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  1. Thx for the reply. What do you mean when you say vertical sync? When you're in heading mode and you're being vectored around by ATC, it is awkward to be looking down at the heading knob and flying at the same time.
  2. Surprised I didn’t see a topic about this. I did a search I didn’t come up with anything. How do you guys set up your camera views for operating the auto pilot airborne? i’ve found it very awkward to use it since it’s down to the right. This plane is superior to the Carenado but the Carenado has a pop-up auto pilot. thanks in advance.
  3. May have missed this somewhere but will this plane work with 11.50? Asking because the LES Saab 340 doesn't work right with 11.50. Thanks in advance.
  4. Wanted to ask because the Saab 340 is almost unusable for me in 11.50. TIA
  5. I’m assuming this is a X-plane 11.50 issue? When the update is available will there just be a notification when you load the plane up or will it be a manual thing through the website?
  6. Of everyone I know who has this plane, most are not experiencing this problem. The loc needle is not working during ILS approaches. Is there any kind of work around to remedy this? I reinstalled the plane but the problem remains. thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply JG. Can you share a rough estimate of the timeframe for the update?
  8. Yup. When I flew the plane it seemed to be ok but there was a loud noise that I couldn’t figure out. It’s a shame because the plane is so nice otherwise.
  9. After I increase the condition levers to maximum, the ITT and RPMs wildly go to redline then back down to idle and back to red line and so on. Any clues as to why this is happening? *Edit. Just saw a post later down the list where somebody else was having this same problem back in June. I hesitate to ask when this will be fixed since I may get a flippant response from someone. The plane is unflyable as is. Why are these issues not disclosed to the customer before they purchase a $50 plane??
  10. Thanks guys. I will check the maintenance manager. I really love the plane BTW.
  11. Just bought the plane and am happy with it overall. For some reason today the prop RPM wouldn't advance 1k rpm. Looking forward to the ILS LOC and HUD getting fixed.
  12. Last couple of starts all engine parameters seem OK but prop RPM will not advance above 1000 rpm when full power is applied. Is there an obvious reason why this could be happening? The first two flights there was no issue at all and the plane performed perfectly other than the localizer CRS needle not working. Thanks
  13. smaze17

    Rudder trim

    Hello. How do you move the rudder trim? I only see aileron trim and I don't see it in the manual. Thanks
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