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  1. Thanks very much as it's way better than none.
  2. WOW! You really pushed on the gas X-Aviation!!!!! Thanks for getting it through packaging and QA so fast!!!!
  3. Thanks for the update, it's appreciated, is there anything we can do to help, proof read or something?
  4. Thanks very much for the updates and really looking forward to this update as with the SAAB 340A and hopefully the EMB 110 to get an update soon the three must have turbo props on any sim are available to fly in XP11.
  5. Liking the sound of that, good stuff to come for this excellent plane.
  6. That's fair comment and there have been a fair few wrong expectations set by people not understanding that when you do a release there is a whole load of work in the pipeling to get it to the end customer. Thanks for your work guys.
  7. Looking forward to 1.9 and flying the MU-2 again, how's it coming along please?
  8. Thanks for the update Cameron and you mentioned a couple of other projects that are first in line, what might they be please?
  9. Looking forward to this and certainly v2.
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