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  1. I have to add: Logo lights do not work anymore since 1.3 cheers Alex
  2. Something weird happened to the flap lever, the animation got stuck... Animation only, flaps extended, only the handle got stuck And no, I do not use Gizmo beta
  3. I have to add this: Better pushback is not working anymore with 1.3. Please fix ASAP thx
  4. Hi. The latest IXEG Update is amazing. There are a few bugs, which I would like to report: The backlight of the MCP is not working anymore (since 1.3) The scroll wheel function is inverted. When I scroll up, the knob goes down (eg altitude). These are the bugs I found so far. It would be also cool, if you could make the doors works aswell ^^. Sincerely Nico
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