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  1. I don't know if this has been reported as a "wishlist" item. When the FO states Flaps.... (brief pause) 20... but the flaps are still coming down. Ideally, in the real world, it's a 2 pilot verification procedure-, FO calls flaps XX (selected)..... when it indicates 20, the CA states: "20 set/checked" Can we have our Hot Start automated FO wait for the flaps to reach 20 before stating 20? And/or add the ability to manually "check" the item like other checklist items?
  2. When going direct any waypoint that is the beginning of a transition on a STAR, and adding a crossing restriction distance BEFORE the waypoint i.e. KIIDD/-20, the FMS does not accept it and results in an error ALONG TRK WPT N/A. However if I type KIIDD/+20, it will accept it. I tested this at several airports (ABQ, ELP, OKC) with STARs and it occurred at all of them. But it works at waypoints/VORs when a STAR is NOT loaded in the FMS. I could fly direct KIIDD, stand alone, and cross -20 east or west (+20) if it was just KIIDD in the FMS and no STAR loaded. Looks like the FMS coding doesn't like a crossing point BEFORE a waypoint that is the beginning of a transition. Every waypoint after the first waypoint works fine +/-.
  3. A couple (of little) things I noticed that I'm not sure if it's intended. I'm an FMS-3000 pilot by day and don't see this behavior, but perhaps the -6000 differs in these regards? 1) In the defaults page, when the pax weight to changed to say 175, it is rounded up to 180 in the defaults page. Any weights between xx0s (i.e. 170, 180, 190) rounds up. In PERF INIT (pg1) when I reset the pax weight line by pressing DELETE, it will ultimately show the proper weight i.e. 0/175 even if the defaults page is showing 180. 2) When manually enter pax weight like 3/200 on page 1, it will not accept it. In the -3000, this function is allowed , but does the -6000 not allow this? 3) Adding to #2, I can enter /200 (leaving the number of pax omitted) and modify the pax field. Thanks.
  4. Nice! I'm with ya. DIRECT destination! I'm just looking out for the (casual) online simmers that file airways. As an example where this could burn someone is transitioning from an airway to an arrival with VNAV altitudes. Example below: KMEM - KOKC Route: DUCKZ5 HELAR KOMMA J6 DWINE.RIFFLE3 If I delete the discon after J6, that airway is gone (should not happen). Ok no biggie, I'll just enter DWINE at the TO field..... DISCONT is resolved and it's all connected. HOWEVER...... when you go to the LEGS page, the VNAV altitude and speed restriction (at or below FL190, speed 280) associated with DWINE are gone (because we manually entered DWINE). A casual simmer, that doesn't brief the arrival and verify the altitudes/speeds, could get "burned" if given descend via. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Hey team. PL-21 (vanilla) FMS-3000 user/pilot here. Was messing around with the FPLN page and came across a possible "bug". It's minor, but I know ya'll like the details. Maybe the FMS-6000 allows this? Flight plan KMEM to KIDL. route: MEM J35 (discon) MEVEE. According to my experience and the manual (FMS-3000), if I (attempt to) delete the discon at the end of J35, it should display an error preventing to do so because MEVEE, an off airway waypoint to the west, is not on J35. But in game, it will delete the entire J35 line.... which should not happen according to the manual (below, parameter #2). Anyways, if the FMS-6000 allows this, then I stand corrected and I'll shut up, learn something new. Cheers.
  6. Installed the CL650. Loaded into the cockpit. prompted to log in with my email and password. Ok. Next I'm asked to name and authorize this machine.... ? Then I'm asked to select a machine to de-authorize forever? There are 3 options with 2020 an 2021 dates. Then it says the machine will be permanently frozen.... and it is not possible to undo this....? What's all this freeze and "not possible to undo this" stuff? I have the IXEG 737 if that matters (all up-to-date).
  7. Anyone up to make the old/original America West livery? Much appreciated
  8. Flight from KSAN-KSJC. PADRZ2 IKAYE STUBL RAZZR4. Enroute. level at FL320. Was direct STUBL RAZZR4. Position was 135nm southeast of STUBL. Also loaded was the ILS30L with transition KLIDE. Then I was given a reroute (essentially a new arrival). Direct TROXX SILCN4 into SJC. Selected SILCN4 and when I pressed the LSK for TROXX, the FMC froze up and the Gizmo console popped up. Navigraph current cycle 2008 XP 11 Beta14 2D monitor/non-VR Sorry, no log attached.
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