the "trim nose down" command. PS: (We don´t have MCAS, so thats not it! ) Cheers, Jan
  8. Oh, only about 5000 times... Yep, I will definitely try to reproduce that weight bug - very likely it is one variable that is not reset... thanks for the report! Cheers, Jan
  9. Yeah, I see the throttle going up and down with your hardware throttle...could be due to the way we overwrite that value, not sure. Nils implemented that 10 years ago ;-) I think it is only like 2 percent - that will not amount to a whole lot of thrust. And if you don´t want that - don´t play with your throttles! ;-) With your 1200fpm rate of descent the plane was still decelerating very slowly - as I would expect it. Nice landing! :-) I see the weight problem! Is that happening for you only on "second" flights? Or also when you initially set up your first flight? I just tried on my end (first flight) and it worked as expected, but if you say it happens on subsequent flights I will do one and check... If all else fails, reboot gizmo before doing your return flight (little arrow on right-hand pop-out menu). Cheers, Jan
  10. Hello Krzysztof, yes, the problem is known and Tom and I are working very hard to fix it. It is described in detail here (the 4th point). We hope to have the next patch ready in a week, approximately... Best regard, Jan
  11. Hello luis, go check if it is possibly caused by the first point mentioned here? Best regards, Jan
  12. Thanks for the report, Ian - I will see if I can reproduce this! Cheers, Jan
  13. Hi Krzystof, no, I didn´t catch the addition to your post... You run a lot of plugins - many of those are known to cause conflicts or affect the inner workings of X-Plane. I am sure it is one of them affecting your APU. To find out which one, follow this (point number 4) Cheers, Jan
  14. Hi Ian, your first issue sounds very much like a pound/kgs conversion problem. Make sure you have set the preferences up correctly for your preferred units and enter those correctly, too. I haven´t observed any problems with the fuel weight getting calculated correctly, but you never know...maybe you can snap a screenshot when it happens? The speed not bleeding at 1000fpm is not what I observe - you need about 1200 for idle at 210kts (minimum drag) or about 1500 at 250kts. Make sure that you have no other plugins interfering. 31% N1 is normal for "flight idle", we overrule the hardware throttle position when at idle to at least have the engines maintain that (while in the air). When using the weather radar with ANY third-party weather addon all bets are off. Nothing was changed with regard to its operation since 1.2. I have observed the glideslope warning, too. I think in the real aircraft this would maybe not pose a problem because the signal is weak on the other side of the antenna, I am not sure. I could not glean any information on this mode beyond that it will sound if you are "below the glideslope" (varying frequency and loudness). There is no logic to check flap setting, rate of climb or anything else to suppress those for climbouts.That being said, I am only aware of one airport in Europe (LFML) that requires the DME off of an ILS for a SID - there used to be a departure out of Orly like 20 years ago...and then there are the Brits, of course . We will use the new setting in planemaker that was enabled with 11.50beta11 that always "forces" experimental flight model on. I also like it. Cheers, Jan
  15. We have some reports of sounds not playing nice with WMR headsets... also running any other addons that create sounds (like ambient wind, birds chirping, etc.) may possibly interfere with our own sounds. Cheers, Jan
  16. Hmm, thats a new one... can you post a Log.txt file so we can see your hardware capabilities and other plugins which may interfere with the sound system? Is there internal engine sound? Are the engines running? Do you have your volume up? Can you hear other sounds (APU, airconditioning packs, electrical hydraulic pumps)? Cheers, Jan
  17. I will see what is going with that and report back! Gracie, Jan
  18. Hi Torbinator, make sure that you don´t mistake the noise of the running air-conditioning pack for wind noise. I have changed the default settings for the "turnaround" state so that one pack runs (to keep the passengers comfortable). To test, simply turn off the pack before going to the outside view. Cheers, Jan
  19. When you set up your VR configuration in X-Plane there is an option to show the green "manipulators" - not quite sure what the option is exactly called, but you will find it. It is in the same menu where you choose between "realistic" and "ergonomic" yoke and also enable/disable the VR-mouse pointer. Let me know how it works out for you! Cheers, Jan
  20. I just tested the mouse in VR and for me it works flawlessly on the overhead panel (and everywhere else). Here is something to keep in mind: Our manipulator clickspots move with the switch. So in case of a "click to toggle" switch like the yaw damper, the clickspot will move away from your mousepointer once you click the switch! You can see that the little "hand" turns into an "arrow" at that time. You will then have to move your mouse again until it touches the switch (and turns into a little hand) again to toggle the switch a second time. Cheers, Jan
  21. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I don´t know about the sounds - I would think that it is some sort of resource problem - first thing I hear about it and don´t experience it on my computer. But then again I usually set the flight up in 2D and only then switch to VR, maybe that has something to do with it. I will try. The manipulators in the VR cockpit are tuned for operation with a VR controller, I have to try with the virtual mouse. But the yaw damper switch is a simple "click to toggle", so I can´t see why that wouldn´t work. I will report back! Cheers, Jan
  22. Hi Krzystof, are you running the beta version of Gizmo? It improves "smoothnes" of the simulation a lot. You can also get that latest beta in the post I mention below. If you are already running that, I would still need you to follow this: so we can rule out any conflict with another plugin. Cheers, Jan
  23. ...and in addition to that: I have "relaxed" the requirements of the speedbrake to be "fully down" to not trigger the takeoff configuration warning horn. It used to be at 0 (and not a single bit more), so a sloppy lever or mouse-move may have put it at 0.00000001 - and triggered the warning. Cheers, Jan
  24. I have two buttons on my joystick assigned to "speedbrake down a notch" and "speedbrake up a notch" (or whatever those are exactly called) and it works nicely. Maybe try that? Cheers, Jan
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