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  1. Jan, Many thanks. I'll do so experimenting. Regards, Ben
  2. Is there any information or documentation concerning the clock on the IXEG-737, such as what can be adjusted with the various dials and buttons in the 4 corners? And what the clock can do, such as using it as a timer in the “First Flight” tutorial? I've tried looking in the manuals and documentation I have, and searched on the forum, and also tried trial-and-error, but don't seem to be having much luck. Thanks for any assistance!
  3. Glad my research helped. It's way above my pay grade as to what it all means, such as hardware MSAA. Hopefully, the update to Maxx FX may help MacOS, also. As an aside, I finally got to work with SkyMaxx Pro yesterday, and enjoyed it. Thanks for the good work. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for your reply. I spent about 2-3 hours this morning, trying various scenarios, and found several things. I did delete the settings.dat file, but nothing changed. 1. A second problem surfaced during my trials... the cockpit screen would freeze at times, and would not respond or move to any key, switch or mouse. However, as with the blue screen, appropriate sounds can be heard, such as the throttle increasing, or inside vs. outside the plane. 2. I worked by changing the Visual Effects, Texture Quality and Anti-aliasing sliders in X-Plane. 3. I uninstalled Maxx FX, SMP and RWC, and then restarted by installing just SMP and RWC. No matter what settings I changed, or how high or low, there was never a bluescreen, or a frozen screen. Some losses of FPS rate at times, but still no screen problems. 4. I then re-added the Maxx FX installation, and tried many, many scenarios. The following is what appeared to surface: when Visual Effects is set to LESS than High (HDR), and Antialiasing is 2x or more, and a Maxx FX effect has been selected (ie., not Default)... then a problem occurs. If the scenario is to start X-Plane fresh, and an effect has previously been selected on Maxx FX, then the blue screen will occur. Disabling the plugin on the Plugin administrator will then let the program proceed normally. If X-Plane is started with Maxx FX on Default, the program goes normally... but if an effect is subsequently selected, the screen will either go blue, or will freeze. This seems to depend on whether Antialiasing is 2x or 4x or 8x, as to which occurs. 5. If Visual Effects is set to High (HDR) or greater, no problem ever occurs (other than losing FPS, obviously), no matter what any other rendering settings are selected, or whether a Maxx FX effect is selected. Maybe this will help. Thanks!
  5. Hi Cameron, Not to waste your time, or be confusing. I am also SWD, who posted this issue. I tried to get a forum account for several days, but I think something may have become corrupted, when we lost power for an extended period of time, due to Hurricane Zeta. I finally got an account on my wife's email address, but then this afternoon, was finally able to get my own account to work. It will be much easier for me, if I can continue this discussion on this account. Sorry for any confusion. I have tried to attach the requested files... I'm new to this. Thanks for your assistance. Log.txt
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