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  1. Are you sure you leaned it correctly for best power? It's hard to tell since you don't have the assist on in the screenshot, and I'm not sure whether fuel flow would be at the top of the green range at best cruise power.
  2. Whatever do you mean by "mystical?" Of course CAPS is real and a well advertised feature of the real plane.
  3. Thanks for the workaround, I'll be trying that in the meantime!
  4. As in, literally not entering. I can select COM or NAV for frequency entry and if I enter numbers on the keypad they will appear in the standby frequencies slot, but pressing the enter button will not do anything. Pressing the transfer button will move the previously existing frequency into the main and back. After a while the entered frequency will disappear again, just as it would if you enter a few digits and don't press enter. Also there is no cursor or anything, pressing a number will show up but there is no indication where. It is the enter button above the alphabetic keys, right?
  5. So you can cancel Cautions and Warnings with the rightmost softkey on the left G1000 display, but this doesn't work when the second display isn't running. And it's not enough to just have both batteries on, you have to have gone through all the boot up information screens on the second display until you are on the normal map or engine displays until you can cancel cautions and warnings. I have no idea if this is true to life, but it feels like it isn't.
  6. I was flying the normally aspirated SR22 over SoCal when X-Plane froze some time later shut down. The log says it's because of the Cirrus SR22 Physics Engine plugin. X-Plane 11.50r3 with Vulkan, ActiveSkyXP, SkyMaxx, PilotEdge. I chose the beta Gizmo when I installed the 1.1 update for the Cirrus. The end of the log prior to the crash has SkyMaxx finding a new METAR.rwx file, but according to the file modification dates that was updated ~3 minutes before the crash. The area had strong winds at the time but there was not much turbulence I experienced, if that is relevant. Log.txt stack_trace.txt
  7. Hm, too bad. Apparently it's relatively easy for me to reproduce, it's happens to me maybe twice within an hour of flying. Also weird that X-RAAS also restarts.
  8. It's loading "default" textures and immediately afterwards loading the current season's textures and that happens multiple times during a flight. This appears to match what was described in the original conflict thread: I also tried fixing it to autumn in the configuration window, but it still loaded default and then autumn at irregular intervals.
  9. So I finally got around to flying the TBM900 more and I've seen TerraMaxx do these things. If I understand it correctly, what I have is the same issue: during flights, X-Plane freezes after TerraMaxx pops up a windows saying it is loading default textures, then it's barely a second until it freezes again with TerraMaxx saying it is load autumn textures. Also, after the default texture loading and before the seasonal texture loading, X-RAAS is also reinitializing. Some other plugins might also, but I can't tell since they don't pop up a message. Now what can I do to get this fixed other than disabling the TerraMaxx plugin when flying the TBM?
  10. Not really a request for support, but I want to remark on a few things that came up in the tutorial flight that might be useful for improving the tutorial. Actually it's been a few weeks since I bought this and did the tutorial flight, I hope I remember everything. Configuring the CTOT wasn't mentioned, I guess in an earlier version it was already set to 108% in cold&dark. Similarly the nosewheel steering wasn't mentioned. page 11, Takeoff says to advance power levers with armed CTOT and leave it once CTOT takes over. Together with the later deactivation of CTOT and not moving the power lever, this implies that climb power is always 64%. This should be explicit if correct. On the other hand, I've seen a video where real world pilots first set climb power (presumably) and then activate CTOT for takeoff power. Same page, "engage the Autopilot, located on the center console." That switch isn't so obvious, the description should be better or there should be a picture. page 12, turning off CTOT. I have seen it described as turning down the CTOT selector to its lowest setting and only then switching it off. That should probably be mentioned as a smoother method of turning off CTOT. page 15, climbing and power. "Continue your climb to 21,000 feet adjusting power as you climb" but it doesn't say to what end power should be adjusted. Possibly to maintain constant climb rate, but can it maintain the same climb all throughout from ground to cruise? "If you find yourself climbing too slowly" but what exactly is too slowly for a turboprop? The lack of an explicit vertical profile is a general problem in the tutorial, nowhere does it say which altitude you are expected to be at at different stages. page 18, Descent says to descend at 1300 fpm to 3000 feet. So power levers left in cruise power? Reading would suggest that since "disengage the friction locks" only comes later. Should be explicit since it feels unusual. (Also again the lack of a vertical profile.) Also how to set the autopilot to a 1300 fpm descent isn't described and the knobs aren't obvious or intuitive (unless you have flown other planes with similar autopilot controls). page 20, turning off yaw damper for landing. Nowhere in the documentation, tutorial or otherwise, is the location of the yaw damper switch described. I figured it's next to the autopilot switch, but was it the left or the right one... Disconnecting the autopilot at 50 ft AGL seems rather late for clear day visual conditions.
  11. I just tried it once. Planned a pushback turning to one side and a short straight push, pushback guy ended up doing donuts with my plane.
  12. I don't think you can extend TOPCAT with new profiles anyway, only the programmer can do that.
  13. It didn't fix it unfortunately, also it doesn't appear to log much more? The "firmware" version in the log doesn't match the version number on the package, don't know if it's supposed to. Logs are for default King Air -> IXEG -> reload IXEG. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  14. Well I was wrong, navdata has nothing to do with it. I completely removed and reinstalled the XP11 IXEG install and updated Gizmo, and I found that like the others, it works if I load IXEG first but it crashes if I load any other plane first (even default X-Plane aircraft) and after a crash, the reload aircraft command from the developer menu gives a working IXEG. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  15. Sorry about being unclear, but yes, as I remember it was the same at least in the respect of "OnKickstart" and "GateKeeper". I tried to reproduce it again but couldn't. The one thing I changed between then and now is that I installed current navdata (1802, before it might have been the navdata that comes with the installation), which I missed before since the FMS didn't work after all. That's all I have time for right this moment.
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