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  • Mitsubishi MU-2 v1.5 Released - 64-bit!


    X-Aviation and X-Scenery are proud to announce the release of the 64-bit, version 1.5 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60!

    This long awaited update includes many features, including an all-new cockpit design, a new plug-in for the systems simulation, and much more!

    See screenshots of the new Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 on the product page at X-Aviation!

    General changes:

    • New, friendlier activation system
    • X-Plane 10 compatible only
    • 64-bit compatible only

    On the surface changes:

    • Higher resolution textures on the cockpit panel
    • New 3D clock
    • New artificial horizon with working flight director bars
    • High resolution altimeter with rolling digits and easier to read numbers
    • New altitude selector with rolling digits
    • Yoke is hideable by clicking on the base of the yoke
    • Fuel transfer system/control panel is fully functional
    • Com1/Com2 selector knob functional for VATSIM users
    • New high resolution radio frequencies easier to read
    • Nav1/Nav2/ADF audio switches enable audible nave aid tones
    • New ADF with 3-stack knob for tuning
    • New Garmin GTX330 transponder simulation
    • Co-Pilot HSI coupled to Nav 2
    • New Co-pilot attitude indicator
    • Stall warning and test mode operative (yoke will vibrate)
    • Overhead panel functional, anti-ice and lighting rheostats work.
    • New custom sounds for FSB and NS "ding" and stall shaker
    • All autopilot modes operative, roll and pitch knobs operative.
    • Small "quality of immersion" animations for some needles and nav flags

    Under the hood changes:

    • Electrical system refined so that equipment only operates when it is correctly powered.
    • New master caution system


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    This is a beautiful aircraft, simulated beautifully, and one of the best available now for XPX64.  I really appreciate X-Aviation making this available in 64bit and all of the updating.

    Great job.  Thank you X-Aviation! (:

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    I'm here to express my gratitude for the care and polish that's been put into this. It truly feels unlike anything else I've flown in xp. Thank you so much for the great updates! MU-2 by night, all day!! ;-)


    Now, if there was a way to get that kind of finish for a classic fighter jet, like the F/A 14 Tomcat for example.. dreams...

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    I know this is an old thread, purchased the MU-2 a couple of weeks back when it was on sale.  Getting the following "x-aviation error fetching url http://www.x-aviation.com/merchant/wrapper.php".  Tried all of the things listed:  re-downloaded file, ran as administrator, nothing working.  Help!!

    No problems with skymaxx pro 3.0 or urbanmaxx. 

    windows 10, x-plane 10.45

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