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  1. In case it has not been posted before : Workaround for the Level-2 check issue : - choose start up with engines running in IXEG dialogue (apply settings) AND in XP12 aircraft menu ! - OR choose turnaround state in IXEG meu (apply settings) and uncheck start with engines running in XP12 arcraft menu Then shut down XP and restart and the bird is alife as wanted. Log file shows "Level-2 check good" then. Doing the settings above wrong leads to "Level-2 check FAILED". I was not able to get the bird alife from c&d anyway.
  2. I get this unpleasant stage when I try to start in C&D or Turnaround. APU EGT is there, but no power shown or switchable via APU GEN switch. Also no power on Batts. APU however can be switched to off and EGT then is droping down. I made however the X12 update before trying first time. AND : after starting X12 several times the plane now comes up with full turnaround state
  3. Just because it fits to the heading : what about wing and logo lights ? Nothing for the logo and only the left one
  4. Yes, recharging battery healed the symptons Still it is a bit unpredictable if engine will start following the hints given here but up to now it´s a 50:50
  5. Thanks for the reply. First time I encounter this at one of my aircrafts.
  6. Hello Starting from EDVK for a short pattern, I found that the flight plan of a previous flight with a B733 from LDSP to EDDM has been loaded. Is it a feature ?
  7. One more : due to the electrical system failure, it is not possible to start the engine, prop will not move at all. I think, this not starting behaviour has been reported here before
  8. Hello I did not activate wear and failures. Nevertheless, the plane comes up (engine running per x-plane command) with batt2 only, no batt1, no alternator. Right side MFD is off and comes up during start when RPMs are high. When airborne, alternator 2 seems to work sudenly. Respective knobs in the plane are on. All X-Plane failure settings are on off. What did I miss here ?
  9. Loading SR22 only works for me when using default livery
  10. thats it ! Thanks a lot Greetings Joachim
  11. Hello Can anybody tell me how to improve the shadow quality ? Those stairs are ugly
  12. Do you have already the new NavData folder ? Put this folder in IXEG 737 CLASSIC / fmc_data folder. Rename the old NavData folder first. That should work
  13. Besides the possibility that I made some other mistake, switching the valve to the open position did not balance the fuel in the tanks. Is this one not implemented ?
  14. Hello When toggeling to the prog pages there are errors in the displaying of the lines, see pics. Anyone has an idea how to fix that ? Have a nice day :)
  15. Believe me, I do appreciate all the effort, you put in there
  16. Since this is the general discussion forum, a generall question from me : We all proudly claim to use at home a plane simulation as close to reality as possible (you don´t ?? I do). Despite of this plane is named Boeing or Airbus or the developer named Ixeg or FlightFactor or whatelse, where the hell does this in depht system knowledge come from ? I am working as a developer in an area, where beginning with the first concepts all the development results are at least company restricted, and we do not deliver knowledge to competitors worldwide. And I dont think Boeing or Airbus want to do. Thus, how can add-on developers programm all those system behaviour and interactions to a degree reacting as the real thing Just from "google-available documentation" ?
  17. My Pilots Handbook says : LIGHTS TEST Select TEST, NOT all the lights come ON. NOTE: MKR BCN, FLT ANNUNC, PARK BRAKE don’t come on at all. NOTE: On “some” planes, the FIRE HANDLE and WHEEL WELL LITES do not come on during test. So, obviously it may differ between planes.
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