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  1. I have 5 of Aerobask's aircraft and a ton of XP11 aircraft, so I know how you feel. I'd love to have them be supported on XP12 NOW. Conversely, I hate CTDs and having to chase down errant addons. I imagine devs hate having to constantly debug addons because the sim changed. I'm willing to wait for solid products. Aerobask uses Skunkcraft's updater to push updates (I wish more devs would). I want to say that most of the GA aircraft Aerobask creates don't go too deep into systems depth, but I won't cause I am clueless how much work really goes into developing aircraft. I believe that the Aerobask Diamond FADEC systems simplifies some programming, but again I don't really know. What I can says, is that I'm super impressed with TOGA's MU-2 and Hot Start's CL650. These look pretty complex to me. I also have a few aircraft by Thranda. Thranda, as well as most devs, has chosen to wait, for the most part. I guess @Ben Russell summed it up in a word: Wisdom. In the end, we'll get the awesome aircraft we crave. To Laminar Research: chop chop.
  2. I'll see what I can do as time allow. Thanks!
  3. It is referring to the toggle mentioned. See:
  4. This is so minute that it's hardly worth mentioning but when I flip the (pressurization) MAN ALT toggle up, it goes down and vise versa. Perhaps this has already been noted for a future update.
  5. Laminar Research Citation X (C750) Checklist (latest version): Citation X checklist-v2.03.pdf Note: This checklist is not compatible with Xchecklist plugin
  6. Agreed. I don't think anything comes close to the depth and fidelity for simulation, including the PMDG airliner in Goliath's sim.
  7. Here is a checklist for the Laminar Research default Cessna Citation X for X-Plane 12 Citation X checklist-v2.02.pdf If link above doesn't work try here: https://ewhitecap.com/files/Citation X checklist-v2.03.pdf <== This is the latest checklist for the Citation X C750.
  8. From what I can ascertain, they are updating the SDK's periodically. They did have an SDK available when XP12 was released, however, it has been updated since. I suspect it'll see a few more iterations to stay current.
  9. Until Simbrief adds the MU2 Marquise, what alternative aircraft would be recommended? I know that no other is going to be perfect but perhaps you all know which aircraft have the closest perf data. Thanks,
  10. @-VETTE Your thinking is perfectly clear and perhaps I was the one a touch confused. Thanks.
  11. It's official, no doubt about it. You guys certainly make me smarter. @daemotron You have broadened my definition of study-level. I can certainly concur that after flying the Moo and the CL650, these Devs are redefining the term for the entire community. I haven't been following Aerobask's development of the Falcon but if it's anywhere close to the Challenger then I may find myself limiting my flights to those 3 aircraft. Seriously though, as you said there are just too many great aircraft to only flight those they are the cream of the crop. Regarding the airliners, some of my online friends have twisted my arm and convinced my to try an Airbus in the "other" sim game for group flights. Merci,
  12. I believe the XP11 aircraft requires tweaking to be librain compatible - that is, to see the rain droplets on the windscreens. I assume other tweaks would make aircraft behave more "XP12 natively" versus XP12 compatible. I moved a copy of all my XP11 payware aircraft to XP12. I wound up deleting the X-Aviation folder ( I organize my payware by dev or source) because I am not sure how the Gizmo plugin works. I feared that it might flag me as sharing aircraft and lock me out of both. I'm still testing and deleting payware that is not compatible.
  13. Hi Initiated. It would be nice, especially given the view count to get more participation. I'm glad you chimed in 'cause this isn't my personal blog. You know, I hadn't thought about that - that the FAA is only a US regulatory agency. They have so much sway in the US that they almost feels globally. Or perhaps it feels that way because I fly (virtually) 98% of my flight in the US. I really should expand my horizon. I never considered CAA, etc. I have both AFL Cessna's and love them both. After all, it is one of the only aircraft I ever flew IRL - when I was seeking a PPL.
  14. Thanks for updating this thread. I'm sure it'll help someone down the road.
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