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  1. AFAIK X-Plane doesn't support eGPU. Try using onboard GPU and see what the performance difference is.
  2. XP11 has no gamma option anymore since XP11 uses sRGB color space. Ben posted the checklist for updating aircraft for XP11, one of them is to "Adopt sRGB Color Space for All Textures". See http://developer.x-plane.com/?article=checklist-for-updating-aircraft-for-x-plane-11. Hope this helps.
  3. It's been 213 days since the last update...
  4. I'm using a MAC so all drivers are maintained and updated by Apple. And no, I don't have HDR enabled since my system is relatively weak.
  5. Hello Poodster and Jan, Thank you guys for the response! For the first one, you are a genius! I do have an axis set to control the tiller; I find it more realistic when taxing, so I really hope IXEG can have a solution for this. You are right again! I tried in HDG mode, and the bank limiter did work! I will try to make a video so it is more clear to understand. Also I found out that not only ground service window that will stop CDU from updating display, but all IXEG menu and windows. More over, they not only stop CDU's display but all display including PFD and ND. I will try to include this in a video too. My rendering settings are very low so Vram is really not an issue for me. I attached two pictures below to show this: As you can see there's a blue bar on the left side of ND: The color bar also appears in the preview when changing ND mode: I really appreciate all the help! And I'll be here if you guys have more questions!
  6. I don't know if any body has already reported these or they maybe already fixed by now, just let you awesome guys know The push back turn doesn't work for me. It just pushed straight no matter what direction I chose. I remember In some previous version it worked, but with either XP update or 737 update it stopped working some how. The bank limiter seems doesn't limit the bank angle. The CDU screen will not update the content if the ground service window is open. After you close the window, all changes in the CDU will show up. ND on the FO side has a narrow color bar on the left side. This problem is always there since the purchase on day 1. May be it is related to my software/hardware configurations since I know not a lot of people has this problem. Those are all I have for now. I'm using 737 V1.0.7, macOS Sierra 10.12.2, 16GB memory and AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB. If you guys have any questions about the problem I found, please let me know so I can let you know more. I'm here to help you guys to make this perfect product even more perfect!
  7. We really want to have a feature list and bug fix list of V1.1 soon
  8. If you are using XSquawkBox, you can set COM volume individually in Audio Settings panel.
  9. Thanks for the update! However the Mac installer doesn't seem to work under macOS Sierra. The zip package unzips fine, but when I try to install this window pops up: I have downloaded twice and both have the same issue. I'm afraid of using up the downloads so I didn't use the last download. Is there anybody else having this issue? Thanks for the help.
  10. In a rare case... The file you are trying to read is actually "charts2.txt.txt". The OS has hidden the last suffix. I know it is highly unlikely to be this case, just a thought.
  11. Warning: mysqli_connect(): (42000/1203): User xaviat_root already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home/xaviat/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/database.php on line 20Unable to connect to database server! Website down ladies and gentlemen!
  12. To celebrate the upcoming release of IXEG 737 Classics, I opened up one of my earliest downloaded aircraft back in I was using XP9: the XPFW 737-300, just wanted to start to have some feeling of the 737 Classics again. To my surprise, I found this: Look at those little words on the bottom of the picture... It's our dear @Morten and @tkyler! I wonder if there's any connection between this and IXEG 737 Classics... Anyway, let's all enjoy this upcoming weekend!
  13. I don't know if I should watch Game of Thrones or study 737C this weekend...
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