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  1. @XPJavelin I solved the problem ... I had Fly with Lua 2.7.10 NG instead of 2.7.11 NG Now, it's okay. Thanks
  2. maybe the problem is the XP11.31
  3. Hi @XPJavelin Testing the new SC.5 I had this issue and Lua stop to work. Any ideia? I am on xp11.31r1, IXEG 1.21 and FlyWithLua NG
  4. Well done. Thanks @XPJavelin
  5. I had operate torque in normal range... even if I had over torque the engine don t shutdown via the condition, thrust lever!! I did restart the engine and continue flying. I will observe if happen again I will send the Log.txt file
  6. For the first time I had engine shutdown in flight during climbing... v1.0.7
  7. Is it possible for anyone to recreate the My Indo livery?
  8. HI In Saab menu, choise preference you need check the box scholl whell zoom. I have also problem on course vor2 and the AP not work in xp 11.10b8.
  9. Try to fly From LJPZ to LGSK use the route: BUSET UL607 PETAK UM22 DOBARATS RNAV BITLA UN137 SKP I know LJPZ is too small for operate this bird but just try! I use ZFW: 90.0 lbs Fuel: 15.300 lbs and Flaps 5 for takeoff
  10. I'm really hope that IXEG make improvement on VNAV in the next update. I was flying to LGSK when plane early start descent accordingly with FMC calculation.. through the clouds I did see nothing but I was thinking is too early for descent based on altitude and disance.. the result is there below on pictures...... CFIT
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