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  1. Thanks guys. Turns out it was a hardware issue. I needed to disconnect my trim wheel. After doing that, the plane flew as smooth as a baby's backside. Thanks again....
  2. Don't know. My computer is a new Jetline, with all the bells and whistles; including a nvidia GTX 3080ti video card. I do use Active Sky for X-Plane. Could that be a problem? Thanks for your time....
  3. I'm probably doing something wrong but, since the latest update, I can't get the aircraft to hold cruise altitude. I'll be flying along a smooth as can be and, suddenly, it drops or climbs a few hundred feet and the plane spends the next few minutes chasing itself and the passengers scrapping themselves and their lunches off the overhead. Things smooth out and then BANG, it happens all over again. What's going on? Is it the weather? Me? I don't remember having this problem before the last update. Sure hope the real thing doesn't behave this way.
  4. Not sure how I managed to do it but now, every time I start a new flight, I can't seem to get to the FBO (even if I walk away). Instead of "Enter the FBO" I keep getting "FLY" and the plane wants to take off even though It's still on the GA ramp.
  5. Oh here.....let me take that for you. Just curious: Of all the aircraft out there, why the Challenger 650? Not exactly the main stream. Don't get me wrong, I plan on getting one..
  6. Thanks Cameron, that fixed it. I have a 4K monitor and If I don't make text and icons larger, I can't read anything. Forgot to set it back.
  7. While attempting to install the update, I come across a box where it requires me to type my email address (X-Aviation customer purchase validation). I type it in and then a box come up saying that "You need to specify a value" What's that all about? Still running X-Plane 11.41 and no betas. What gives?
  8. The TBM 900 is the single biggest reason why I don't fly Prepar3D any longer! The title says it all! Thanks Toto....you're the man!
  9. Glad we were able to help. This airplane is well worth the trouble.
  10. It works fine when loading a new flight or on "resume last flight" after ending a flight and the aircraft is shut down. Just when loading a saved situation. Go figure.
  11. Turned off the battery and moved the same, saved, airplane to another default airport, KEVG and no problems.
  12. Hi Goran, Okay, I tried a few things for you: First, I did a fresh start at KMDW (a default airport), at the FBO. I started the aircraft and taxied it around; then parked it, shut it down, and saved it. Closed X-Plane and then restarted it loading from "Load Saved Situations"; turned on the battery and here's what I got:
  13. 1. If I save a situation after having flown, parked and shutdown the aircraft and then start s new session from "Load Saved Flight" menu item after restarting XP; yes. 2. No. It fixes itself if I click on: "Create New Air Frame". 3.I have saved situations at different airports with the same results (again, the parameters have to be the same as #1 and I fly 3rd party aircraft exclusively and have no problems with the other aircraft). 4. Currently, KPWK (my home airport), KCMI, KORD, KSNA and KBNAl One thing all those airports have in common is that they are 3rd party scenery. KPWK and KCMI are free downloads. The rest are payware. FWIW, I have tried restarting the aircraft from the saved KPWK situation after moving it to another airport KLAX (a default airport) and no X's on the engine instruments. I'll try saving eh TBM at LAX and report back. Thanks for sticking with this and the help.
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