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  1. So.. im still the only one haves these problems? stranges... there was a new version but it did nothing about that gizmo64 problem. Lates version xplane version 11.50B17
  2. My next step. Removin Gizmo.plugin from Plugin folder... and installing the lates version from Gizmo.com but no luck... still the same error messages...
  3. Hmm strange... my internetconnection is not the issue... it a 1000/1000 fiber, with static ip. and i had also try with 4g LTE wifi hotspot.
  4. EU/ Denmark. Ill guess this facebook topic is about the same: i notis in the gizmo log file there was a 404 error...
  5. well.. it might a old bug.. but it here again.. The popup come when naming my PC. I cant tell if it do the latest xplane 11.50B16 update (the same was the issue with 14-15B) Some of the solutions from other topic.. was "delete 2 files from x-plane11/x-aviation " but it a fresh reinstall of all my 4 x-aviations plane and these 2 licens files is not there to find.. and there for i cant delete them i had try both version of Gizmo when asking doing the install of the IXEG.Log.txtGizmoLog.txt My firewall was disabled doing the install and running the game. (And yes.. theres internet on the computer...) i would really appreciate a hint to do next
  6. So.. i just installed the latest version... and now i get this trying to update my licensing… and it the same with the LES SAAB 340 :-/ Strange...
  7. Strange... i was sure the link was there when i postet it.. well.. http://download.kortforsyningen.dk/
  8. the GIS data have allready been convertet to the game "Minecraft"
  9. The Danish goverments have release GIS data for the hole Kingdom of Denmark for Free ( but not for commercial use). and can be downloaded from : http://download.kortforsyningen.dk/ (In danish.. you can use google translate...) data accuracy to 0.5meter. im works with GIS and i have the data. Are there anyone who want to help me convert that data to xplane 10 ? ;-) My goal is to make a more accurate landscape... atm. Denmark is a little to flat in xp9/10 default. Contact me. grillbiller@me.com or. skype grillbiller
  10. Whats the porpuse to sign in x-pilots.com in the side popup menue? i cant find anything about that in the manuals..
  11. I do have a Cyborg x Flight stick that have 2 trottlelevers. I can only use one of them. and that had been set to "Power". the pitch of the propellers. How do i set the other lever to Condision? if i use the CL Joystick Assignments. it does not find the other trottle levers, and after that im only abel to pull one of the levers.
  12. Insted of SAS you Will need a MaerskAir or Jettime or CimberSterling livery... Contact Me if i may help you paint them.. Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
  13. Or use sirbryans Netflight plugin Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
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