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  1. Hi @ZodiacUHD. The TBM manual is online and can be downloaded if you are looking for information on V speeds. Beyond that this aircraft is flown like any other. It is meant to go fast so there is that. There is also a "ton" of Youtube (RL and Sim) videos available on this very popular aircraft.
  2. Thanks! I like the FBO concept but did not understand it was so "connected" to the loading process.
  3. Thanks very much @Pils! For the link as well. I was under a misconception as to how that all worked. So, as I go about redoing all of my saved states, will those states then keep the payload at the saved time? And if I use "sensed fuel" will that be sufficient for proper calculation. Or do I have to use the FBO sheet? Thanks again.
  4. I typically fuel up using the fuel truck panel and the interior fuel panel. Select these from the CL650 plug in tab. This is very straight forward and I do think you are missing something in the checklists as starting a jet engine is way easier than starting a Piper trainer. Never use the XP weight and balance window for this aircraft model. Have you been able to watch any tutorials? I recommend you give "foxtrot alpha aviation" on youtube a look. A RW CL650 driver with terrific tutorials.
  5. Hello @Vulcanyz. Well, either you are not following the checklist and are improperly configuring because there is no reason the engine won't start. It's a pretty easy process in the Challenger. Or, your install could be corrupted. I don't know if it would help but you could attach a log.txt file (XP root folder) to your post for review.
  6. Don't use the XP weight and balance window at all. All of this is handled by the inputs to the FMS.
  7. Hi @leha74ru. Yes the Charts are available with the Ultimate Monthly Sub. I do it yearly so I have never looked at the Monthly choice. So assuming your are an experience Navigraph user those charts should work for you.
  8. No real information provided. So, first things first. Have you configured and updated your Navigraph FMS Data Manager. That's all it should take as the CL650 uses the XP11 data as it's source. Now that I'm thinking of it - looks like you have a monthly subscription to the Nav Data. I don't know if Navigraph Charts is included with that. I will check further and let you know what I find.
  9. Lighting in MSFS is very good. So is the scenery in some areas. Right now that's about it for me. Interesting to follow the development though.
  10. Hi @jomama. I use ASXP at the "Realistic" setting and have not noticed this. Are you flying into "heavy" turbulence? Although your description doesn't sound like that. You could try turning those settings down as @oisin650advised just to rule that out (or in as the case may be).
  11. Have you requested that the "X Life" devs do the same? The TBM works wonderfully with XP (along with many plug-in's) some don't work. It's not a perfect world. Not an XP issue.
  12. Hi @Vulcanyz! I believe this is due simply to the XP11 lighting model and also (to a lesser degree) to the color/gamma selections of the monitor/TV. There isn't any way to fix it other than your specific monitor settings. Which will of course upset some other color/gamma situation in the sim...LOL! So, live with it until XP12.
  13. The same way it is done on so many other aircraft models. Position of the cursor results in direction as indicated by the arrows.
  14. Just a heads up. Not that I remember setting the throttle axis this way but I had reverse detents and beta selected. De-selected them and all is well.
  15. I'm curious whether others have found that the CL650 Reverse Thrust Lever Up (left and right) no longer work in the latest update. At least I was not able to do this. The CL650 bindings for this worked fine in the earlier versions. No worries as I found the generic XP reverse thrust controls for engine 1 and engine 2 worked fine. I'm wondering if this is a new bug.
  16. FWIW I've had no issue with handling at VREF. I usually approach at VREF +4 if wind is not a factor. Keeping the AoA under "6". "Feels" pretty solid.
  17. Well, tried the re-install but the issue/bug remains. I'm sure someone else will bring it up (can't be just the two of us) and we will get an answer/fix soon.
  18. Yes, I'm looking at the same display. It varies but always in the -100's of feet. I've tried it with both persistent and career modes, and with default XP RW and Active Sky. I'm going to try a re-install of the model and will report back.
  19. @Goran_MI just returned from a visit over at the AVSIM forums (not a member - ever).  Sheeesch, I have no idea why you would want to visit there.  Without naming names often ignoring very silly comments is the best course.  You certainly are not going to sway those folks.  Great job on the CL650 by the way.  Hope to be first in line tomorrow.

    1. Goran_M


      I ask myself that question every time I post (which is very rarely.)

      Even while I'm typing, I repeatedly say to myself, "What am I doing?  What am I doing?"

      And thank you for the compliment. ;)


    2. oldflyguy
  20. Please make sure it's from a flight where you tried to start the TBM as the log.txt is re-written every flight.
  21. Hi @pegruder! As I recall just move the cursor up to the airport identifier line and enter the new airport code. I will take a look later today to confirm - and remember LOL. Never had an issue with this.
  22. @Oscar PachecoThank you for attaching the log.txt. Nothing in the log.txt seems "off" looking at it as a lay person (non-expert). It does appear that Vulkan may be doing it's "texture thing". The reason I say this is because when I'm running XP my GPU is always at or above 4GB. It may be that the TBM and your particular XP installation do indeed use more texture memory than other models and this is causing the texture shift you are seeing. I don't see this on my rig - the TBM is in the middle of the pack of add-on aircraft (way too many - and the CL650 is coming. Yikes!!) in terms of texture usage. I don't have the FF A320 to compare.
  23. Hi @Oscar Pacheco and welcome! I don't want to step on any toes here but attaching the log.txt from a flight that had this issue is a solid first step. I don't remember ever experiencing this myself but I do recall the XP team discussing this a long while back. There was also mention of this in the XP forums some years ago during the Vulkan beta run - it was a part of the way Vulkan worked to reduce / eliminate stutters. Should not affect the cockpit res though. But way above my paygrade. Nothing in recent memory though.
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