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  1. I am using mostly Manjaro and sometimes Ubuntu. I experimented with maybe 20 Linux distributions, desktop variants and XP11 (to find the one with the best performance for me). XP11 ran on 18 of these distros and if I were a bit more experienced I would certainly have got it to work on the other 2. So the differences between the distributions are probably not that big. Secretly, I hope that Microsoft's outrageous hardware requirements for Win11 will bring a few people to Linux and make our market share bigger and more interesting.
  2. The MU was one of my favorites for a long time and I always enjoyed flying it. I was also very much looking forward to the new V2. But without Linux support, I'm out, unfortunately. Have fun guys (and girls).
  3. Two fingers crossed for a Linux moo here. The preview images look great.
  4. Is there somewhere here a support thread for the Mitsubishi MU-2?
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