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DC-9 for X-Plane


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Dear pilots,

We are very happy to announce that our DC-9 project, after a lot of hiccups and delays, is finally back on track, and we are working at full speed!

The members of our team have experience in real aviation and engineering world, like Aerospace Engineering and flight dynamics testing, pilots, and software programmers. Also we are happy to inform you that part of our team, is a very experienced ex-Swissair DC-9 pilot to ensure the accuracy of the aircraft!

Major features:

1. The model will based on DC-9-32, in Swissair’s configuration. This will be the base configuration during development.

2. Accurate flight dynamics, using NASA's simulation tools!

3. System’s simulation to the level that you can/need to operate the aircraft with use of the real aircraft’s manuals.

4. Highly detailed and accurate 3D model.

5. FullHD realistic textures with advanced PBR materials.

5. Fully custom dynamic lighting.

6. Many liveries. To our best, we will match cockpit colors with the liveries.

7. High fidelity sounds, implemented with X-Plane’s new future, "FMOD".

8. VR support from v1.0.0. with full operational manipulators

We have opened a dedicated Facebook group, where we will post updates regularly. and discuss with you the development of this project. Feel free to join in!



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Happy New Year to all!

Despite the last "slow" month due to the festivities (and some time I got off to update the Avanti), development continues strong at all fronts!

We are making this plane as detailed as possible, and we have a lot of work ahead, but with our energy restored to full, we will step up the pace!

Beyond the 3D modelling/textures/materials, we are working a lot with the flight model of the aircraft. At this point our Flight Dynamics guy have done his magic(!), and we are well above 90% of matching the real aircraft's performance! Although we can call it done (many aircrafts in the market are not even close to that number), we are pushing further. We have established a "hotline" with Austin and we are exchanging data, not only to improve our aircraft's flight model, but also X-Plane simulation in total.

Best wishes for the 2018!


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You might thing what's going on with DC-9 development, since there is silence for some time now.

First of all exiting news are coming soon!

Second, I'm working on the systems and there is nothing to show, except...lines of code! Which I don't think is very interesting!

But, here is something. Since DC-9s were flown both in US and Europe (as other places), some of them had a few instruments in metric system or imperial. What I have implemented is what the instruments will show (metric or imperial units) will be in dependance with livery selected. 

We will provide a lot of liveries, but for sure, everyone will be welcomed to do what livery they want. The only thing will be needed is a simple text file (.txt) with 2 lines, livery name and layout (EUR for metric and US for imperial) and the plane will display the correct instruments.

Told you not that interesting!


If you want to follow the development in facebook you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/530615907278229/


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First post of the year, so... Happy New Year 2019!


Working on weight and loading, as well as fuel system, with a bit of UI!

Here's a sample. While you are loading the plane, on Aircraft tab you will get a actual diagram with pointers for EMPTY weight (not something useful; might be removed), actual Zero-Fuel-Weight (ZFW), and a current Gross Weight (GW).

This will not only allow you to check if loading is within limits, but also you'll get the trim setting! In that example looking at GW pointer, we get a GW of 42.2 tons (42245.78 kg...yes those number up in the corner... is for debugging!) and loaded index of 60. Also you should notice that the pink marker touches the 5 deg. diagonal line, which is the trim setting you must use! 


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Time for a short update!

I'm working on the system side and have almost done with the GUI and the weight and loading. So, let me explain the overall design philosophy, which extends to the whole project.

Your role in the DC-9 is the Captain in command. You will have the role and the responsibilities due to that position. That means, for example, that you will adjust the fuel you need for your flight, but not in which tank the fuel will go. This will be done automatically by a background "load manager". The same with passengers and cargo. Of course, will be your responsibility to make sure that the loading limits are not exceeded! 

Image 1:    Pax loading. The bottom graph displays the limits (red markers) and the blue and pink markers the current ZFW index and TOW Index respectively. The limits will also move depending the current gross weight, to project the 2D chart (see image 4) into a 1D line. I believe the rest are self-explanatory...how they work! 



Image 2: Cargo loading. Note: Each passenger is computed to carry 1 item of 13 kg baggage, which will take some cargo space. I will also add at the bottom the same graph as in the passengers tab.



Image 3: Fuel Loading. You will just adjust the total fuel. Also I will add the same graph here too.



Image 4: Aircraft Loading. This is the final tab you will have to look at, before you start your flight, because beyond having the full chart available, you will use the GW marker to check in which slope line you are close, to get the stab trim setting (STAB TO ANU) for the take off!.


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Working now on the systems simulation. Here is an example of how is going.

One of (the many!) characteristics of DC-9 is that the rudder travel is limited in relation to the factors below:
- Airspeed (there is a dedicated pitot tube on the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer) 
- Flaps setting, 
- Right hydraulic system pressure, and 
- Rudder power lever position (yeap has such thing; DC-9 is a very unique plane)!

The restriction is as in the image. This part of the flight control system is done! Works 100% as in the real aircraft!

I'm heading for the next item!


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1 hour ago, Ghostbusters said:

is this project dead i haven't heard any new information in over a year now can we get a update on the project soon


Not dead for sure. There is progress and currently the focus is making the aircraft compatible with the experimental flight model. We will post in the forums when we have something presentable to show.

For you or everyone else who want to interact closely with the team, here is our discord channel: https://discord.gg/7wauQjB

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