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  1. I myself have this very same issue, arrival runways not appearing until after I continue with flight after landing at the destination at my next session. I’m using orbx with England scenery with default airports. Also had same issue when flying and hopping to a few French airports using default scenery. Issue was happening through TMB versions 1.1.1-1.1.3 with the last stable release of xplane through to 11.30rc1 xplane.
  2. Also waiting............patiently, well.....trying too. Anyone else waiting for this must have VR FEATURE?
  3. Hi there, I think it’s a known save bug. Did you load up from a previous flight by any chance? If so re position your plane by going into location customise setting and then selecting with part of the airport you want to be placed. Iv also had good results from also just selecting continue last flight option, rather than loading your last flight from the xplane main menu.
  4. My AOA is not working in VR. I’m running xplane 11.30 RC1 and latest version 1.1.3 The aoa lines are there on the unit is just that the lines do not project on the hud glass. However I can see some kind of reflections of the lines superimposed over the bottom on the main g1000 display??!!! This also only displayed on the left VR lense.
  5. Calling all VR users has anyone notice what I can best discrible is what looks like a clear long rectangle visible only in middle of left eye lense within the sim. When you move your headset over things within the cockpit the rectangle distorts the textures slightly? This is ONLY happening with this plane nothing else.
  6. I too use a button to toggle reverse thrust. I’m wondering though.....I workes great but it actually dumps the throttle straight into reverse thrust. Do you think it could cause long term wear and tear to the plane? I also had an incident where I used reverse thrust to move the plane backwards a little when almost standing still in a 14knot headwind. The plane tilted back on its elevators and tail. I wonder if the abrupt dumping of reverse thrust, and me not reacting quick enough contributed to this.
  7. Captain744


    I too would like to know. Where are the training videos. How can you set a key to beta mode? There’s only an option for reverse thrust toggle in xplane, which dumps the controls in reverse.
  8. Iv started at tarbe in France, and have hopped to a couple of airports there. I’m finding that I’m not seeing the runways in synthetic vision as I approach them. (Xplane stock scenery) only then appear after I save then load or resume flight? I then landed at EGMC sothend ,Essex (orbx England southeast scenery) same thing there, no runway on approach. Land then reload then the runway appears?
  9. Ferried by plane from tarbe in France to EGMC Southend airport. Slowly parked up the plane then applied reverse thrust to get the plane inline wit near parked planes. Well it didn’t end too well! The plane tipped back on the elevators and stayed there until I reapplied idle thrust. Damage taken was a cabin pressure vessel BROKEN and rudder and trim linkages BROKEN. Total cost of damages to my brand new plane $74,000 I have a question? The plane tipping back on to the elevators and rudder, Is this a realistic action? Is reverse thrust that powerful? I only have me the pilot (90kilos) no luggage and about 3 quarters of fuel left on each wing. Iv just realised that there was a headwind of about 14 knots hitting the plane at about 5-10 degrees!!!!! Heading plus reverse thrust tipping the plane back?
  10. Hello, just loaded the sim back up last night and I can now select nearest vor/ndb so May of just been a little glitch?
  11. Hello fellas, Iv noticticed in The ‘nearest airports’ section of the g1000, selecting nearest vor/ndb is NOT selectable? Is this intentional?
  12. Hi Goran, I’m glad we found out where the issue is. Looking forward to the improvements to come. Remarkable plane. So much fun to fly and very challenging. ThankYou and to everyone involved with this plane.
  13. Well I reinstalled the aircraft setup a new airframe did a couple of circuits landed, saved my plane location. Loaded up today, turned on the crash bar and the same thing. Red Crosses on rpm,no,itt and COMMS. Also noticed in RA FAIL in yellow. Also my altitude is zero even though I have the correct QNH. I am able to resolve all this by choosing to go to another parking location in xplane flight configuration then all is ok after the plane has moved to a different ramp? Any ideas on what’s going on Gorman?
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