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  1. ? So there a Hardware Securety module now? how do i get one? and will that finaly reactivate all my purchace? GizmoLog.txt
  2. well... This is the last update in this year... I brought a new CPU.. went from a i7-8700 to a i9-9900k.. and clean reinstall windows... (Again) First thing I installed was Xplane from scratch (Again) downloaded Saab 340 from x-aviation. cross my fingers and started up xplane with saab. Type in my login... Gave a new Name. Cross my fingers again... but sadley... Well.. Happy new year, see ya next year then...
  3. no... had try every possible connections ways... without ISP routers. without windows build in firewall.. (That was disable at first) via 4g LTE usb and Wifi stick. a Friends internetconnection. VPN trough my works internet. Had try with and without antivirus. all leads to that "Error message"
  4. Then we are back to main topic in this thread... i had try multiple pc, and form differens IP adresses. The list is my to PC'es, Wifes Macbook, My Firms Working laptop. Both from windows 10, and 7, Debian Linux Buster. They all give same error message in the gizmo log.
  5. Ahar... it "That's where the shoe pinches" as i read from another topic about the same... it do to Windows 10 Insider program, as my main machine also is a part of. Like: "Activation asked every time xplane starts/updates", and there was also someone mention on ixeg facebook. (Pictures in Danish) and ill guess that maby ~15 different machine from the last past month is trying signing on from different metode. where ~3 of the is complete reinstall of my main pc. I would be the worlds happiest man if you can open my machine again after it clarified now. ill sing out w
  6. Hi Ben and Cameron. does this line with the red underline.. means, at in 2 days that licenses server would auto "Freeze" and then "reset" so i can logon and registre again? now my problem now at been there for 2+month now. (Here from af Fresh install of x-plane 10) the licensing function says it all my x-aviations purchace. even the TBM 900 i event not had been able to use ... b733compress.mp4
  7. Thanks Ben.. for remember my case... i must be that no. 1 in these "no Activation" cases... Now there might be 2 cases i think... that case is still unsolved. https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/18723-x-aviation-licensing-no-connection/?tab=comments#comment-156485 and no.. im not using pirate software that cameron usely sayes in this situations...
  8. Ben Russell send me a link to try earlier in this topic... and it was not the issue. it loaded perfect up. and it not about Firewall, NAT, upnp for that messures. all test was done without any antivirus nor firewall running.
  9. Cameron... Please... The part with Debian10 was actuley trying to load up the TBM900. The Gizmo panels with the licenses popup did not open. It was a desperate hope to see any different error messages. To round up this long post. i had try install a fresh demo, both on my main pc, and a secondary pc. a fresh copy downloaded direct from xplane.com. with and without the beta version. and without any 3th part plugins, fresh install only with the x-aviations softwares. Every demo i did try to install a fresh download of the TBM900 and IXEG. every time i try to sign on, i get tha
  10. well.. deffently not my computer/os that faulty. i had try different setups today. first, a Fresh install on another drive, Same results. Another PC, gave same results. Then i try again on my main PC, with the Debian 10 partition. (Knowing that the B737 not quite Linux compatible without fixing some first) and it gave same result. No Internet connection. I dont dype that the gizmo not working... i think more like it the x-aviations licens server that faulty, i can see in this forum and the other .org forum theres lot of peoples having simmelar problems.
  11. So.. im still the only one haves these problems? stranges... there was a new version but it did nothing about that gizmo64 problem. Lates version xplane version 11.50B17
  12. My next step. Removin Gizmo.plugin from Plugin folder... and installing the lates version from Gizmo.com but no luck... still the same error messages...
  13. Hmm strange... my internetconnection is not the issue... it a 1000/1000 fiber, with static ip. and i had also try with 4g LTE wifi hotspot.
  14. EU/ Denmark. Ill guess this facebook topic is about the same: i notis in the gizmo log file there was a 404 error...
  15. well.. it might a old bug.. but it here again.. The popup come when naming my PC. I cant tell if it do the latest xplane 11.50B16 update (the same was the issue with 14-15B) Some of the solutions from other topic.. was "delete 2 files from x-plane11/x-aviation " but it a fresh reinstall of all my 4 x-aviations plane and these 2 licens files is not there to find.. and there for i cant delete them i had try both version of Gizmo when asking doing the install of the IXEG.Log.txtGizmoLog.txt My firewall was disabled doing the install and running the game. (And yes..
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