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  1. I should have said NOT released. Sorry
  2. I know that the IXEG 737 is officially released for XP11 but I have been able to et it up and running (with a bit of help). I am just wondering where, if possible, within XP11 one might find the key and joystick menus. I want to bind the MCP selections to my TM warthog. I can find general setting but none seem to carry over to the IXEG B737. Many Thanks
  3. Dear Ben Russell, I am afraid I do not know how to "autogen" a new password. I tried a new password I made up but that failed also. I did notice when I went to reset the password that a hidden password was filling the existing password box, I took this to mean my current password so I deleted that and started with a new one. I am back to square one. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hi Jim. Yep I was using those exact same passwords. Thanks for your thoughts though. wow, that is a killer system you have there.
  5. Thanks Ben, I will try this as soon as I get home.
  6. I downloaded Sky Maxx Pro 4 today. I installed it into XP-11. The activation window appeared and I entered my email and password. "Password invalid"! Same password I used on the installer. The same problem appeared when I tried to activate the iEXG B737 into XP11. Both of these items installed into XP10 and using the same correct password they activated without a problem. What does it take to activate these products into XP11
  7. Jumping in a bit late here so I hope this gets some exposure. Using my original X10 installer, I installed the IXEG B737 into X11. I understand that this is beta etc but my experience with the aircraft is not what other seems to be getting. When trying to activate the new install, my password shows as incorrect. I know that I am using the correct one. The preflight configuration bump window does not display. I know that the APU is not not function but without the configuration window I am unable to get an GPU so I cannot start the airplane. Maybe all of this is a result of not being able to activate the new install? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks Rodeo but it is the original installer that I cannot find. Not much you can me with there.
  9. Ok thanks. I think you mean copy and paste. I will give it a go.
  10. In reading the forums I see that one should run the installer for it to work in XP11. I have the B737 running fine in XP10 but I cannot seem to find the installer. Is it the original installer or is this a new download? Many Thanks
  11. Silly Me. The IXEG B&37-300. I will try to do a screen capture.
  12. Not sure how to title this but on occasion, with the autopilot engaged, the airplane down not follow any mode selections like LNAV or HDG etc. I am very familiar with how to fly the real airplane so I am sure there are no issues with my proper employment of the various modes. On most occasions the sim flies like the actual aiplane. As anyone experienced this? Thanks
  13. How does one pre-order XP11? I have seen an option to download XP-10 (buy) and then get a key (I think?) to get XP11. this make no sense to me when I already XP10 installed. I am obviously missing some thing. Thenks
  14. While enroute changing the fly to waypoint in the FMC causes the view to freeze. After a moment, the view jumps to an uncommand view. I have no control with the numpad in trying to arrest the problem. This only occurs while modifying the route in the FMC. I have no view issues in any other X-Plane aircraft. I just installed the module about a month ago so it should be the latest version although I have not yet found the documentation as to which version I actually have. Maybe an update would work? Any thoughts? Many Thanks.
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