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  1. There is nothing in the Log.txt file indicating that Gizmo has caused any issues. The log does not even inidicate a crash. The aircraft you were loading (Gulfstream) does not use the Gizmo plugin. You have a LOT of plugins as well as custom scenery, which complicates any attempts to diagnose your problem. Some of the scenery plugins are indicating errors. Also, strongly suggest you update to the latest version of X-Plane (11.5). If you want to do some diagnostics on your own... remove (not just disable) all your plugins and custom scenery, then re-launch the sim. If you are still gett
  2. What you are experiencing is a known issue. The custom engine code for the Saab is "fighting" with changes that Austin made to the turboprop engine model in X-Plane. This has all been fixed and will be available in the next update, which will be free for you.
  3. The logs show a licensing issue. Please contact the X-Aviation store for support.
  4. You can assign the power levers to the default throttle axes, and you can assign the condition levers to the default prop axes.
  5. Those logs do not make reference to the Saab at all. The last aircraft that you attempted to load was the TBM.
  6. A word of caution... the Datarefs being used in this script will be deprecated with the next update of the Saab.
  7. There are MANY videos available regarding the Saab 340A. If you want me to review something that you are referring to you need to provide a link.
  8. First, you refer to a video several times but have not provided an attachment or link to it. Over the last several years the engine model in X-Plane (especially turboprops) has changed considerably. We have made some adjustments along the way. However, due to the extensive customization we have implemented, we have had to do a complete re-write of the engine code. An update is imminent that will correct the issues you are describing. You make reference to "air conditioning levers" and a "max" position. The Saab does not have any "levers" related to A/C. And
  9. Ummmmm... v2 has not even been started except for some preliminary planning. Maybe you meant the next update ? If so, that will be RealSoon™.
  10. JGregory


    No, the LES Saab 340A has the standard VSI.
  11. Arni, Nothing has changed. The auto-start option is still selectable in the Gizmo Tool Tray (menu on right side of screen). If you don't see that then there is probably something wrong with your installation. The Saab was never able to use the "start with engines running" option. This is something we are going to be looking into for v2.0.
  12. That is also fixed for the update.
  13. The correct empty weight should be 17215 lbs. This will be fixed for the coming update.
  14. Sorry we do not announce release dates in advance.
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