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  1. Post your log file. Remove plugins. Try it in a demo "default" copy of xplane that is known to have no extra plugins, weird settings or custom scenery. Etc.
  2. Your log indicates that you need to upgrade xplane to the latest version. The tbm is looking for features that older xplane does not have.
  3. Post a complete copy of Log.txt as an attachment.
  4. The only product I'm aware of that was distributed without an installer is the piagio avanti which is a freeware demo product. Clicking the update notice box should hide it.
  5. Attempts to contact the xpuipc author were unsuccessful. Xpuipc is unsupported and known to cause issues. Removal or exploring older versions are your only options.
  6. It's a side effect of a recent forum upgrade.
  7. The Saab is 8 years old and has been upgraded through multiple xplane versions for free.
  8. Copy the scripts folder from one of the other variants into the Airborne folder.
  9. "Re-run your product installer to get any update."
  10. Hitstart products make heavy use of multi threading and graphics driver features that other products do not use. The products you are comparing to do not use these features. Your comparison is only skin deep. Both of your issues are probably fixable by using xplane in opengl mode. You probably aren't willing to do this because of fps drop. The root cause of the issue is the AMD drivers.
  11. Ben Russell

    TorqueSim Updates SR2X Products

    Change your Windows display scaling settings to 100%.
  12. Gizmo is functioning as designed.
  13. What part of "am not going to discuss this further" are you confused about? Rhetorical.
  14. Thank you for the Log file. It appears Gizmo is working correctly and is able to talk to the x-aviation servers. A configuration issue with your PC is blocking it from writing to the license file to save it to disk though, as indicated by these lines in the Log.txt; 0:01:52.741 G64: debug: GK: RX license data from server. 0:01:52.742 G64: debug: Toast Message:(type:error) (X-Aviation Licensing) / (Could not save license data.) Please follow this guide to "take ownership" of your X-Plane folder ensure your file system permissions are correct: https://www.laptopmag.com/au/articles/take-ownership-folder-windows-10-using-file-explorer (You stated that you have "Full Control" but sometimes simply moving a folder out of "Program Files" is not enough...) If you have run a "take ownership" operation on your X-Plane folder in its new location and still cannot get the license data to save correctly we might have a plugin clash. Having looked through the Log provided the only items that stand out to me are: - Loaded: C:\Users/Captain Dudley/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/A-Better-Camera/win_x64/A-Better-Camera.xpl (net.llic.brat.abc). - Loaded: Custom Scenery/Sedona UHD/plugins/XCD_Scenery_Technology/64/win.xpl (XCD.ST.SXP-PA.KSEZ). If the "take ownership" operation outlined in the above guide does not resolve the issue: 1. Please try disabling the "a better camera" plugin. This is best done by creating a "disabled" folder inside "X-Plane/resources/plugins/" and moving the entire "X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/A-Better-Camera/" folder into the new disabled folder. Disabling the plugin from inside X-Plane once it has loaded is not enough. 2. Please try flying in a different location so that the "Sedona UHD" scenery is not loaded and it's plugin is not loaded either. You may need to select a different location in the sim then restart the sim to ensure that the Sedona UHD plugin has never been loaded in sim. All plugins share a global pool of resources and cross contamination is just a fact of x-plane life. It's annoying but we have no control over it. Hope that helps.
  15. Please attach a copy of xplane/log.txt to your next post.
  16. You probably have x-plane installed inside the "c:\program files\" folder. Windows blocks write access to this folder to protect system integrity. This is likely what's preventing your license data being saved to disk. Try moving your x-plane folder to your desktop or some other non-protected location. If you are unable to resolve the issue using the above steps please attach a copy of x-plane/log.txt to your next post so that all available diagnostic data is available to help troubleshoot. Hope that helps..
  17. Please try removing C:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/124thATC64 Then re updating your x-aviation licenses and reloading the sr22.
  18. Gizmo loads as a global plugin before any aircraft. This is why you're seeing it affect the AeroSphere product. The problem is the AMD drivers. If it was Gizmo only the SASL powered JF Archer product would work. It does not. If it was X-Plane none of the products would work in Vulkan mode. As I have stated multiple times, AMD GPU's are known to cause various issues with Vulkan mode. I cannot offer you any further assistance with this until either AMD fixes the issues we've been seeing OR X-Plane 12 comes out at which point we will be reviewing how AMD owners are affected. Good luck.
  19. Your Log.txt appears to have been edited. Please don't do that. It's not constructive. Have you tried starting X-Plane in OpenGL mode?
  20. Your "no plugins" Log shows me that the Aerosphere Cherokee does not use any plugins, therefore it's not using the OpenGL bridge. You then state that the JF Archer crashes. It's using SASL and features some custom drawing which hits the OpenGL bridge. This reinforces my opinion that it's the AMD graphics drivers at fault. Your options are basically: "Don't use Vulkan" or ... "try older drivers..." I don't have any AMD hardware and because it's so widely glitchy I haven't been tracking which, if any, AMD driver versions are useful. This has been reported to AMD by Laminar but AMD don't seem to care. OpenGL bridge mode is a pretty niche requirement and it would be affecting a very small % of AMD customers. These problems _might_ go away with X-Plane 12 as it has more thoroughly re-worked graphics engine.
  21. Thanks. Here's the thing... X-Plane provides an "OpenGL bridge" to plugins when it's in Vulkan mode. Gizmo and other plugins don't actually do anything different. X-Plane and the GPU driver and doing all the magic behind the scenes to make it work "seamlessly" and provide backward compatibility. Unfortunately in some cases bugs and glitches do happen. I had a look at the products you listed and the JustFlight Archer seems to be the more "GL complicated" of the two... Have you verified that these screens work in Vulkan mode? The plane might load but actually opening these displays and interacting with them is another level of code complexity. They'll be using much of the same "OpenGL bridge" code... not identical, but it helps us narrow things down. Thanks for your help investigating this. I can't offer you any steps to resolve this yet. Gizmo is going to see an update "fairly soon" that has some major internal changes to how things work, the order of ops, etc. There's probably some font-generation code running at the point where Gizmo is locking up for you. I'll review the code and add some additional debug output for those events but I can't give you any sort of release date at this point in time. Sorry I can't resolve your problem at this time.
  22. Without gizmo installed, do you have other third party aircraft with custom avionics that load and draw correctly? If yes, name them. AMD drivers and vulkan cause a wide variety of problems and errors. You are the first that I have seen to report a complete lockup.
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