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  1. tswigg

    My TBM issues

    Here is the AOA gauge on a PFD. This is on a G1000 NXI, hence why some things looka bit different. Also included a couple extra pictures of the maintenance aftermath of a prop strike. Engine has to go to Pratt for evaluation. Prop is done, this one hit a taxiway light while taxiing out. Still took off and flew for some reason. Vibration would be awful. Pictures will keep rolling in as I take them. All of these are from today.
  2. tswigg

    My TBM issues

    Here is a few pictures of the AOA transducer that would be installed in association with what shown in the sim
  3. tswigg

    My TBM issues

    Absolutely, I cant make promises that I can get ECTM data. Our engine maint. manager handles all the downloading and distribution of this data. As its something thats ever been sent to me, I cant say for sure that he’ll shoot any off to me. As for everything else I will gather everything I can for you guys, pictures, recordings, video, all the fun stuff. Quick note on the AOA mod, the lift transducer is not appearance wise, any different than the normal transducer. Neither is the boot, its just how Daher sends the mod kit to us, with a new boot and the transducer installed on that boot. O
  4. tswigg

    My TBM issues

    Completely understand. Been flight-simming for many many years. Unfortunately nothing in simming will ever be 1:1. Just figured since I’ve got so much experience with this aircraft, I felt I could throw out there what I could. I meant to out in the original post that I understand there are significant restrictions that keep devs from doing quite a bit. Either way it is all appreciated and everything listed is quite insignificant.
  5. tswigg

    My TBM issues

    Hello everyone, I just bought into XP11 a couple days ago for the sole purpose of flying this aircraft. I operate TBMs on a near daily basis. I work with and fly them for a living, from the original 700A, B and C models, all the way to the nice and fancy 930s. So I’ve got a lot of time operating 900s. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, which helps when working in aviation maintenance and I’ve put this sim through its paces. As a result, I’ve got a lot to offer, I suppose, in trying to help make this great aircraft, greater. To preface all of this, I have no knowlege of creating and modeling a
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