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  1. This is great news..! The MU-2B was one of the "OG" complex aircraft for X-Plane (I believe it was X-Plane 8.X?) back in the day..and has held its own over the decade+ since release. It is one of my favorite X-Plane aircraft to fly..always feels dynamic and sporty on landing. And I loved the old school panel having flown similar panels over my years... Looking forward to the updated/all new release. (Another vote for GTN 750 integration when possible..!) From my PC Pilot review way back in February 2009..!! Wow...
  2. Just curious if the Sundowner is functional in X-Plane 11 (understanding that it wasn't made for it of course)? It doesn't have to be perfect..just curious if purchasing it would allow me to fly it with mostly good systems functionality? Regards, BeachAV8R
  3. Looking forward to checking out this update...the 340A, Mu-2, and JetStream are some of my favorite airplanes to fly in X-Plane..particularly in VR. As for the 100' increments..can't comment on it with regards to the simulation of it since I'm just now downloading the update..but our B200s and Citations have 100' increments and they are handy for non-precision approaches where you are shooting to LNAV mins and leveling at the rounded up altitude (580 mins we'd put 600'). If you are really desperate you can then TCS the plane down to the actual mins. Thanks for the update!
  4. Yeah..so this weekend sale is doing a number on me Really like the Key West (KEYW) scenery. It looks great. I was surprised to find out that Delta and Air Tran operate 737s to that relatively short field. I took the default 737-800 around the patch at Key West and snapped a few screens... https://forums.mudspike.com/t/circuit-at-key-west/6174 Nice job ITX..! BeachAV8R
  5. I posted some thoughts and screens...the updated package is very nice. It really appeals to this old school pilot and I know I'll spend a lot of time in it... LINK - First flight in the Saab 340A BeachAV8R
  6. Honestly..I feel like I've reached flight sim nirvana with XP11 VR. It is like completely rediscovering simming. I mean, I have dozens of planes and helicopters I just want to go fly because of this. Tonight, I got hung up on just two. With the caveat that not all things are working in the cockpits..but just getting the engines running and _flying_ is so, so good. I just can't stop going "whoa.."... The JRollon T-34C..a pretty old plane..but it looks fantastic in VR. Lots of smudges, scratches, and dirt on the canopy..and the whirling prop arc out front makes it really feel like a beast. And you can even slide into the rear cockpit. I tooled around the Mt. Hood area. Despite the high tree density, my FPS was fantastic. A hiccup or two here when loading new areas..but for the most part just fluid flying around some gorgeous scenery. So I did some rolls, a loop, then flew along inverted for a while...and darned if my engine didn't quit. I was at about 11,000'...and it was a flurry of hoping stuff would work. Condition lever to cut-off, prop forward, starter engage, hope for 12% or so, condition lever forward...a bit of a warmish start..but we are flying again.. Just insanely fun.. Picked out a little dirt strip to land at... Did some more flying...I tried Boeing Field, and that had too many objects. I stuck with it..and just didn't move my head for about ten seconds and everything loaded..if I moved my head to fast, objects would have to load and I'd get judder. But after taking off..and as more and more objects faded away behind me..things settled out. Not the best feeling for someone that might be prone to VR sickness..but it didn't bother me. I still haven't tired that plug-in above that limits or dials back objects to maintain a minimum FPS. With a little bit of VR compatibility tweaking (getting buttons and some knobs to work)..the T-34C could have a long X-Plane life ahead. Or at the minimum, some sort of mouse pointer will solve many of these problems... Anyway..I'm just bouncing off the walls here with excitiment. Yeah..there are challenges ahead (clouds, FPS with weather, etc..)..but man it is fun stuff. BeachAV8R
  7. Hey, glad to hear you enjoyed the review. That scenery is the the really nice Lufker - Spadaro (1N2) airport in New Jersey. I really like it for smaller aircraft. Regards, BeachAV8R
  8. Great to see this bird get updated for XP11 - it has always been one of my favorites. To me, the Mu-2 was one of the first aircraft that demonstrated just how deep AND beautiful X-Plane aircraft could be back (nearly 10 years ago?!?) when some of us really started migrating to X-Plane. I really think it was one of the original ground breaking aircraft that has really held its own over the years. I wrote one of my first review articles about the Mu-2 for PC Pilot back in early 2009... Anyway..I enjoyed taking her for a spin today.. Great job and looking forward to the future... BeachAV8R
  9. Thanks - I think also disabling RWC through the plug-in menus might allow me to gain control over the weather too. I'm experimenting...thanks for the tip..
  10. So I'm stumped on why I'm having a problem with this. I've tried every checkbox setting in SMP4 and RWC, but can't seem to get my manual weather settings in XP11 to stick - the conditions always revert back to something different. I have SMP4, RWC, and XP NOAA weather installed. Under SMP/RWC I have Automatic checked, and Never change visible weather checked. According to what I've read, In the XP11 Weather Settings menu I have Weather mode: Manually Configured. Using those settings, if I set manual weather, then hit apply, I'm taken back to the sim and the weather reverts back to clear. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong..any ideas?
  11. So I purchased (for the upgrade cost of $20) SkyMaxx Pro v4 this morning. With the updated Real Weather Connector for free (whew) and I have to say..I'm very impressed. Thus far, the cloud depictions have never looked better..they seem to have really improved the (already good) variety and just the overall moodiness of the look of the clouds. I took these screens a few minutes ago departing La Paz using real weather conditions... Also noteworthy was that I am getting way better FPS with this version over v3 (I have no idea why). I probably would have been looking at about 18 FPS with the conditions below with v3 and right now I'm getting 26. I'm not sure if it reset something in my SkyMaxx Pro settings..but visually it looks better, and FPS it performs better. So far, I'm super-happy.. Congrats on the quality release guys! BeachAV8R
  12. Looking forward to this release. Definitely buying it at its first availability - it has added immensely to my X-Plane flying experiences... Congrats! BeachAV8R
  13. I failed to mention that was X-Plane 11...FWIW..and the FlyJSims Q400 - which works great in XP11. (I would have taken the X-Aviation Mu-2..but it still has some issues in XP11..really hoping it gets an update for XP11..or a new version..either way..love that aircraft)
  14. RealScenery Arizona and Phoenix is really nice... Unfortunately I have to leave it behind as we are heading for Antarctica... BeachAV8R
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