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  1. X-Pilot

    SkyMaxx Pro 1.3 Update Released

    X-Aviation and Maxx-XP have released an update for SkyMaxx Pro, bringing the version number to 1.3! This update includes further enhancements and optimizations in performance, including features like forced cirrus layers for a more realistic environment and higher resolution textures than in previous versions. You can read more about this update here. A list of what has been updated includes: Clouds faded out due to visibility are culled, to further improve performance New cumulus cloud puff textures Clouds should be consistent across multiple displays New config option to always force at le
  2. We will be working on upgrades and running maintenance on the forums over the next 24 hours. During this time some features of the forum will be disabled. We anticipate to have this back up and running in full within this 24 hour window. Happy New Year to all! X-Pilot
  3. X-Aviation has a Black Friday Weekend Sale ending later this evening. Be sure to jump over to X-Aviation to save up to 50% off on select products! Want to see the ad for coupons? Click here! There are tons of deals to be had for everyone. Don't miss out!
  4. This will serve as formal notice that this topic is now closed. The value of anything good coming from this this late in discussion is next to nothing.
  5. X-Pilot

    Official Saab 340A Promo Video Released!

    It's release week for the Saab 340A, and things are still going steady according to the developers! A new video has been posted showcasing some of the features, variants, and liveries of this amazing aircraft, and you can watch it here! In the event you missed the release week announcement, you can read more on that here.
  6. X-Pilot

    Alabeo Releases D17 Staggerwing

    Alabeo has released the D17 Staggerwing! The product features high detailed reflections, volumetric side view prop effects, dynamic prop shines, and numerous liveries. See more at the Alabeo web store! This aircraft is priced at a reasonable $19.95USD.
  7. X-Pilot

    MU-2 is 40% off this weekend only!

    X-Aviation has announced a sale for the newly updated Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise! Boasting all new systems programming, a 3D cockpit, and 64-bit support, this is a great opportunity to get your copy of the MU-2 at an excellent discount! Grab yours today! The sale ends Sunday, August 25th, 2013!
  8. X-Pilot

    LES Saab 340A Enters Beta Testing!

    Leading Edge Simulations and X-Aviation have announced the Saab 340A has entered into the beta testing phase! As one of the most anticipated aircraft projects for X-Plane yet, this is great news towards a final release! You can read more about this in the topic here at X-Pilot. Complete with custom simulated systems, this is sure to be an awesome product for the study sim enthusiast!
  9. X-Pilot

    Maxx-XP Announces SkyMAXX Pro

    John from Maxx-XP has announced to the community the development of a revolutionary new cloud and sky engine product. A promotional video and discussion of it has been released here. Given all the features announced and intended this is sure to be an add-on to keep your eye on!
  10. This topic is now closed. Any further comments are counter-productive to the topic at heart.
  11. X-Aviation and Leading Edge Simulations have posted new previews of the upcoming Saab 340A! Along with the new previews, an announcement was made that Leen de Jager would be assisting in the development of liveries for this project. You can see the latest previews here! Be sure to also check out all prior previews here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here!
  12. X-Pilot

    Mitsubishi MU-2 v1.5 Released - 64-bit!

    X-Aviation and X-Scenery are proud to announce the release of the 64-bit, version 1.5 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60! This long awaited update includes many features, including an all-new cockpit design, a new plug-in for the systems simulation, and much more! See screenshots of the new Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 on the product page at X-Aviation! General changes: New, friendlier activation system X-Plane 10 compatible only 64-bit compatible only On the surface changes: Higher resolution textures on the cockpit panel New 3D clock New artificial horizon with working flight director bars High resolution altime
  13. X-Pilot

    Gizmo 64-Bit Beta Released!

    UPDATE: April 22nd a new beta release has been provided for download! X-Plugins and X-Aviation are pleased to announce the release of a public beta copy of Gizmo for X-Plane 10.2+ 64-Bit! This moves many products that utilize Gizmo towards full 64-Bit compatibility, and we encourage users to assist us in this public beta. More info on the beta, as well as downloads, are accessible in the Gizmo forums here at X-Pilot. Additionally, incase you missed it in the past, Gizmo and SASL products have now been fully compatible since November. More on that can be found here. Thanks to all those who ch
  14. X-Pilot

    DreamFoil Releases Eurocopter AS350 B3

    DreamFoil Creations has released their Eurocopter AS350 B3 Plus helicopter. Along with a highly detailed 3D model, the aircraft has many features and accurately represented flight model for X-Plane. You may purchase it at the X-Plane.org Store for $34.95 USD. Features High quality 3D model for exterior and interior 3D Panel and fully clickable switches/buttons Rotor animations (Starflex / Articulations / Links / Flapping / Coning / Cone drop / Wind) Turbine simulation (Realistic Arriel 2B1 simulation) Accurate Torque, Ng, T4 and NR/Nf values Realistic startup and shutdown procedures (can fol
  15. X-Pilot

    World Traffic - Released!

    Classic Jet Simulations has released an innovative and much needed plug-in for X-Plane which controls AI traffic around your X-Plane world! World Traffic is an application designed to fill the skies and taxiways of your favorite airports with lots of planes. You can even create land and sea traffic. Flight paths are defined through flight plans which are simple to create by specifying the aircraft in the flight and some flight parameters. Arrivals and departures are controlled by World Traffic based on wind and aircraft type info so that aircraft will land and takeoff from suitable runways. M
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