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  1. eFlight Manuals contacted me and said that the printed manual is not available at this time and that they would make the download (.pdf) available to me, or give me my money back. I told them that I would take the download as long as there is no restrictions on it. They told me that it is an unrestricted .pdf file, so I'm going to take it to my local photocopy shop and have them print it as a bound book with print on both sides of the pages just like the manual would be. It's all black and white, so it shouldn't be that costly to print. I downloaded the Saab 340A AFM (.pdf file) this afternoon and it is a complete and very clear and sharp lettered book. It looks like everything I would want to know about the 340A is in this manual. The manual is 469 pages. It has emergency procedures as well as normal procedures. If you enjoy flying the Saab 340A, as much as I do, I believe this manual is a good value.
  2. I'll let you know when I get it in the mail. I just ordered the printed copy.
  3. Let me put it this way; Do you think the Saab Aircraft 340A Flight Manual would be a good manual to have. that is relevant to the LES version?
  4. I'm really looking forward to being able to fly my DC3 again. I haven't installed it since XP11 came out.
  5. So you think I should get the AFM for the 340A if I'm going to get one?
  6. I found a flight operations manual for the 340 that I can afford: http://www.aircraft-reports.com/saab-340-b-aircraft-operations-manual-english-language/ and one I can't afford: https://www.eflightmanuals.com/ITEM_EFM/SDETAIL_EFM.asp?mID=6232
  7. I LOVE THIS Saab 340A!! I'm feeling so much at home in the cockpit. Below is an RNAV landing on Rwy. 30 at CYHM. It is a real life charter flight from KDPA Chicago Dupage Regional.
  8. I love this Saab 340A! It flies beautifully, is a challenge to learn and is super enjoyable. Below is a picture of my first landing with it. The picture shows me in the grass, but that was while I was parking the aircraft. I forgot to put on the parking brake when I was head-down shutting off the engines. The landing was beautiful and felt really good for the first time
  9. That was it!! Problem solved! Thank you. What a relief!
  10. Engines running. • Check Hydraulic pressure. • Check, just under 3000psi Steering tiller pushed in. • Check Aircraft moving under ground idle. • Check I'm using an X52 Saitek stick with a twist axis, and it's mapped to "Nosewheel Tiller", but doesn't work at all with this Saab 340A. It does work normally with other aircraft.
  11. That's what I'm using also. The X52. I'll try it again.
  12. Hello, I am using the Saab 340A version 1.6 I have mapped a key to engage the steering tiller and I have a joystick twist axis mapped through X-Plane options to the steering tiller, but it does not work at all. It doesn't matter if the tiller is down (engaged) or up (disengaged), my joystick axis mapping to the nose wheel tiller will not work. I can't fly this because I can't steer it on the ground. I tried mapping a key to turn left and another to turn right. They will turn the tiller, but I have to keep tapping them over and over. It is impossible to control. I would appreciate any help.
  13. It may be that the "gate" that the levers have to drop into is too small and they don't find it consistently. Both engines started for me after I raised and lowered their CLs.
  14. I tried starting it for two days and found out that when I raise and lower the CLs in the start detent a few times, the engines start.
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