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No Arrival Runway on Synthetic Vision


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Hi All,

With the new update I noticed that the Synthetic Vision never shows the runway at the destination airport. First I noticed when landing at KSAN but when I started a new flight the KSAN runway was back. I have some screenshots of my latest flight: 

When departing KSBA for KSBP the runways at Santa Barbara KSBA were loaded just fine.


The airport of Santa Ynez KIZA is visible on the Synthetic Vision. 658372967_ScreenShot2019-01-05at7_32_25PM.thumb.png.b92d527d68ae8960e0c6a891663b06cf.png

The San Luis Obispo KSBP runways are not on the Synthetic Vision.583131879_ScreenShot2019-01-05at7_55_21PM.thumb.png.67060378279b1da779f2dc9b20e0ca38.png

For Information: KSBA, KIZA, and KSBP are all made by the same developer, GPB500. I don't think the problem has to do with Custom Scenery as ALL departure runways are shown regardless of the airport and ALL arrival runways are not shown.

Attached is the Log.txt

Thanks for your help,


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I myself have this very same issue, arrival runways not appearing until after I continue with flight after landing at the destination at my next session. I’m using orbx with England scenery with default airports. Also had same issue when flying and hopping  to a few French airports using default  scenery. Issue was happening through TMB versions 1.1.1-1.1.3 with the last stable release of xplane through to 11.30rc1 xplane. 

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