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  1. Sorry we do announce release dates in advance.
  2. Patience guys, an update is coming soon that will resolve all those problems, and it's free !!!!
  3. Laminar did not change anything in 11.50 regarding manipulators, so the Saab buttons, knobs, switches, etc. should work exactly as they had in the past. That being said, a new update for the Saab is imminent and all manipulators have been updated to current standards.
  4. The reason I asked you to try the plugin solution is that we have not had any reports similar to yours. So, that was an attempt to eliminate possible problems. That being said, we are very close to releasing the next version of the Saab, which will be free to all existing customers. This should resolve all your issues as there is a newer version of Gizmo than the one you are using and the code (from the Saab) that you are reporting showing errors with the timers doesn't even exist anymore in the new version. So, rather than trying to diagnose an issue that is "old news" (ie. old versi
  5. The Log file does not point to why you had the crash, so it may not be the Saab. You have a LOT of plugins installed. I would recommend the usual diagnostic protocol... remove all third party plugins from the plugin folder (except for Gizmo), store them in a safe place (not the plugins folder), and then test the Saab again. If you do not get any crashes you can put the plugins back in the folder one at a time and test each time. If you get a crash after re-installing a plugin, that plugin is most likely the cause of the problem.
  6. No, the current version of the Saab does not have commands for the ToolTray items.
  7. Jan, I think it actually says "table index is nil".
  8. Not sure about the HP Reverb, but there are many people using the Saab in VR.
  9. Anthony, While I appreciate your attempt at diagnosing the problem, these facts still remain the same.... 1. The engine/prop code in the Saab is very complex. We override the throttles and the props. Therefore, observing the Dataref you mentioned above is not applicable and really does not provide any diagnostic value. 2. The next update (yes, I know it's taking longer than expected) has all new manipulators and logic for most of the systems. As previously stated, we are no longer "patching" 1.5.1. So, whatever answers/conclusions you've arrived at are not going to be addre
  10. Yes, that, and anything else that is "plugged-in" (USB, etc) would be considered "external" hardware.
  11. I think at this point you will just need to fly the passenger variant until the next update comes out. Even if we could verify your issues, we are not making any changes or updates to v1.5.1. We will test the cargo version for the next update to verify it is flying correctly.
  12. I would like to add... the next update of the Saab (before v2.0) will work in Vulkan/Metal. And that update will be free to all current customers.
  13. Some hardware requires a plugin to interface with X-Plane.
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