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  1. So, help me understand....Will the eventual move to the XP1100 format, remove the mandatory runway selection for navigraph users?
  2. @Goran_M I'm happy to read that V2 is still moving along. Any word on the "imminent" release of the update for the current version?
  3. Thank God! I hate those windows. I use a two monitor setup like most flight simmers, with my non-XPlane monitor on the left. Every time I would move the mouse cursor to the left monitor, it would trigger one of those flyout windows. Super annoying. Glad this will be an option to disable.
  4. The only solution since v1.5.1 is to "help" the autopilot in the roll channel. You can use your joystick to manually input more bank, and the AP won't disconnect. It's the only way to intercept a course change, or LOC, without scalloping across the course. Realistic? No. Does it work? Yes.
  5. Nice picture. I've flown this bird so little over the last year plus, with much of my flying being online, that I don't see what the difference is. I will fire it up and look. Hope my license is still active!
  6. The picture posted is of the "Soup Nazi" from the TV show Seinfeld. National Socialist German Workers' Party is what Nazi references. It's not funny when I have to explain it.
  7. Gotta love the soup National Socialist German Workers' Party member.
  8. Just curious @Incubus ......why do you expect March for the 1.5.2 update?
  9. Correction; the update from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 is in it's second year of development, not months.
  10. Jan, I didn't say X-Plane will be obsolete. I do believe that if Asobo continues to deliver the base world they've created, and continues to add features like they are doing in the technical alpha build, then I will have no issue with making FS2020 my primary flight simulator. Especially with PMDG already commiting to the platform, and others soon to follow. As I said in the post you selectively quoted me in from "the org", I am not going to delete X-Plane. I don't see how this could confuse you, nor do I personally see any humor in it. I think you are technically correct. The aircraft is useable in X-Plane 11. I was confusing the FMC bugs with XP 11.41 compatibility. It's a known issue, and running community joke, that when flying the 733, especially online, that a re-route from ATC is the worst case scenario. There is a very real possibility that altering the route will result in the FMC failing. In any event, I'll continue to wait for any planned updates. I'm sure they will be worth it, and I will certainly welcome them, even if X-Plane is no longer my primary flight simulator. Regards.
  11. Yes I did say that, and I stand by it, without hesitation. I also said: "Will I delete X-Plane when FS2020 is released? No! Am I open minded, and going to buy FS2020? Yes!" So, there is that too. I've not jumped on the band wagon of people railing the IXEG team for literally years of no updates. I don't think it's right for an addon that costs $74 and change, but that's my personal opinion, and up until now, I've kept it to myself. I haven't complained about it, because frankly, there's nothing that can be done about it, from a consumer standpoint. I'm just recognizing another users frustration as being valid. When the IXEG 733 was released, the X-Plane community gave it great support, both financially, and praise as the best addon ever released for the sim. It's not surprising, looking at how things have played out, that some of that support has eroded. I'm sorry if I triggered you with my comment. That was not intended. I extend my most sincere apology.
  12. Jan, I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. In any event, I'll welcome any updates that come down the pipe for the 733.
  13. I understand what you are saying. Of all the addon aircraft I own for X-Plane, the only three I don't fly anymore are the LES SAAB, the IXEG 733, and the MU-2; all X-Aviation products. It's not that they are totally broken in XP11.41, but they are all in need of some work to make them compatible. I guess the exception is the MU-2, an XP11 patch to fix the engines was being worked on, but I think tkyler pulled back on that, in favor of working on version 2.0 instead. So I'd consider the MU-2 v1.0 no longer XP11 compatible. I think what triggers some people are differences of support for the products out there. The Hotstart TBM is updated frequently, and features are also added, making it arguably one of the better addons available for XP anywhere, then you have the 733, which is just as complex, and has languished.
  14. I know....I was just making a funny, since the update has been in the works for a year now. LOL.
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