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  1. Just did some more testing after reinstalling the aircraft. Still exceeding service ceiling. Config: MTOW and within max torque limits. Has it always been like this? Now I'm wondering if it was maxing-out at 25,000 previously or it was just my imagination lol Thanks! -Drew
  2. I'm wondering...why I am climbing past 55,000 feet. Has there been a change to the flight model? Used to max-out at about 25,000. Never thought I'd see the curvature of the earth from behind a propeller! lol New model is very smooth otherwise. Good job!! Thanks!
  3. Nice to hear that this issue has been posted already. I'm currently stuck in Antarctica at SCRM lol. It seems that 'Direct To' works with *some* airports, but not others. Nice observations, gaf_flyer, I'll mess around with that. My current situation is with SAWB loaded in via C172 G1000, the TBM still freezes after a minute or so. I don't see a way to revert back to a previous version of XP without starting over and undoing days of work. I wish Laminar would introduce a "roll-back" feature. Hope it's resolved soon
  4. Does the TBM 900 use bulk or bottled oxygen on normal flights? Is it only for depressurization emergencies? If so, where can I check the oxygen levels? I see that oxygen is a maintenance item, but I'm not sure if/when I need to recharge the tanks? Just curious.
  5. You may be correct. I do in-fact load up from a saved flight. I will take your advice. I appreciate your fast reply! Thanks buddy -Edit: the advice was correct. Apparently a known issue. Thanks for the work-around!
  6. I'm new to this aircraft and I'm having an issue during startup. I've followed the startup procedure, but the starter will not engage, nor will the AUX BP power up. I've noticed that a number of systems are displayed with a red "X" on the MFDs. What am I missing? -Edit: If I 'Reload the Current Aircraft' from X Plane drop down menu, it resolves the issue. Why is it doing this in the first place? Also worth noting, the issue only occurs after I've flown the aircraft and shut-down, saved flight and resumed saved flight. Battery is full, shut-down seems successful (no errors or worn components in maintenance panel). All switches are in identical positions in reloaded aircraft vs. saved aircraft.
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