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  1. Just because it fits to the heading : what about wing and logo lights ? Nothing for the logo and only the left one
  2. Yes, recharging battery healed the symptons Still it is a bit unpredictable if engine will start following the hints given here but up to now it´s a 50:50
  3. Thanks for the reply. First time I encounter this at one of my aircrafts.
  4. Hello Starting from EDVK for a short pattern, I found that the flight plan of a previous flight with a B733 from LDSP to EDDM has been loaded. Is it a feature ?
  5. One more : due to the electrical system failure, it is not possible to start the engine, prop will not move at all. I think, this not starting behaviour has been reported here before
  6. Hello I did not activate wear and failures. Nevertheless, the plane comes up (engine running per x-plane command) with batt2 only, no batt1, no alternator. Right side MFD is off and comes up during start when RPMs are high. When airborne, alternator 2 seems to work sudenly. Respective knobs in the plane are on. All X-Plane failure settings are on off. What did I miss here ?
  7. Loading SR22 only works for me when using default livery
  8. thats it ! Thanks a lot Greetings Joachim
  9. Hello Can anybody tell me how to improve the shadow quality ? Those stairs are ugly
  10. Do you have already the new NavData folder ? Put this folder in IXEG 737 CLASSIC / fmc_data folder. Rename the old NavData folder first. That should work
  11. Besides the possibility that I made some other mistake, switching the valve to the open position did not balance the fuel in the tanks. Is this one not implemented ?
  12. Hello When toggeling to the prog pages there are errors in the displaying of the lines, see pics. Anyone has an idea how to fix that ? Have a nice day :)
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