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  1. I too, am trying to solve the issue with the GTN 750. I downloaded the patch but am unsure where to put the files. Should they go into the aircraft folder "TorqueSim SR22 Entegra"? I've placed the folder/files where I think they should as hi-lighted in the the attachment. TIA
  2. After checking out the SR22 Entegra Avionics series, I believe that Torquesim is uniquely positioned to create the Honeywell Primus Apex Avionics Suite. I hope they'll give this suggestion seriously thought energy.
  3. Feature Request: Database of downloadable Preset weather files - CAVOK VFR IMC Foggy Low Clouds Stormy etc (If this already exist, it isn't generally known)
  4. So the answer is yes. There are benefits to FSGRW that's not available from the Real World Connector. Now I know to set up my injector and change my settings to the injector. Thanks.
  5. I purchased Skymaxx, FSGRW (FS Global Real Weather), and the Real Weather Connector at the same time. Now I'm questioning the wisdom of buying all 3 products. It seems to me that FSGRW is completely unneeded as Skymaxx can pull metars directly without having to have the weather injector software (FSGWR) [see uploaded image]. Can anyone tell me why I might need FSGRW? Is there some added benefit other than being able to see a text metar for any airport on demand or being able to import historical weather data? X-plane allows one to customize any weather pattern including historical data as long
  6. Kaden, your post is timely. I've been having a similar problem after installing the recommended CSL files. I'm planning to get some help today from another flight simmer. If I learn anything that can help, I'll let you know. BTW: Welcome to X-Plane and Vatsim. It's a wonderful community.
  7. I'm not sure this is the correct forum to ask in; X-Aviation linked me here from its forum link. Does anyone know if I can use my X-Aviation license own 2 instances of X-Plane on the same computer, but different drives? I made a copy of X-plane for Vulcan and X-Aviation is prompting for my license info for the 2nd copy. I don't want to negate my license on my production copy. Thanks,
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