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  1. Hello X-Aviation ! Such a good news, many good Dakotas inbound, we prop era fanatics couldn't be happier ahha ! I'd like to gratfully propose you to include my highly accurate Hamilton Standard Hydromatic 23E50/6477A-0 propellers in your big upgrade. I modelled them as accurately as possible, owning one blade of the real deal helped a lot to nail the complex shape and airfoil of this airscrew. Let me know ;-) Good luck in this update
  2. I would have loved to appear in the credits for the propellers models and discs Awesome works though
  3. Yep ahah just kidding ! Here are your props sir, I also did some blurred spinning prop disc at various RPMs and pitch settings, in a hope you may use volumeric prop visualization ! Don't forgot to use some kind of mirror modifs for the opposite side prop... Can't wait to see them integrated ! When will we be able to fly the new Avanti ? All the best, Hueyman Avanti Props.rar
  4. Holy $$ ^^ I want to PAY for that, why is it freeware ? Could you please make a Susi Air livery ? I am finishing the propellers, will send them to you next week ! Cheers, Hueyman
  5. Hi there ! Really looking forward to this one, hope it will come soon ! Please accept my humble present for this masterpiece, specifically designed new Avanti props 3D models ! Cheers, Hueyman
  6. Hi Cameron ! May I ask, 6 years later, where is that Huey ? Cheers ;-)
  7. Wondering why the video hasn't been shot under X-Plane 11 ? I absolutely don't want to hijack the thread for sure ( and please feel free to remove that post if you feel so ), but I recently went into Il-2 BoS, and I found the transition from clear sky to cloud layers, or puff was utterly realistic, at least the same as when I was attending my IR(H). I hope this version will finally bring that speed and " break through " feeling it gives IRL. Very nice looking product though, lookin' forward to its release ;-) !!
  8. True, I bought it last week and it's a blast ( sadly, not much time to test fly it deeply so far ) I just would prefer supporting X-A than the others, but that's my opinion, as long as it helps the dev, that's sounds good to me ! Hats off Pete
  9. So you mean it won't be sold here ? Cheers, Hueyman
  10. Just waiting it's been released on X-Aviation, will never ever give the organization a single penny again.
  11. I really love the touch of " fresh " and innovative projects you are developing ... You decided to take care of " skipped " sides of a sim like post-treatment display plugin, 3D cloud engine, new sound environment etc ... I'm sure you'll stick to this very pleasant kind of thinking and release more and more plugins like " ContrailsMAXX " or " WaterMAXX " to improve, with small but sure steps, all the immersion of this fabulous simulation... With the actual state of the art aircraft and scenery addons we already have, and incoming ones ( IXEG,PMDG... ) I'm glad that X-Plane will have great times to come ;-)
  12. Great dude ! Magnum P.I 's dude Terry will bring his 500D soon ;-)
  13. I'm happy if it can help you
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