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  1. True, the 733 was worth the price. I look forward to other expansions.
  2. Hi Jan, Regarding the -400 and -500 expansion, I was wondering if these would be separate aircraft or just a free add on to the already purchased -300? Thanks, Bob
  3. Looks nice! Thanks for the addition!
  4. Aww man, thanks for the reply.
  5. Hello all, I have been wondering, do the doors work? I know the Manuel says the cargo doors don't open but does that apply to all the doors or just the cargo doors? thanks
  6. It works now thank you kindly.
  7. Downloaded and installed it. Confused on step three. I opened xplane, same result, nothing works.
  8. Where can I get the plug-in? here is my log.txt Log.txt
  9. Hello all, I have just bought the 737-300. It looks like a great airplane but I can't press any buttons. Nothing works. I also can't access the pop-up menu. Do I have to prove I purchased the aircraft? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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