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  1. The gen_LED instrument can display leading zeros. You need to modify the png texture.
  2. That picture is not of the lLaminar F-14 !!!
  3. Rick310 said this.. "Most people that know me personally, call me an a#$hole'" and then proceeded to make several posts to prove it is true !
  4. These pictures also prove nothing, especially since the picture is too low res to read the dialog box. And, where is the Log.txt file that I asked you to post?
  5. Proves absolutely nothing! Post the entire Log.txt.
  6. That is far too broad a question to provide an answer to. And, it's not my department! . Suffice it to say there is a LOT going on.
  7. As a member of the Laminar team, and the team member who uses XLua the most, I can tell you your assumptions are all wrong.
  8. We have not implemented or tested the GTN750 in the Saab, therefore we cannot support its use.
  9. See pg 182 of the Systems Manual.
  10. Since XP12 is in beta, and the lighting is still being adjusted, now is not the time for us to put out an update with any changes to graphics.
  11. There are many changes in XP12 that need to be incorporated into the Saab. Whether that happens in the Saab v1 or v2 remains a question, but it will happen at some point.
  12. Your log.txt is being flooded with data from 124thATC, which is NOT GOOD. Although this makes it harder to read the log.txt file, I don't think it is related to your AP disco issue. I don't see anything else obvious in the log.txt file. It's possible something else is interfering with the Saab. I would try removing your 3rd party plugins (except Gizmo, do several test flights, and let us know how it goes. No one else is reporting this as a problem so it must be isolated to your system ( plugins, hardware, etc.) or pilot input.
  13. Not enough info. What is your bravo switch bound to? Also, please attach your log.txt file.
  14. The physics model (created in PM) is the ONLY thing that will determine whether it flies or not. The visual model is exactly that, JUST visual.
  15. You can bind the following to engage/disengage the autopilot. Note that in order to silence the disco alarm you will need to use the red button on the yoke.
  16. JGregory

    TQ Viewer

    Try to bind to this command... "JGX/SAAB/POPUP/TQ_viewer/CMD/showPopUp"
  17. There is no way to know this for certain. So far the plane loads and flys in v12. But, Austin has made engine model changes that we do not have yet. I am hoping that any changes will be minor and be part of a free update if necessary.
  18. Animation datarefs in the Saab are not writable. You will need to use the commands as mentioned above. In addition to setting the animation value, those commands will set the sim dataref "sim/cockpit2/autopilot/airspeed_dial_kts".
  19. If you want the DH to be 600, then set it to 600, not 6. The DH will stop working below 5. Set it to 600 when you are descending to land and your altitude is below 2500 ft.
  20. There are three minutes between cycles when using "CONT". Turn on the "BOOT IND" and observe the annunciators as they cycle between the diff boots, then extinguish for 3 minutes, then cycle again. I have no other reports of this not working.
  21. That's news to me! Do you have the latest release?
  22. The clock(s) in the current version of the Saab only indicate local time. And, the second hand in the current version of the Saab is not animated for sweep, rather it is discrete seconds.
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