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  1. Hi, I'm building simulator panels for the SF340A using Air Manager and various hardware. Currently working on the overhead DC gauge and have the 'volts' side working, but have noticed that the 'amps' side never shows any drain, or charge for that matter. Is that normal, is the gauge not implemented, or am I missing something? Any help appreciated.. Regards, Greg
  2. Thank you for the response. Yes, using the commands seems to have worked. I have no idea why I couldn't get it to work in the first place. Thanks everybody for the help. Regards, Greg
  3. I have tried that, as well, but they don't seem to change the dataref value, either. Having said that, I would expect them to. I'll have a better look at the code tomorrow and get back to you. It probably is something I'M doing wrong... Thaks for the response Regarrds, Greg.
  4. Hi, I'm in the process of building Air Manager panels for the Saab 340A. To accomplish this properly, I need to write to the "les/sf34a/acft/inst/anm/airspeed_ind_bug_knob_pilot" dataref. Is there any way I can accomplish this? TIA Regards, Greg
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