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  1. Awesome news! Thank you! Looks like I can Finally fully move to xp11 now.
  2. It'll be a lot more stable yes. No one can guarantee all Gizmo crashes, but it'll be much more stable
  3. Glad you're back up! You can try tinkering around with g data to find something that works.
  4. What is your cpu? Also what hard drive are you using. Is it internal or external?
  5. Did you exclude the xp folder and exe? I'd exclude these on both just to rule out anything. I know one turns the other off, but better safe than sorry
  6. Did you exclude the xp folder and exe on both of the anti virus' or just one?
  7. I think pmdg stated somewhere they want to bring the ng to x plane. If that does happen, itll probably be a few years at least haha
  8. Yea that's a bug associated with xp 11. Best thing I do is increase the volume pretty high for landing.
  9. What external hard drive are you using and are you using USB 3.0 or 2.0? A slow hard drive can cause stutters and freezers.
  10. When the crash happened, did you pass the last waypoint in your flight plan?
  11. Did you by chance pass the past waypoint?
  12. Try walking through the cabin (with the pumps on), and you should be able to hear the sound when u get towards the wing section. Also for testing purpose, turn all the sounds up from the ixeg preference menu. If you don't hear the sound, its probably the "sound slots" as Jan said.
  13. Make sure your hydraulic power is on and there is no orange warning light above it. Also make sure you turn up your sound too.
  14. Can you take a photo of your joystick settings?
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