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  1. Hi everyone. I’m doing the 737NG type and had the opportunity to know the 737 300/400/500 pilot training device. It’s loyally beautiful. An authentic legendary classic. Pity not to have the opportunity to fly in the real. I share here with you my emotion and satisfaction. Thanks IXEG for the experience. IMG_1873.mov IMG_1870.mov
  2. Hi IXEG Team. Can you bring back this amazing and realistic effect, when braking the plane the shock absorbers behaviour? 883276915_2024-01-2808-48-19.mp4
  3. Hello @Cameron Thanks for quick response. will try this.
  4. Testing V1.5.2 I have not preference preset menu, load GUI pop up appearing in sim. I'm using x-plane 12.0.8b1
  5. Regarding the wing light.. In my case, I see the wing lit up but the source where the light comes from is as if it were inactive.
  6. Request livery from Trans Air Congo TAC
  7. Thanks IXEG team for the V1.5. In addition to some bugs mentioned, I would like to see the effect of dynamic suspension on the wheels as in XP11. No motion pumping when taxiing, breaks, etc (The suspension is stiff like a car with broken springs). The front gallery light is reflected in the cockpit even with the cabin door closed at night. The taxi, landing light has low intensity and no wing light. Best regards
  8. @paulo Rodrigues Não precisa eliminar o xp11. Caso tenha bastante espaço no seu PC, você pode ter os dois instalado mas precisa adquirir o xp12 visto que são plataformas diferentes ou seja não é possível atualizar de um para o outro.
  9. I think we will all continue to have access to 11 version. There is no apparent reason for this not to happen. I think.
  10. Friend, be calm and patient. We might never have that bird again on current platforms. Have you ever thought about it? So let's be thankful that we will have this.
  11. Without wanting to be unpleasant and with all due respect, it's good to read the initial messages to avoid repetitive questions.
  12. Recent news regarding the next expected project https://www.instagram.com/p/CuCdnoUsIN3/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
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