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  1. Looks fabulous, Tom. I'll bet it will fly as nicely as it looks. And hopefully, it will bite like a Moo too.
  2. StevePHL

    My TBM issues

    Indeed. This due to a developer as dedicated to excellence as we are happy to "fly" it.
  3. @tkyler New render looks sweet. Do you plan on revising the avionics or keeping the cockpit equipment mostly the same? I love how engaging this aircraft is on all levels. Glass in the cockpit would take away some of that classic charm. Though I'm sure some will want G1000 as an option. Of course all conceivable combos exist out there. https://www.google.com/search?q=mu-2+cockpit&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi9l_eP1OzbAhWJ5IMKHTPZBSQQ_AUICigB&biw=2107&bih=1166&dpr=1.5
  4. @OT2 It shouldn't be too bad once we get used to it, John. I think it just boils down to starting the engines normally, then leaving the condition levers in taxi and bringing the throttles to full reverse for a moment to release the lock pins. Slightly trickier if you want to start the plane again after a shut down without prop lock engaged.
  5. @OT2 The throttle configuration and prop locks can result in that issue. The adjustments to the throttle interp are probably unrelated. I had similar troubles before I set the throttle to realistic and also when I had failed to properly disengage the prop locks. Just a thought.
  6. Sure. Don't know if it's related, but another user expressed concern re: fuel flow and oil temp. He said speed looks good but fuel flow ought to be closer to 300. And oil temp running a bit low. Perhaps these will fall in line with the tweaked throttle logic. -Steve
  7. Yeah. I tried upping power to 1000. Improved things a bit; 85% trq available at 15000ft. But probably still not where you'd want it.
  8. @tkyler I'm only able to generate about 80% trq at 10,000' altitude. Is this normal?
  9. Nice. Looking forward to spending some time in this. As my throttle quadrant won't throw the throttles into reverse, do you suggest disabling it and using the mouse? Or have you had success using a throttle quadrant and a buttoned assigned to reverse? Also needed for prop lock function. My default throttles (CH) are making 1.9 do funny things. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. Oh. ok. Sorry to hear. What happened? Trouble in the QA flights from 2 weeks ago?
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