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  1. I'm looking forward to the next general aviation aircraft that I can learn intimately. I want an aircraft that will hold my attention exclusively for months. I am hoping this MU2 will fit the bill. I have no doubt it'll port to XP12. It looks awesome.
  2. I'm not taking sides. However, in the off chance there is a genuine error somewhere there ought to be an appeals process. I'd be devastated if I were hacked and folks thought that I was pirating software. I'm not suggesting Sunny was hacked but if he could provided a compelling argument, along in incontrovertible evidence, the burden being placed on him, then perhaps he ought to be heard. This is just my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions. But again, it was stated that the evidence was "very clear". I 110% agree that developers deserve to get paid for every single copy of their wares in the wild.
  3. As we know, Laminar Research's implementation of the G1000 was simply groundbreaking. It allowed almost every developer to create a glass cockpit without having to re-create the wheel. I'm wondering if LR is planning to do the same with the Primus Epic Flight Management Systems. From what I can tell, there are 4 (or 5) variants of the Primus Epic that is incorporated in everything from the Boeing 400 to the Viking Twin Otter. I know that LR has done some work so that the Citation X avionics system can be reasonably simulated using the FMZ-2000 Flight Management System of the Primus Epic (this is actually a big deal). I'm wondering if 3rd party developers will be able to port this platform to the Primus Epic Apex system? The Epic Apex is found in the Pilatus PC24 and PC12 - and the Twin Otter for that matter. The PC12 has been on of my favorite general aviation aircraft of all time. Unfortunately, no one has [seriously] taken the task of modeling the PC12 (or PC24). I believe this is because of the complexities of modeling the avionics. I've heard Austin say that X-Plane12 will act as a platform. Hopefully, LR will have dealt with most of the complexities of the Primus, so much so that a whole new genre of aircraft will come online (for a list of aircraft using the Primus Epic FMS see the table here). I guess we'll have to wait, hope and see. There is one caveat that bears mentioning. Copyright and Licensing - perhaps two caveats. It could very well be an issue with Honeywell that prevents LR or any flightsim developer from simulating the Primus. I hope this isn't the case. Seems to me that allowing the flightsim community to recreate a facsimile of the avionics would ultimately boost sales. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a number of pilots decision to buy a specific airplane might be because of familiarity with the product due to simming. hmmm...
  4. Here's one of the few flights I've made in the BN-2T. I realized why my battery light wouldn't go out when I tried to start the aircraft for a subsequent flight and the battery was dead. A sim pilot is always learning...
  5. HotStart, in my opinion, has produced aircraft of the absolute highest quality, bar none (I've never owned a PDMG aircraft). So much so that I sorta wanted to hangout around their website, read their blogs, and find out who these folks are. I've not be able to find such a site. Perhaps, I've been looking in the wrong place or HotStart is too busy developing to create a site. If the former is the case, then I hope someone will point me in the right direction, otherwise; I can't wait to see what's next. I recently discovered Cameron's blog and I really enjoy them. There are written in such a way, that even a dull knife soul, like me, can understand. He explains technical concepts really well. I still can't quite figure out if he's a developer - guess I got some more reading to do. -- VirtualGAa
  6. I have to say, we're on the same page. I too spend most of my simming time in the cockpit. At least 90%, if not more. I also fly GA aircraft exclusively so this plane is right down my alley. I am looking forward to climbing into the left seat and to posting videos of my flight experience on my YouTube Channel. Thanks for the development updates. --Frank
  7. VirtualGAaviator

    Aerobask Releases DA50 RG

    I got the DA50 RG and it makes my 5th plane from Aerobask. Their work seems to get better with each new aircraft they release. The DA50 is a wonderfully modeled aircraft both inside and out. There is little to dislike about the aircraft and much to love. It ought to be in every general aviation pilot's virtual hanger. https://youtu.be/LEYpBYYvSOw
  8. I don't want to join the XP versus MSFS debate, but I fly XP almost exclusively. But what does it matter, both sims have their place? I've got to say that the image of the cockpit looks like a photograph. I'm one of the simmers who spend 95% of the time in the cockpit - I suppose real-life pilots do too. Anyhoo, I do appreciate the occasional exterior view just to admire and take in the whole scene, what an experience! I am looking forward to getting my hands on the MU-2B for the first time. One of the best parts of flight simming is getting to know an airplane, intimately. I hope you, Cameron, will go deep in the systems modeling. Thanks for the narrative and previews.
  9. PLEASE DISREGARD THE QUESTION BELOW. I'm not sure if I'm posting this query in the correct forum. Here goes... I'm noticing that some of the updates to FS Global Real Weather (Ver. 1.7 bld #701) is providing metar information a couple hours behind real world metars. For instance, the Zula time in the product states the metar time as 21:21Z. Current Metar is 20:15Z May I ask where the product is acquiring the metar data?
  10. I too, am trying to solve the issue with the GTN 750. I downloaded the patch but am unsure where to put the files. Should they go into the aircraft folder "TorqueSim SR22 Entegra"? I've placed the folder/files where I think they should as hi-lighted in the the attachment. TIA
  11. After checking out the SR22 Entegra Avionics series, I believe that Torquesim is uniquely positioned to create the Honeywell Primus Apex Avionics Suite. I hope they'll give this suggestion seriously thought energy.
  12. Feature Request: Database of downloadable Preset weather files - CAVOK VFR IMC Foggy Low Clouds Stormy etc (If this already exist, it isn't generally known)
  13. So the answer is yes. There are benefits to FSGRW that's not available from the Real World Connector. Now I know to set up my injector and change my settings to the injector. Thanks.
  14. I purchased Skymaxx, FSGRW (FS Global Real Weather), and the Real Weather Connector at the same time. Now I'm questioning the wisdom of buying all 3 products. It seems to me that FSGRW is completely unneeded as Skymaxx can pull metars directly without having to have the weather injector software (FSGWR) [see uploaded image]. Can anyone tell me why I might need FSGRW? Is there some added benefit other than being able to see a text metar for any airport on demand or being able to import historical weather data? X-plane allows one to customize any weather pattern including historical data as long as the weather parameters are known. Is there any real use to FSGRW that I am yet to discover? '
  15. Kaden, your post is timely. I've been having a similar problem after installing the recommended CSL files. I'm planning to get some help today from another flight simmer. If I learn anything that can help, I'll let you know. BTW: Welcome to X-Plane and Vatsim. It's a wonderful community.
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