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  1. Hi All, With the new update I noticed that the Synthetic Vision never shows the runway at the destination airport. First I noticed when landing at KSAN but when I started a new flight the KSAN runway was back. I have some screenshots of my latest flight: When departing KSBA for KSBP the runways at Santa Barbara KSBA were loaded just fine. The airport of Santa Ynez KIZA is visible on the Synthetic Vision. The San Luis Obispo KSBP runways are not on the Synthetic Vision. For Information: KSBA, KIZA, and KSBP are all made by the same developer, GPB500. I don't think the problem has to do with Custom Scenery as ALL departure runways are shown regardless of the airport and ALL arrival runways are not shown. Attached is the Log.txt Thanks for your help, Chazzerz17
  2. Good day all, I was starting a flight at 33V in the mountains of Colorado and noticed that the 5900ft runway was not on the TBM synthetic vision. I went over to KFNL and the runway is clearly shown. What is the reason for no synthetic vision at the airport? The update looks awesome! Thanks, Chazzerz17
  3. Here is my log attached. Aircraft worked just fine the 1st time around. And after the queue where I am asked if I want to resume flight X-Plane crashes no matter if I hit yes or no. Thanks, Chazzerz17 Log.txt
  4. I ejected the Installer and re downloaded v1.01. However the aircraft upon startup is as exactly as described by the OP. It is most likely user error (me) but I attached the log.txt. Thanks, Chazzerz17 Log.txt
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