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  1. Anti Ice was on during takeoff (I turned it on right after engine start up and taxied to the runway, anti ice was on for 10 minutes before takeoff) and what about the hot battery (post above)? Thx Any info, please @Cam?
  2. Ps. Another question: Even though every anti ice was on, my aircraft started to loose speed in snowy conditions and stalled... I am using X Enviro and never experienced this in any other plane. Why did my plane loose speed even though anti ice was on? I turned it on when I started to taxi (10 minutes ago)
  3. Hi there! I recently did a flight with the SAAB after a long time and during final I got a master warning for "ELEC" and I looked up and saw my batteries have failed. They were too hot (75°) and turned off automatically. When I turned them to override they turned on again. What did I do wrong to cause hot batteries? Thx
  4. I have also noticed the crash at LFPO. I am wondering if there are any more locations that cause a crash.
  5. Hi, the latest update of the SAAB 340 works great but I am unable to spawn my SAAB in LFPO. The scenery is not the problem, I am able to spawn there with any other airliner or prop. When I try to load the SAAB in LFPO my sim gets stuck in the loading screen (preparing world message at the bottom). My sim does not crash or freeze, it just does not continue to load (I waited an hour and then I stopped XP11 via task manager). I have tried it several times with no success (reinstall did not help). When I try to load the SAAB somewhere else like LOWW, EDDB, EKCH or anywhere else it works. This is a strange bug I can't explain to myself. I am using X Plane for 10 years now and have never experienced such a bug. I am currently using X Plane 11.52 with Vulkan. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance
  6. I have to add: Logo lights do not work anymore since 1.3 cheers Alex
  7. Something weird happened to the flap lever, the animation got stuck... Animation only, flaps extended, only the handle got stuck And no, I do not use Gizmo beta
  8. I have to add this: Better pushback is not working anymore with 1.3. Please fix ASAP thx
  9. Hi. The latest IXEG Update is amazing. There are a few bugs, which I would like to report: The backlight of the MCP is not working anymore (since 1.3) The scroll wheel function is inverted. When I scroll up, the knob goes down (eg altitude). These are the bugs I found so far. It would be also cool, if you could make the doors works aswell ^^. Sincerely Nico
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