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  1. So, if a person didn't install update 1.6.4 because they were lazy, and then didn't install update 1.6.5 because they were afraid of losing nose wheel steering, and are still using update 1.6.3, would downloading the current version from the store include the hotfix too, and be the most up to date?
  2. It's really nice to be able to bring the throttles to idle, without worrying about killing myself. Being able to program a HOTAS button for the gates is fantastic. This is how all turboprops should be able to be flown, even if they don't have a gate, as a quality of life feature. Nice job figuring out how to make the physical control work in unison with the virtual throttle, in a very intuitive way.
  3. I used simple XP camera assigning, just like any other aircraft in XP. Num Pad [2] looks at the pedestal where the AP is located. But in practice, I've assigned a button on my stick to AP connect, and another for disconnect, and AP disco alarm clearing. Also assigned a button for vertical sync. This way, no need to look around the cockpit while trying to control the aircraft. IRL, it's no issue, but with a sim, you sometimes make quality of life concessions, and this is one of them.
  4. I've experienced the "drunk tug driver" with better push back and the SAAB before, but never made the connection to the nose wheel steering. I'll give that a try next time, and see if it stop the BPB swervin' Earvin driver. As a side note, I usually just load into a gate without a jetway and park it sideways like they used to to in the US almost exclusively. You'd get checked in at a small ground level waiting area, then they'd setup a pathway with cones to the stairs, and you walk across the tarmac to the plane. After engine start, you'd just taxi away from the gate area. I used to think that these turboprops were never pushed back, but there are a couple of vids on YT showing a push back.
  5. yep you are a little bit wrong, imo. flight simming is the whole package. If it wasn't, you wouldn't have third party scenery, ortho, aircraft, etc.....
  6. I think....from my fading memory....that the HP valves by default when you load in at your departure airport, are in the AUTO position, and should be left there. The bleeds get reset twice on the checlist....once before engine start, and again after engine start. Three times if'n you turn the bleeds off for departure when you need every drop of power. That's where I'd start looking.
  7. Tim013

    V1.6.1 Anomalies

    That's known as the "Star Trek" view....LOL. Reminds me of every episode of any ST series where there is a meeting on starship, where everyone is sitting around a beautiful oak conference table, and there is a huge window looking out into the vastness of space.
  8. Well, I can give some insight. Not sure what happened with 11.5x, but the already s****y atmosphere, haze, washed out colors, got even worse with the 11.51 final release. I see so many streams and screen shots, where there is this blue milky haze at times, so heavily overdone, that it looks like the person intentionally has modified their color and saturation settings. In 11.41, I never had this problem. The colors and vibrancy was muted in typical XP fashion, but was livable. After 11.51, I too have that milky blue/grey washed out haze, anytime fog or haze is in a metar. Honestly, I only updated to 11.51 to keep up with zibo, and the LES SAAB. All my other flying is in MFS2020.
  9. I find it interesting that for an aircraft that was heavily operated by many small feeder airlines around the world, in the 1990's and 2000's, by young fresh shavetails, that there aren't oodles of full docs everywhere on the web.
  10. Just did a flight from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis. Everything needed to complete the flight is now in place with 1.6.1. The little touch up stuff like brake, or LOC vs VOR, will be nice, but honestly not that important to me. Autopilot worked great, PL's are good, CL's are good, CTOT works nicely. The ground handling with the new power controls is a joy to taxi.
  11. @cloose you can bind joystick buttons or the keyboard to the generic X-Plane autopilot pitch up and down commands, and they work in the SAAB. And if interested, and you want the autopilot heading bug sync back, you can bypass the les commands, and bind a button or key to the generic AP sync too. No need to wait on an update.
  12. Why not just bind the X-Plane autopilot pitch commands, instead of using a LUA script?
  13. Oh....OK. Sorry, I did read it the other way. I understand now. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. That's actually the first time I noticed it too..... I moved up to see a bet better over the instrument panel. I'm not using any plugin that affects views.
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